Sunday, December 06, 2009

Captain Ball Champion Again

DD : Wanna go play Captain Ball in campus?

Me : When?

DD : Sat morning.

Me : Huh? Sat morning?? Let me think about it 1st. hehe

Well Saturday mornings means time for sleeping in. So the very thought of having to wake up early made me hesitated. But then again, i had not been exercising much ever since i started my surgical posting, so this will be a good time to burn off calories and get those muscles and joints active again.

So in the end, i decided to abandon my beauty sleep and go for Captain Ball (and because i love my team so much.. haha. :p)

Basically Captain Ball is game where 2 teams played against each other. Each team consists of a set of players (i heard minimum number is 6 and can go up to 20) and the 'captain' or goal catcher of each team will stand in a circle on each side of the court. For our version of Captain Ball, the catcher will stand on a chair and in front of him will be the goalkeeper of the opponent's team. We dont have specific shooters or fielders; anyone can be the shooters or fielders. The ultimate aim is to throw the ball to your goal catcher and if he/she catches the ball, your team will score. If a guy scores, it will be 1 point and if a girl scores, it will be 2 points. Any type of ball can be use but we prefer using the volleyball. I had played this game a few times (in year 2 and last sem) and i think it is quite a fun game that requires good teamwork but like any game, it can turn aggressive too.

Like this. The goal catcher stands on the chair, the goalkeeper will try to prevent him from catching the ball and it does not necessary mean that if you are tall, you'll be the best catcher or keeper.

And we shoot. And we score!! Yeahhhhh! ;)

Doing our Alleycats cheer b4 each game. Last yr we were Tora Tora, this yr we were Alleycats. haha. Infusing semangat and confidence.

Cz there were a total of 6 teams, we had to played 4 rounds b4 making it to the finals. Really tested our stamina.

There's no special secret or practices prior to this, i think the most important thing in a game like this is good teamwork. It's not a game that we can win alone, it's a game that we won as a team. But some athletic especially basketball backgroud helps too.

It felt like yesterday once more when the final whistle finally blew during our final match. The finals was between my team and one of the junior's team. We were leading but our points were quite closed. It really makes my heart muscles so excited that it just thumped harder and harder against my chest. My sweat glands started working profusely too and i can feel myself showering in sweats.

Kumar- the goalkeeper of the day receiving his medal. Shd c how he effortlessly defended so many goals. He's really good.

My turn.. hehe.. :)

Sonia's turn.. my fellow shooter

Vic - looks like he jz showered right? it's all his sweat. Showed how hard he had work!

DD - he can defend, he can attack. he can throw the ball from like half a court away!

When we were in the 2nd half of our 2nd match, Prof Win joined our team and got her hands on the ball as well cz she cannot resist the fun of the game as she sat and watched us play. So Prof T decided to reward her with a gold medal too.

The Alleycats with Prof Win.

So sacrificing Sat morning sleep was worth it. hehe

Soni, we did it again!! We were just so happy beyond words. We, the only 2 girls from yr 4, the backbone of our team . Cz when we scored, we get 2 points so it has more advantage than when guys scored.

The Alleycats with silly poses

I jz realized smt else about Kumar. Omg.. if u realized what i just realized, i think u'll b laughing like me now.

The other 3 guys combining team with the lecturers and their children. Don't play play with the children. Their only disadvantage was their height.

Now hanging proudly in my room. hehe.

I was very glad i made the decision to go and even though i now end up with protesting aching muscles that yearns so much for a human Osim, but it was worth it. I not only had fun, managed to burnt off calories but also had quite a sight that day (even tho it is actually quite an obscene one and not exactly pleasing. but well, i guess each to their own. )

I think everyone had played their best that day and even tho they did not win, they can always try again next yr. (cliche but true).

Alrite, im gna give my muscles some massage now so that they can stop their protest soon. Gd nite peeps. :)

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