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Roadtrip Down Kuantan - Where To Eat, Shop and Go

Kuantan is like the most happening east coast town nearest to Kuala Terengganu.

It is about 3-4 hours drive away (depending on your speed and time of travel like if you travel early in the morning, then less cars so shorter travel time too). Imagine just 3-4 hours away and you get to watch movie in a cinema (yup, not downloaded or dvd version from our laptop or projector), decent karaoke, shopping and food! Franchise food, local food whatever. There's so much more choice and variety. It's like Kuantan is so much better and more happening than KT that i wont complain if i get posted there for my housemanship. :p

Anyways to avoid traffic, we started traveling at 6.30 am and reached Kuantan about 10 am. Siew was craving for dim sum so we went to a dim sum restaurant that was recommended by S's friend but the restaurant is not open as we were too early. We were too hungry to wait so we went to search for the acclaimed best curry noodle in Kuantan.

Actually, I think anyone who had been to Kuantan must had tried this curry noodle before because any forum or blog that you stumbled across will have a recommendation about this restaurant. And it's not tourist only recommending this shop, but locals too. Since so many people recommended and give the curry noodle very high ratings, how can we not go try it for ourselves right? After all tasting is believing. As expected, as it was a public holiday and also a Sat, the place was packed like sardine and we had to wait for a table. Fortunately the wait was not that long despite the crowd.

The aunties responsible for the oh-so-famous curry noodles with their humble stall. These aunties must be very used to ppl taking their pictures already.

The curry that gets everyone talking

Berbanyak ppl inside the shop we had to sit outside

Yes yes, this is it. The restaurant is in Teluk Cempedak so all you have to do is follow the Teluk Cempedak road sign, drive all the way to the end and you won't miss the shop.

Further down the street is the beach already.

While waiting for our noodles, I took some candid shot of my roadtrip buddies.

Sarah enjoying the surroundings

Lou muka so masam

Siew bergaya posing

And finally, the much talked about curry noodle came! You can almost see a halo surrounding the noodle. It smelled good and it looked good. The curry noodle came with tau pok (dried fried taufu), chicken, fishballs, bean sprouts and cockles

But the verdict? Honestly after so much of recommendation and talk about it, you will kinda expect something that literally sweep you to heaven the minute you put it into your mouth but sadly, that did not happened. I think the curry noodles are overrated. In fact, i think it's only average. I find the curry not thick enough (yea.. i like curry gao/thick). It is those pretty diluted kind of curry and not spicy enough. And it has a tinge of asam sourish taste to it which I guess perhaps what makes them unique. I don't know, it might be the best in Kuantan already but I seriously don't think it's worth driving all the way to Kuantan just for it. But if you happen to drop by Kuantan, then go try it because their curry do taste different and the portion is generous for the price.

You can also have your curry with dried noodle, what the aunties call mee kicap or have mee kicap with fishballs. Siew had this and i stole a bite and the noodles were practically tasteless. It's better to have the original curry noodle and should highly avoid the dried ones

After breakfast, we headed down to Teluk Cempedak beach which is just a few minutes walk away. The KFC there has one of the nicest view and perhaps most 'sophisticate'd name any KFC in Msia has - the KFC Palm Resort. Does Teluk Cempedak translates into Palm Resort? I expect something like Jackfruit Bay instead. haha.

Crazy housemates at Teluk Cempedak

The strong wind kept blowing our hair against our face

A better pic here

Let's do the jump! We attempted to do the jump a few times but always failed. See this one almost succeeded but still fail. haha

This one everybody jumped but look at my hair!! Like Ju-on!!

All these huge rocks can be commonly seen all around Teluk Cempedak beach

Like the restaurant, the beach was packed with couples, families, tourists and friends

Then as the sun climbed higher, we headed to East Coast Mall. There are mainly 2 huge malls in Kuantan, one is Berjaya Megamall and the other is East Coast Mall. Berjaya has a very huge and attractive exterior but then again dont be fool by their looks. The cinema in Berjaya is like crap and they dont have many shops. It's much quieter in Berjaya. But if you like bowling then Berjaya has it. East Coast Mall is much better with more shops, restaurants and of course a better cinema. GSC just opened there and it's 100 times better than the cinema at Berjaya. I really do like East Coast Mall much much better.

You will too after you read what i have to say next (for all you girls who loves MNG!!)

