Thursday, December 03, 2009

I Won A Set Of Anna Sui Cosmetics Worth More Than RM 800!

And that makes me a very happy girl. :)

A few months ago, i was excited and thrilled when i read about Anna Sui Moisture Rich Base Makeup Fall 2009 collection and i so so so wish to own one so i took part in a contest organized by TIC. What we need to do was very simple. All we had to do was blogged bout natural beauty and played stylist with looklet which i truly enjoyed doing. ( You can read my contest entry here).

After submitting my entry, i kinda forgotten bout the whole contest until months later, i found out i had won myself a set of Anna Sui Moisture Rich Foundation Makeup and Colours worth more than RM 800. Yippee yay yay!!

So, the other day i finally collected my long-awaited-much-anticipated cosmetics.

And im gna share with you guys what the entire set consists of.

From left back to front: Lipstick, mascara, liquid foundation, liquid foundation, nail polish, color glitters, eye shadow and powder foundation.

The silver eyeshadow. Soooo pretty right? Makes me feel so sayang wna use them only cz after that the pretty butterfly will be distorted dy.

The lipstick is a shade of orange-red

The first thing that caught my attention as i searched through the whole bunch of cosmetics are the very pretty boxes that stored these babies. Then as i brought them out from their boxes, i was even more 'wow' by their very feminine, exquisite and elegant design. It's like you just want to buy the foundations or the nail polish cz you want to keep the bottles after finish using them. Or you just want to grab that eye shadow cz it looks to pretty to stay on the shelves. And all of them have rose scents that makes me fell head over heals with them instantly. The lipstick, mascara, foundation, eye shadow, nail polish - all of them has rose scents and you just imagine after applying them to your face, you smell like a rose too. hehe. So nice right?

Now, i cant wait to try my hands on them and see how au naturel look they can help me achieve. Although the foundation comes in 2 shades, i realized it actually does not make any difference which shade i chose cz both shade blend in with my skin tone and has the same effect.

I found out that it really makes you look so natural just like having no make up on but in fact, i had already applied the liquid foundation, mascara and lipstick. I like.

And the foundation will glitter under the sunlight so you look even more radiant. U know like how you look at some ppl under the sun and their face looks so shimmery and radiant?

However, i do wish they gave blusher and concealer too but one cannot be so greedy right? haha. Nonetheless, I totally love the whole make up set. Really. :)

*doing a little dance around *

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Sort of x'mas gift~ Santa Claude likes you very much,sent you a nice christmas present.
Congrats to get that!
The cast of the cosmetic set itself is awsome,love it.

Aloha! Lucky Star:WOW!!

Silver eyeshadow,my liking:)

Nice set:)

Hope you get more christmas presents:)

nweomma : hehe.. thanks.. ya it's a great Xmas gift. and i love it too :)

Dolly : hehe.. ya it's a nice set right? the silver shadow looks so pretty. :)more Xmas gift will be nice.. hehehe

You deserved it because you wrote a excellent blog.V.GOOD!

wahh..nice set. u're so lucky..congrats btw!

wow allison
i was like "hey pretty,i'm jealous of u!"
hehe,nway congratzs ya :)