Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls Days Out

" ..and as the glittery carousel turns round and round, with It's A Small World joyfully playing, i can see a little girl going from one horse to another, laughing and giggling and teasing her parents who were so afraid she will fall of the horses anytime. That little girl looks somewhat familiar, with long hair, small eyes and slightly plump. She's pointing in the distance, to another small girl who's laughing too.. "

Then suddenly the alarm went off. The glittery carousel disappears, the laughter, the little girl, the parents and everything else slowly fades. I opened my eyes slightly and grabbed my alarm. Argh! My mind mumbles. How i wish the alarm dont go off. And i dont have to go to the wards. I wna cont dreaming. Dreaming of myself as a 3 yr old.

It felt like not too long ago when i was 3. And now, oh God, im like 2* years older. (ha.ha.ha. most of u already know how old i am so... :p). And certainly it felt just like yesterday that i was 17 and just finished high sch. Everyone so young, innocent and excited to move on to the next phase of our life then.

A lot of us got separated then. Everyone went in a different direction pursuing their dreams and ambitions. I stayed for STPM. But even so, soon after STPM, everyone practically got even more separated. Only a handful are left in JB and of course, those in Singapore mades it easier for me to still constantly meet up and keep in touch.

Now 6 years after everyone went everywhere else, many are finally back in JB again. I'm really really happy to see so many of them when i was back during my past holi.

It doesnt help that previously everytime i was having holiday, no one else was having holi. Everytime they have holi, i will already be back in KL or KT.

But it makes me realized how fast we all are growing.

When i was 3 years old, turning 21 sounds like a zillion years away.

It's so true that you keep wondering how does turning 21 feels like. Cz ppl tell u that u r an official adult then. And being adults, of course you will have plenty of newly assume responsibility.

And among them is having the rights to vote. To have a say in ur country.

Secretly, there's a thrill and excitement of looking forward to turning 21.

However, you soon realized that turning 21 is just like turning 18 or 19 or 20. It just means that there's a change in ur numerical age.

Because the maturity of thinking or having a responsible attitude does not magically appear the minute you blow the 21 candles on ur bday cake. It's not like 1 min u r an adolescent and u have some sort of childish fantasy and the next min, u r an adult, u will immediately matures.

And after truning 21, you will also realized that you wna stay at that age always.

Or even go back to b4 u turn 21.

Really, i don c any rush of wanting to be an adult. Sure, you might have more 'freedom' and decision making power. But being an adult is not as fun as being a young and carefree adolescent or kid.

With all these freedom and decision making power, there are more worries. More things to think about. And once u completed ur tertiary studies, u r 'officially' stepping into the cold, real world. Think it's gna be plenty of fun? I dont think so. High sch days are definitely more fun still.

So, just enjoy being how old u r. If you are 10, then behave and enjoy like how a 10 yr old shd. 10 years old girl putting on make up and talks about LV and Guccis shd not be happening. You know, the time will come when make up will become part and parcel of u and u will be able to carry ur own LV and Guccis and stuff. But dont rush it.

One thing i notice tho is that, even after not seeing some of them for a few years, everyone still look the same! I mean sure, everyone becomes prettier and knows how to dress up and are more vain, but we look just like when we left sch.

Maybe there's one or 2 additional fine lines, but i think it's a good thing to look young. I don mind looking like im still 20. :p

And high sch was definitely the best times of my life because even tho we fought and not talk to each other, everyone was definitely less pretentious. When we fought, we openly fought. We voiced out what we dont like openly, face to face. But when we say 'apology accepted' and shake hands and be friends again, at least we really meant it. Sometimes being young and naive, you have more courage to face ur wrongdoings or misunderstandings, to hurt and be hurt and help each other heal the hurt. Somehow adults seem to like avoidance more.

Despite saying JB is the best city to live in all the time, honestly, JB is my best city because aside from my family (which is definitely splendid able to c them always), it's because of having these ppl around. :)

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sometimes its emotional to think back of all the memories when we were younger, especially back in the school days.. i do have that thoughts before..

it's like we're growing day by day, but the memories still remain the same.. =)


kenwooi : totally agree! the memories are still so fresh and vivid ;)

wahlao ally, thanks for masking my face! i'm sure no one recognise eh -.-'''