Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anna's Kitchen

It's almost a week since my last update. Whoa. Been really busy. End of posting always a busy time. (cwu mainly the cause) And having some fun over the weekend is consider busy time too right? haha. Anyways, in the mid of my 1st week back in paeds. The paeds ward had been renovated and it looks really better now. I just completed my cwu for internal med which requires us to 100% hand write it (which dont makes sense. Aint technology invented to make our life easier and arent we living in the 21st century? lol) and guess what? I wrote a total of 11 and a half page. A4 pages all! So i nd a break b4 starting my paeds cwu which need to be handed in this Thurs. Stress. A lot of my frenz will call me 'crazy' for writing 11 and a half page (that explains why i took more days) and considering my font size but well, for me, when i do smt, i wna do the best. It's not so much for obtaining better marks cz honestly the marks difference will be just 2-3 difference. Being a Virgorian, it must be due to the perfectionist in me. I mean i just cant write in points form to shorten it or whatever. I prefer to write it in full sentences and stuff.

Anyway, this is a food post. Food to open up ur appetites. hehe. JB post. :)

I'm sure many of us had either watched or heard of the movie Anna and the King right? I mean how can we not know it when it is shoot in mostly in Msia. Anna actually had a restaurant here in JB and it is called Anna's Kitchen. :)

Ok, just kidding. The restaurant is called Anna's Kitchen alright but it is definitely not own by Anna from Anna and the King.

And you dont walk straight into a shop or walk upstairs like we usually do. Instead we had to walked downstairs to get into the restaurant.

Although it's after new year, the Christmas tree is still sitting prettily in a corner in the restaurant.

Food we had :

Penang laksa. RM 6.90. Ok la cannot fight Penang one but we are in JB so dont complain. Sufficient amount of fish in the laksa, spiciness ok and the prawn paste was just nice. Overall, i think it is pretty good.

Mexican Salsa chicken chop. RM 19.90. The chicken is fried just right with lots of Mexican condiments and spices. And the chilli sauce there adds spiciness to the chicken chop.

Grilled Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce. RM 14.90. This is pretty okay too. I love how the chicken is grill just right.

And overall this restaurant has a very nice and romantic ambience. A great place for a lovely evening with that special one or just to chill with friends.

Me and my date

Another one with theflash

Overall, i think the restaurant is pretty okay. However, the portion is kinda small for the price here so it's not really the food size-proportionate-to-price kinda restaurant unless you are a small eater. :)

Disclaimer : This is not a paid review and is based solely on yours truly point of view only. Hence, thy shall not be responsible for any discrepancy in taste or opinion. :)

Anna's Kitchen,
No. 18 K (Basement),
Jln Abdul Samad,
Johor Bahru
Tel : 013-7422168

Lastly, here's a piece of sad news related to the movie Avatar despite it winning best motion picture at the Golden Globe. A man actually died while watching Avatar. During the scene where the Navis all gather to fight human and he suddenly develop a stroke and died thereafter.
Moral of the story : Thats why ur mummy always say, 'Ah Boy, dont watch blue films ar!' (Geddit? The Navis are blue and as a result the man got all too excited watching blue ppl and developed stroke and die! Now what are u thinking? :p)

Ps : The muttons of 987 gave me that idea. They are seriously funny. Love them. You shd listen to them too. hahaha.

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