Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snail Mail Versus E-Mail

A few weeks ago, while i was having dinner with a friend, we talked about how e-mail has become so convenient and quick these days that we are starting to miss receiving mails in our letterbox.

The internet has evolved so greatly that it is fast becoming one of the essential items instead of items we need. It's as tho internet has been integrated as part of our daily life. And needless to say, emails are threatening to make more and more postmen lose their jobs. In a way, emails has make life so much more convenient definitely. You can send a lengthy update on yourself to like 50 person in 50 different places with an email and in an instant all 50 of your friends will receive it. Or when you are traveling and it is so much more cost-savvy to email instead of calling/sms-ing which can cost a bomb in phone bills later on. Newsletters, medical updates, airfares promotions and greeting cards can all be conveniently customized and send through emails to many many friends and love ones with a click. So emails are almost perfect in replacing snail mails except that it lacks one very important element in my opinion. It lacks the personal touch.

While it is nice to open up emails and see glittery Santa Claus beaming and dancing to Merry Christmas, nothing can replace receiving greeting cards, postcards or letters with hand writing scribbling down those heart warming messages that evoke plenty of nostalgic feelings. It reminds me of those days when i was in primary sch, even up to high sch where we will exchange greeting cards on festive season and in each of the cards, read happily scribble warm wishes. Autograph books that has 'friends forever' written page after page. Postcards from love ones that had been traveling abroad. All these little cards, scribbled messages, letters etc are definitely priceless stuff that emails can nv replace. And of course the excitement of running to your mail boxes, checking it and saw that you have a letter/greeting card/postcard awaiting you and tempting you to slowly and carefully tear it open. :)

So yesterday, i was feeling like a little girl once again slowly opening up that card that came from miles away.

Such a feeling of nostalgia and warmness surrounds me.

Thank you darling. It really encourages me with what you wrote. Much love to you. xoxo :)

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the last time i receive mail from friends perhaps last year christmas....
but thanks nuffnang i do receive the happy letters occasionally..

hahaha.. after happy letters no belanja one? :p

ebook vs book
email vs mail
blogspot vs diary
internet social of frenz vs social frenz

in 2k year ppl will tell u how many frenz they have in thier "face" or thier "space"

a 10 years old gal in 2010 now will tell u how many frens she has in her "spcace" or "face"

if we dunno how to utilize the tools the winner will be the company creating these network and will turn out

blogspot-a spot for LOA ppl advertise themselves

facebook- a book where u can only see their FACE

myspace- a space where u crown urself king

twitter-a place if u need to tell the world HEY, WORLD I M PEE-ing in the toilet right now


well it totally depends on how u utilize all these social medias. Everything has an up and down side to it. If you misuse or use all these for the wrong purpose,obviously not only does all these social medias not serve their purpose, but you will turn into just another dummy of the media companies.hehe