Monday, November 16, 2009

Unusual Sight in The Cinema

I didn't do much or go anywhere much over the weekend except watching 2012.

Me got free tickets to watch the movie so we head down to TGV to catch our movie.

Well, if you think 2012 is just another end of the world/doomsday movie not worth watching, then you are absolutely mistaken. Cz that's what i thought initially but this movie has proven to be better than that.

It's true that this is indeed an epic end of the world adventure movie, with the story starting off with part of the sun exploding, shifting the earth plates, causing massive earthquake and tsunami and eventually end of the world. But thats not all it has to offer. Whats worth watching is actually seeing how ppl react in times of such catastrophe, if you want some good laugh or wanna shed some tears (really la.. it's funny at some part and some part so sad can cry can).

To see that there are people who lost the human side of them and becomes extremely selfish and also people who maintains humanity and willing to sacrifice. It is a very sad movie actually not only because a lot of ppl died but because life is so unfair like that. You have to watch the movie la then you know why i say life is unfair like that.

Well, what will you do if you know the end of the world is coming? not that it's smt we have control over or any use getting worry about it but just a food for thought. haha

Anyway, you know how always b4 movies starts, ads will be run on the big screen and usually i enjoy watching the ads cz they are often creative and funny.

But last Sat, when one of the ads was running, that was when something unusual happened!

Suddenly, a large group of ppl got so hyper excited over the ad and actually stood up, sang along, moved along and cheered along with the ad!

They started clapping and cheering and singing and moving.

The atmosphere was incredible at that time.

And more and more ppl stood up and joined them sing along and it looked like a lot of fun that i felt like joining in 2gede-gede with them myself.

They were definitely hyper over the ad.

Until one aunty in front cannot tahan their hyper excitedness and closed her ears! So you can imagine how hyped up the cinema was at that time.

What kinda ad can it possibly be that makes so many people willing to stand up and sing and move and clap and cheer and laugh?

Woooooohoooo.. no wonder :D

Know already?

Still dno ar?

Wow, this is it! The power of everyone connects. Really connected everyone to be so hyper and excited that night.

Now tell me, how often u gets to see something like this happening in a cinema? haha

It's the 1st time tho in my life. :)

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lol.. all hyped up over that song.. =P

All the ways to KL just watching movies, faint!

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kenwooi : haha.. the power of the

anonymous : my hair! hmm i dno what to do with it!

Y can't leave comment at your last post??? You are amazing, able to transform a BIG Tee into a sexy blouse.Thumbs up=)

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Thanks :) Maybe u can try leaving a comment again cz there shdnt be a problem :D

I SAW YOU!! hahahahahha was quite sure it's you buthen i was shy lol =D

Quite a thing wasn't it? :)

Quite a thing wasn't it? :)

Joshua : Really? dont be shy next i officially say HI!hehehe.. now i tink i saw u too.. u sat in front of me that day? ;)

Zain : Yup.. it was quite amusing :)

Wow.. I've not watch 2012 yet..
Anyone connect become phenomena now.

First time visit this blog..:)

i think it's quite worth watching ;) Welcome to my blog :)