Now get ready not to faint from excitement after you read this ok. There is a MNG Outlet store at East Coast Mall. If you dont understand why im so happy and excited over this, then let me elaborate further. It means that you get to buy MNG stuff at super discounted price. Like super super low price. You can get a very nice cocktail dress that usually goes for RM 200 for like only RM 80. A studded clutch for like only RM 33. Winter coat for less than RM 100. It's true that those are past season stuffs. And there are stuffs that are not so nice; the leftovers. But if you want a good bargain, you'll have to be a hardworking shopper. You have to search for your good stuff. Even some of the past season leftovers are very nice and they are still quite in now. And some of them are classic evergreens that will never go out of date. And they definitely have nicer and better leftovers than the outlet shop at Jln Peel in KL. Of course you don't expect the latest stuffs to be going for such low prices right.

Oh and the best part about this outlet store is, they have sizes from XS to L. Unlike the Jln Peel one. All their leftovers are mainly L or XL and you shouldcount yourself fortunate if you can find a M and thank your lucky stars if there's S. But here, you can even find XS.

How come I never saw or heard of this from all the Kuantan blogs or forum? haha. But see, i so good. Share this piece of good news with all of you just because you all are my loyal cute dearest readers. Faster say thank you. :p

What else can you do at East Coast Mall?

Movies of course! There's Twilight, the latest craze but nope, we did not watched that. We opt to watch a movie that has not much promotion on it, a movie that very few ppl watch, a movie maybe you still goes 'What?' after hearing the title.

But this movie is so funny and punny that we laughed throughout the movie, probably annoying other ppl with our loud laughter. This funny and punny movie is call Planet 51. I don't know why there's not much promotion about this movie, but this movie has some big stars in it mainly like Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel and Justin Long. It's a cartoon actually and it's about an astronout lost in a friendly alien planet. The story plot is simple but it is so funny and light-heartening.

Those of you who had watched Twilight and cursed it, now you know you shd had watched Planet 51 instead right? haha

After movie, it's time for more chillaxing in the mall.

@ Black Canyon Coffee

Talk to my hand :p

@ Starbucks. My face without make up. It's one whole long day and i woke up like at 5.30 am so lazy to out on any make up

So, after an afternoon lepak-ing at East Coast Mall, it's time for dinner. This is the restaurant we had dinner (non-halal) It's somewhere off Jln Berserah. In fact, there's the phone number of the restaurant in the pic for you to call and make reservations or enquiries. There were freaking a lot of ppl that night. We had to wait an hour for our food to come. Well so now you know why you shd call for reservations right?

Everything is written in Chinese so i will try my best to translate the name of the dishes here. This is herbal wrapped chicken which is the chef recommendation. Basically its similar to the paper baked chicken in JB. Lots of herbs. The whole chicken was soaked in herbs and the soup has 100% herbal taste only. But, when you eat the chicken on its own, it's quite tasteless. The herbs don't seem to manage to be absorbed by the chicken. Maybe there were just too many ppl that night, so they didn't had enough time to baked the chicken properly or long enough for the herbs to fully seeped into the chicken.

Hot plate homemade tofu with salted fish and minced pork. The homemade tofu is actually very good. Very smooth and soft and has an eggy smell that i like. But i think they overdosed the tofu with salted fishes so it became like eating salted fishes only

Hot plate dried curry with prawn. This is good. I like the curry, i like the prawns. And price reasonable too. RM 20 for this plate

Yam basket with pork. OMG. This is so die die must try. The yam basket is like freaking good. The yam is crispy on the outside, melts straight on the inside that type. The glistening pork has honey over and it's so so so yummy.

Sambal sweet potato leaves (fan shu miu) - this one also good

See how clean our plates are. We only used 20 mins to finished up our whole meal. We had to wait very long but it's worth the wait. The food is really good. And price wise, it's reasonable too.

We started heading back to KT after dinner at about 9 pm. It was definitely a long day and was tiring but we had lotsa fun together. Besides, rather than bored ourselves silly in KT over the public holiday (without a cinema and what's not), it was definitely good going on a road trip. And of course, founding the hidden 'gem' in East Coast Mall helped satisfy my shopping craves! (at times we need to do real shopping, not just virtual online shopping). If you are looking for typical Kuantan souvenirs instead, I think the best thing to get from Kuantan is their local dried seafood. I'm not a particular huge fan of those, so yeah I don't spend time searching for them, hence can't exactly tell you where to get them best in Kuantan. However, I do notice there are many such stalls along the road especially along the road from Kuantan heading down the East Coast highway to KL :)

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