Friday, January 01, 2010

First Post of 2010

2010 first post :)

How had 2010 been treating you so far?

I had changed my header and background to mark the beginning of the year.

And and and..

Goodbye to the long fringe.

Say aloha to bangs again. hehe

And bangs these days are not just plain bangs. There's a variety of bangs. The 'watermelon' bang, the 'bowl' bang, the 'very straight' bang etc etc.

So, a new look for the new year. :D

In process

End result :)

So, how?

I think look like a high sch student like dat. hehe

PS : The header was done b4 i cut off my fringe so that was the before. :p

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hurmmm..yeah u look a lot younger wif this hair cut..but nice =)

hepi new year allison ;)))

Thanks darling. Happy New Year too :)

anonymous : thanks ;)

may leen : hi babe! :)