Monday, January 25, 2010

Ever Brave Parents

How can you say you truly understand how a person feels, what a person is really going through when you had never walk in their shoes? Sometimes empathy can only bring you so far.

Having a child with special need is a very daunting challenge. It is not only physically tiring, it's also emotionally exhausting and mentally wreaking. It's indeed an ultimate test to relationships, to patience, to love, to determination, to perseverance and even to your faith in God.

I don think most ppl will ever think that out of the 1 in 1000 in the society who is gna be born with congenital or genetics abnormalities, the parent to that 1 person, that 0.001% will actually be them. But what if, what if u r that 0.001%? What happens then? What if you are not that 0.001% but infection occurs? Other things that occur that lead to permanent brain damage or motor dysfunction?

To accept news like 'your child is gna need special assistance for the rest of his/her life or your child is not normal' is one of the most difficult thing to accept i suppose. It's no wonder why some parents just live in denial. Although living in denial is not helping the child or the situation, but i guess, it takes time to come to terms and get urself emotionally and mentally prepared. All the great plans, all the great dreams, all the great visions that you had now need to be altered.

It is very true indeed that everyone needs self worth to continue living and think that life is worth living. When a person lose all their self worthiness, when they feel that they become totally useless and cannot contribute to any way to anyone in the society, they become inferior and may become so depress that it might even end in suicide. Even normal ppl sometimes have this kinda inferiority, this kind of insecureness. Whats more a child with special needs. It's even more challenging to instill self-worth into them when they are even much more vulnerable.

The endless tears that a parent shed for their special need child, the endless stares from unkind ppl who do not understand, the endless winks they lose from all their worries and fears for their child so vulnerable, the endless patience they show teaching their child to at least be able to look after their own personal hygiene, the endless pain they go through, the endless courage they show when they stand up for their child, the endless other things they have to go through in bringing up their child is definitely and infinitely immeasurable and noble.

I suppose the purpose of this post is dedicated to all the strong, courageous and uber awesome parents out there. Who with full passion and dedication, brave sun and rain in bringing up their child with special needs. I know im not fit enough to say i truly understand everything that you all are going through but i think i can say that i at least, do understand more than most ppl do. But i do really know, it is definitely a difficult feat, an a very difficult and challenging one it is. So, in times when you feel like giving up, in times when you feel that you cannot go on anymore, hang on in there. Cz i believe, you are the reason your child feels self worthy. To see ur tears dry and the corner of ur mouth turn up in a wide smile, is probably their biggest triumph. And for being such brave parents, who has enormous amount of stress and pressure that no one else can fathom, you all definitely have my utmost respect. :)

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GREAT parents they are.Yes indeed:)

The society shouldn't use some kind of eyes to look at those unforfunate one:(