Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Why Do Guys Wear G-Strings?

Or thongs. It doesn't matter which one of it actually since they both have lesser cloth than the normal brief/underwear.

I try to explore a few possible reasons to why certain guys will actually be willing to put on something that is known since the ice age as belonging to the female population on themselves. And it all boils down to 5 possible reasons.

a) they are metrosexual

In this century, i think more and more men are becoming metrosexuals. In simpler words, becoming simply vain. Some even being more vain than women ourselves. What their father and forefathers classify as 'only-for-the-XX' is something the men today greatly experiment and indulge themselves with. Cosmetics, perfumes, facial, manicure, pedicure, shopping for great bargains. Yes, you name it, they do it too. Well, we cant blame them can we? In fact it's pretty cool for guys to be metrosexual ( but then not to the extreme extend). It's ok if they wna apply foundation to cover up their flaws, it's ok if they like to do rebonding too, it's ok if they walk past Banana Republic and cant resist the temptation to go in and check it out and it's even ok if they camwhore at a level 1000 times more than us girls. After all a good physical image will usually pull off better impression because the person looks clean and pleasant. And if it makes them more confident about themselves, why not? But when does being a metrosexual invites themselves the labeling of a sissy as well? I think it's a very fine line between a guy who is just metrosexual and a metrosexual who is sissified. David Beckham is a well known metrosexual of today but he is definitely not sissified in any sense. In fact, he's so man he got so many girls still drooling over him. But for some guys, when they started being metrosexual, they started acting like a sissy as well!! It may or may not have anything to do with wearing a g-string/thong, but somehow i think not many guys who are just metrosexuals out there are willing to put on that tiny piece of g-string/thong.

b) they are more to the feminine side be it due to genetics/hormones or simply because they adore us females so much they wna be feminine like us

I sympathize with guys like this because i dont think they ever wish to be born as having more female genes/hormones in them. If they just simply adore us, well, isnt it obvious? It's simply because we women species are indeed an incredible bunch. :p

c) occupation requirement

Like dancers, actors, entertainers maybe?

d) being prank or dare

It's a male ego thing. Nuff said.

e) thought that they look sexier and hotter and will be able to attract more girls

This is definitely so so so wrong unless you have gluteus maximus muscles as taut and sturdy as Hugh Jackman. And whats worse is if they got nothing to show off. Girls dont find it hotter and attractive at all. In fact, they will actually evoke an image so obscene in her cortex that it will generate such a disgusting sensation that might translate into a throwing up reflex.

Ok, some of u guys out there mite be protesting against this already as you guys mite say this is not very fair since it's actually each to their own of what they wna wear. And if girls can pull it off looking hot, sexy (and not hoochy) butwhy it seems to be such a huge no-no for the guys. I'm actually fine with guys wearing g-string/thong but as long as it does not cause any disturbance to my beautiful sight of the surrounding. But clearly it has and thus, all these thoughts. But well, i guess certain things are just not meant for the guys. It's also like saying why girls shd shave their underarms and why guys shd not.

So, maybe u all can help me to understand more of why guys will wna put on a g-string/thong? And an extra one for the girls, what do you think/say if your bf loves to wear a g-string/thong? Do you girls find it sexier or hotter? :)

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err.. no no for me too. just feel that it's not a guy thing


I wrote about it a while ago and I am equally baffled like you are. When I was in Malaysia, I noticed many guys, who were this type, seemed very soft, even a tad feminine. On the other hand, I also saw many guys who are the tough, almost gangster-like guy, hehe. I didn't see anyone wearing g-strings, though ;)

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Its neither for girls too cos its unhygiene to put on plus uncomfortable as for me la,bleks!

I think that guys probably wear a thong because they are "trying" to be sexy, which = FAIL.

Now for girls on the other hand...it's hard not to consider it sexy the less that they are wearing -- so thongs are a perfect accessory for gals :-).


wow wow wow G-string , y called g string lolz

eric : oh icic..hehe

MKL : well, there are some who does wear! :)

yummy : u r welcome :)

takashi : really? i tot it's always uncomfortable.haha

dolly : ya act i fl uncomfortable too! :)

mike : i c u prefer it to be on girls definitely!

anonymous : maybe cz the shape like a G?