Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Men Of The Year 2009

2 Wednesdays ago, i was privileged to be invited by Rubin to attend August Man first ever Men of the Year event which was held at the Jaguar showroom at Pavilion.

Basically Men of The Year is an issue specially dedicated to acknowledge the achievements of 10 men (and a women) of substance from diverse industries in the country. And the 11 talented individuals were Joe Flizzow, Bob Chua, Afdlin Shauki, Casmad Sanuri, Hans Isaac, Henry Golding, Ivan Lam, Niki Cheong, Ragunath Kesavan, Sazali Samad and Tricia Yeoh. (so proud of her as she represents that we women are just as good as men :p)

As Rubin himself puts it, "We feel it is apt that we acknowledge the achievements of individuals charting their own paths - those who don't just talk but do. We are proud of the fact that we have managed to assemble such a diverse group and we believe that it is the right group to launch what we hope will become a yearly affair".

It was definitely a night of glitz and glamor as the guest attending the event that night were mainly celebrities, models, producers and other big names in like various industries.

And there's not only guys to look at, there's also pretty girls to feed ur eyes. And i really don mean us. (altho we r pretty also right? *epidermis of the skin just increased 10 folds* ahem ahem) There are a lot of other pretty girls around too like the other pageant girls.

Well, it's no wonder there will also be certain 'wolves' among the pack, so just be smart and tactful. :)

Honestly speaking, im never that good when it comes to recognizing the who's who in the entertainment industry. But somehow sometimes not knowing is not a bad thing, trust me. No nd to worry about making a fool out of yourself cz u dont know who they are. The whole purpose of the event anyway was for ppl to mingle and get to know who's who. But anyway, it is always good to have ppl u really know to chat, laugh, chat, laugh and had a jolly good time with ourselves.

Rubin, friend and editor of August Man Malaysia

Just realized that was Hans Isaac standing there

Joe Flizzow

1st pic attempt with Joe Flizz. Siew was the camerawoman. There's a lot of noise with this pic.

Not satisfied, attempted a 2nd pic but it was blur instead.

The head turner Jesintha and me

My fingers looked so thin and slender in this pic. hehe

What are big mirrors for? :p

Looking absolutely gorgeous the both of them.

(Private joke : It's no surprise even 'Fido-Dido' and 'the sch bus driver' is attracted. :p )

Bangsar Babe and me

Surprise of the night. And a pleasant one. Met my junior who was helping out at the event.

Since you all have seen enough of the front of my dress, must definitely show the back of my dress too. Cz it's just so sexy it's a waste not to show. :p. hahaha.

All in all, we definitely had a good time and Rubin and his team really did a great job in organizing the event. Looking forward to more to come. :)

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You look so gorgeous. Bet you are enjoying yourself that night.....

You look so gorgeous. Bet you are enjoying yourself that night.....

Thank you. i did. It was fun :)

hoho.. wolves among the pack! haha!

I am sure this type of event, there are alot of old horny wolves around who are looking for preys. Next time better bring your bf along to be your bodyguard or cancel your invitation.

You wore till SSSSo sexy to attract wolves???? You shd wear long gown instead of short dress. Your friend that blue gown is nice.

anonymous : thats why have to be smart and tactful urself lo. :)

anonymous 2 : err...its normal le to dress like dat for this type of events. :_

Wow you look so beautiful!!!!
this is Napich.sorry to reply you via this blogger.my facebook's been in trouble. i cannot even read or post any comment in my inbox and my wall.i dont know what the problem is.
so sorry to hear that you can come here.But i'll try to keep me free during your trip here.
happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)

thanks Napich. lemme noe k whether u b free then. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ;)

Dont be naive, if those syndicates set up a plot ,no matter how you beware oso can't escape...haha good luck neh.

thanks for ur reminder and concern. i b careful. :) but in this kinda classy event unlikely they dare to try anything more than testing the waters. :)

there is a lot of GALS still attracted to those kind of EVENT lolz how sarcastic is that HAHAHA (they think there are TACTFUL)