Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kampung Nelayan Restaurant, KK

2 days more to Christmas! Wohoo hoo.. My hsemates all went back today leaving me home alone. :(. Sad sad. haha. (megada only).

Anyway i had finally clean up my messy room and it's so neat and tidy and clean now i fl like dancing around. But took me one whole day. Wash clothes, arrange notes, clean room, mop floor..chores are tiring! I'm so gna save money for irobot next time. I believe that will be a very worthwhile investment. :p

Anyway, i had decided to finished up the very last bit of my KK traveling posts. B4 year 2009 comes to an end, all of KK will be done. :) I mean i went KK in July but so many things had came along the way KK posts was always interrupted and had to put on hold. This is the 3rd last part. The day right after i came back from Mount KK.

Met up with Ed and May and some of their church friends.

After having dim sum for lunch, Ed and May decided to bring me and DD go patto (dating). I asked them where in KK will be interesting to go and they cutely suggest ShangRi-La's Rasa Ria Resort cz they say very romantic there.

At the reception area, there's this guy in Kadazan costume entertaining guest with traditional music with traditional instrument such as gong and xylophones.

It was a good place to just chill on a hot sunny afternoon and enjoy the sea breeze in the shade. :)

Of course, there's a lot of caucasians sun-bathing around the beach area too so if you spot a Baywatch lookalike, you can just pull your chair next to her. ahem. Like seriously alot. Cz maybe Rasa Ria have so many comfortable looking beach chairs lying around.

There's a swimming pool too. So inviting.

ala Bollywood.

Being silly at the beach

This white bougainvillea arch entrance reminds me so much of garden wedding. Very pretty. Only this is at the beach. But seriously, Ed say a lot of ppl come here to take their wedding pics one.

Pseudo-wedding pic?haha..

After that we went for the coconut bakar i had previously blogged about here.

And then they took us on a spin around KK and to One Borneo b4 night came quickly and it was time for dinner. And it was seafood dinner we had. Another thing i noticed while i was in KK was that as the sun prolly rise earlier than anywhere in Msia say about 5 am and it will start getting bright, so at about 6pm, the sky will be totally dark dy.

After much debate among themselves, they finally agreed on introducing us to Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant.

A word of caution tho, this restaurant actually caters mainly to tourist so it's more of where tourists will go rather than where the locals will go. Ed would had preferred to bring us to some other place for seafood which is cheaper and better but in the end he brought us here cz according to him, the prawns/crab here (cannot rmb cz kinda too long ago. but if u interested mail me.. i will ask Ed ;) ) are better and more fresh. And it's floating so anything floating always sound more attractive. And they have performances too.

There's nth kampung at all about this restaurant. In fact, the place is huge and fully packed!

Dish 1 - Sweet sour fish. Actually they just dug out all the fish meat and fried them separately so it looked like you had one whole fish with fish slices.

Dish 2 - Sesame mayo prawn

Dish 3 - Deep fried chicken with spices

Dish 4 - Stir fried sayur manis shoot tips (not the leaves, its the shoots) with egg. This is a must try in KK cz it's KK's specialty.

Got this Murut warrior dance that went on stage to entertained the patrons.

And as far as i understand, part of the whole warrior dance includes shooting darts with a blowpipe. Interesting to watch. Really.

Photo opportunity at the end of their performance. I asked for their 'hat' for pic and the guy was at first reluctant. Cz he said he sweat too much and felt paiseh. But when i said i dont mind, he took it off and gave to me. Actually, it was indeed kinda clammy feeling. ^^

With the Murut warriors and the pretty Murut maiden.

Altogether, there were 6 of us with 4 dishes and the total bill came up to more than RM 200! It's cut-throatly expensive if you ask me. The food was indeed good but i think the price was over exaggerated. So, if you are a tourist who wna do the touristy thing, doesnt mind the price and wants to be entertained while having seafood on a floating restaurant, then this is the right place. :).

PS : Thanks Ed for hosting us and the treat. He and May are indeed very good host. So glad to be able to 'catch' them in KK :)

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I went Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant too.
Nice food, affordable price, right?!
I thnk the performance is always the same.hehe.

hahaha.. i think its kinda overprice when i went tho. and i think they always have the same performance ;)