Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

and a belated one from me on Boxing Day. :p

Just couldn't get my hands much on the laptop the past 2 days cz i was not at home most of the time.

So im gna make up for my belated Christmas post by introducing two nice (or not so nice) places to eat (yay..more places to eat :p ).

# Christmas eve

Met up with some of the girls for Christmas dinner. Thank God i had no exam right after holi this yr so i can be back and celebrate the festive season at home with my family and frenz. ST recommended this Italian restaurant which turn out to have really good food, reasonable prices and great ambience. They have those warm yellow lights and Christmas trees and fake snow flakes to decorate the place and make it all Christmasy.

As expected, the whole restaurant was full of ppl. We were told that we had to wait but we did not mind. We managed to grabbed a table still and we were really lucky cz that's like the only available table left and everyone else who came after us without reservations had to leave. But the menu was limited that night and according to ST and YT, there was an increased of about 10% in their prices that night.

Still, we happily sat down cz i was hyper excited that night. I dont know why. It's just the whole feeling of being close back home and spending wonderful times with family and friends that increases all those adrenalines and endorphins release. :)

We waited for more than an hour tho for our food to come. Therefore, cameras all started showing themselves and we spent the next one hour taking jolly, happy pics and perhaps 'terrorizing' their Christmas tree a bit too much.

Every table has one of this

Soft, warm yellow light with fake snow flakes and Christmas balls

I lost count of the number of pics we took that night but it was definitely a lot cz other than my camera, we also took pics with HL and SL camera. hehe. But don wori, i had filtered out only a few of our jolly, camwhore moments so there's no overdose of too many vain pix. :)

I dno why SL's face is so red that night. She's like blushing the whole night even tho she's not and her cheeks are so rosy pink. Like those cute girls living high up in Cameron.

CIMB credit card holders? Can get 10% off le.

The beginning of our 'terrorization'!!

YT jealous that i held ST's hand. So he oso wna hold her hand. :p. Actually if u r the only guy hanging out with a bunch of girls, u noe how u can make urself very useful. By being the cameraman. Poor YT had to be the cameraman the whole night. And not just one camera. It's 3. haha.

Actually if the pics are taken w/o flash, then can see the pretty lights of the Christmas tree. But there's very high tendency the pics will turn out blurry so better to just turn on the flash.

Durian cake. If you are a durian lover, this is a must try. It is damn good. The durian taste is so strong that it's as tho u r eating durian. But i don like the cream part tho. (the green spikes are all cream)

Secret of the Sea - fried bun with some seafood in between top with mayonnaise. Can finish it in one mouthful. No kidding.

Italian baked herb chicken. 1/4 of a chicken. Tender and cook just right with a tinge of herb taste. I like it. 3/5.

Pasta Agli-olio - 3/5

Seafood pasta - 3/5 too.

We ordered 2 pasta and 2 pizzas initially cz ST said their pizzas are really good but they were so so busy that night that they could not make us our pizzas. Actually they needed 2 hours to make our pizzas and we were too hungry to wait that long. So we settled for another 2 pastas.

This one and the one below actually look the same but tastewise very different. This one got mint leaves one so more on the minty side and not as nice as the one below.

This one got a tinge of spicyness in it and somehow tasted better. (i did not get the name of both of these pastas as i did not had a chance to look at the menu cz they onli got 4 types of pasta that night and after we ordered the first two and our pizzas couldnt come, we just told the waitress to give us the remaining 2 types of pastas ^^ )

So even tho they were very busy that night, but luckily they managed to maintained the quality of the food. Overall, i agree that it's a good place to go for Italian food in Johor Bahru and ST said they even had Japanese food on normal days. Thanks to ST, i now find anode good place to go for food with nice ambience and friendly waitress. Pricewise, a plate of pasta is usually RM 10.90 like dat tho that night it was about RM 13.90 per plate. I will definitely go back to try their pizzas and Jap food someday. And then i will rmb to look at the name of the pasta too. hehe :)

Il Giardino Ristorante and Pizzeria,
65,65 A, Jalan Perang,
Tmn Pelangi, 80400
Johor Bahru
Tel : 07-3344211

# Christmas Day

No turkeys or log cakes or gingerbreadman. Spent it with family. And we went for Jap food. :)

Rows and rows of sake

Tempura prawn salad

Soft shell crab maki

Skewed bacon with asparagus. yum yum yum yum

Chicken teriyaki. not as yum yum yum yum as the bacon with asparagus tho

Salmon fried rice - good part is it's really not oily. I mean fried rice thats not oily? i like it.

Kimuchi ramen - this one the kimuchi taste not strong enough.

Tan tan ramen - shd had put even more peanuts too.

There's an up and down side to this restaurant. Food wise, it is actually pretty decent. On average about 3/5 which is pretty good in JB. I wouldn't say it's the best cz i must admit there are better ones in KL and i like Nijyumaru better (as u can see from the amount i had blogged about it here, here and here) hehe. Price wise, it's standard Jap food price.

But the down side is and a pretty turn off, altho they had a huge 'NO SMOKING' sign pasted in the restaurant, they actually allow customers to smoke inside the restaurant. And because it is air-condition and a close space, so obviously it's a very unpleasant smell and something i don like cz i don like the smoking smell and the obvious reason that they ignored the signboard and they actualy allow them to smoke there too. Very the potong stim la.

Ajisai Japanese Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
39, Jln Kuning 2, Tmn Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru
Tel : 07-3315458

Lastly, Happy Boxing day everyone. Tralalalala lalalala.. :D

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