Friday, December 04, 2009

A Song Name Juara

Are you feeling demotivated?

Are you feeling down?

Are you feeling uninspired?

From time to time, we do get demotivated, down or uninspired because of various reasons. Our usual sunny side fades and you just feel lousy all over. It can be as simple as because of hormonal changes (yea, PMS!) or it can be as harsh as after having an earful from a super fussy-fierce-annoying boss or it can be as common as not knowing how to do your exam questions.

So how? What shd you do when you start to feel lousy and loss confident and all the negativity starts bringing you down?

You can start talking to yourself and tell yourself to be positive and have faith but if ppl see you talking to yourself from far, they might run cz they thought u r a nut case. Or you can find someone to talk too but then what if it still does not work? Oh, there's always motivational books or articles but you nd time to sit down and read them. How bout motivational songs then? Songs are good because the effect is almost instantaneous. A song with inspirational lyrics can uplift you and motivates you. You can sing along or just appreciate the lyrics. Sometimes the best advice you need or the best words that can describe your feelings are all in a song. Agree, no?

I shared a new motivational song i heard with a friend recently and she said she likes the song as it not only makes her feel better about herself, but because the song was sung by our very own local talents. The song is in two languages and it is short, straightforward and motivational. A lot of you probably never heard of this song yet but fret not, cz you are going to hear it first here on al02. :)

Felt more like a 'Juara' already anot? haha. And the local talents who sang this song are none other than the Hebat 5 - the Brands Generasi Hebat ambassadors.

Let's take a look again at who are the Hebat 5 ok?

'Handal' Hafiz

Multi talented Choo Hou Ren

'Aktif' Akim

Black from Mentor Season 3 and Aril

This is them performing Juara

Enjoying a bottle of Brands each, the greatness booster.

Notice the green ties on them? Still rmb the Green Tie Express and Win competition i blogged about some time ago? Well if you had forgotten, it's ok cz im going to remind you again. All you have to do is buy a box of Brands, get creative with the green ties, snap a pic (just like how u usually camwhore!! :p) and upload your pic to their facebook page. Kao tim. All you have to do after that is wait for your HK Disneyland trip if you are the most creative of them all. Dont play play. You even get to go with the Hebat 5. :)

So, let ur creative juice flow now k? And hope you manage to find some motivation and inspiration from the song. :)

PS : Pictures credit of Brands facebook page.

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i dno what to do with the green shoelaces err tie.. can gimme some ideas?

haha.. u can check out their facebook page and see how the other contestants play with their green ties :)

wondering who will be da winners lolz

haha another brand post again haha nice

i got 1 fren drink brand everyday lolz

anonymous 1 : haha the contest is still on but the lucky winner will gt to go HK Disneyland :)

anonymous 2 : thanks ;)

anonymous 3 : really? ur fren is a big fan of Brands haha

anonymous 4 : yup!

I saw these 5 guys on papers every now and then^_^. Can go hong kong before christmas?

Yesterday i saw a young malay teen holding a box of brands and reading at the rules and regulations written there.Guess he is interested..

anonymous 1 : unfortunately the contest ends next yr march 2010. So i think maybe next yr xmas not this yr :)

anonymous 2 : hehehe.. maybe he is

Hi Allison.nice=)

You pics are pretty too,thanks!
Have a good day to you!

haha not really c dat dey use da greenlace creatively also haha

haha tink u can do better rite? so what r u waiting for?? :p

Thanks for dropping by my comic blog =) Indeed, some guys should reflect themselves if they want a virgin as their wife. Hahaha. Anyway you a great blog =D

so true rite the guys.. haha.. and thanks for dropping by too :)