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Going Korean at the Korea House for New Year's Eve Dinner

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The last day of the year is always worth celebrating. Cz it marks the end of one great (not-so-great) year. But whether it is a great or not-so-great yr, whether it had been filled with wonderful happenings or depress periods, every yr that went by taught us smt about ourselves and the ppl around us. Therefore, as we prepared to leave behind the unhappy past and embraced the coming yr, anticipating what it will install for us, it is always wonderful to be surrounded by good company be it ur beloved family, special ones or treasured friends.

This yr, me met up with some of my darlings for a good dinner and countdown later on. To usher in the 10th year into the millennium, we decided to go Korean 한국의.

Most of the more famous Korean restaurants in JB are located either at Stulang Laut or near Danga Bay. But this particular hidden gem is located behind Thistle Hotel. It is a bungalow turn restaurant. One look from the outside, it actually gives off the impression of a nursery cz the whole house is surrounded by plants; both potted and non-potted ones. But once i stepped in, im impressed by the very clean and homely interior. And such a nice place to have your own private conversations without having to speak at a frequency so low only ants can hear because you are worry the table next door can overhear your conversations.

No worries of entering the wrong house. hehe

Another good thing about Korean meals are the side dishes that comes with it. And it's absolutely free. muahaha.

Kimchi! No Korean meals can be complete without it. The mash potatoes and anchovies are my fav side dishes. :)

Super-duper salty mushrooms. It's no wonder it was left practically untouched throughout the nite. Confirm will increase your blood pressure if you finish the whole plate.

Sam Kye Tang/ Ginseng Chicken Soup - Nourishing for the body and skin. :p My personal opinion is that the chickens are really tender and soft but it would had been better if the ginseng taste was stronger.

Bul Ko Ki Set/ Stir-Fried Beef with Spring Onion and Glass Noodles - this is my fav of the night. I think it is very-berry 맛있는. Yum Yum Yum Yum.

Seng Seun Kui/ Fried fish - Koreans had very much love for salty food. This is quite good also despite it being more on the salty side.

Chicken BBQ - This taste more like chicken cooked in some sort of spicy sweet bbq sauce. Quite a unique taste.

They dont have the typical bbq plates here, hence the absence of the smoky and smelly environment i suppose.

Otak-otak - not from Korea tho. It's Malaysia one.

The Korean rice in the typical korean iron bowl

Overall, the food are pretty good altho the price is more on the higher end. The restaurant is own by the Koreans themselves so all the food are prepared by them too. Eating there has a very homely feeling because even their food have a tinge of home-cooked taste. Serious.

It's just so clean and spacious and neat and don't it just reminds you of having dinner at home with your family.

HL, me and Tong

So where is this place exactly?

South Gate Restaurant (Korea House)
4, Jln Noja Off Jln Dapat,
80100 Johor Bahru
Tel : 07- 2234485/ 019-7435451

PS : This is not an advertorial. All opinions are based on yours truly POV only hence yours truly is not responsible for any discrepancy in taste or opinion. :)

Anyways, after dinner, we moved on to The Zon that area for countdown. As expected, there were so many ppl there. Ppl of all ages basically, from the very young to the very old.

We lingered around until midnight and everyone was just excited as midnight drew closer. At the struck of 12, there were a huge fireworks display that lasted about 5 minutes. Very nice.

Thankfully, there was no fights of any sort or any bombs. lol.

Me, HL, CW, Boon and Tong

Once again, blessed 2010 ahead. :)

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looks delicious lorh

baby its not bu ko ki set its bulgogi set lolz

kuyam : nyum nyum eh. hehe

anonymous : haha.. thats what the menu wrote. :p