Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Dream In the Year of the Tiger

Im sure we all had heard tigers roar before. U know like in the zoo.

But talking 'tigers'? At least, i had never. haha.

But, know what. Because im born in the year of Tiger, i heard 2 tigers talking just the other day.

* Beginning of conversation *

tiger A

and tiger B.

tiger B : (enthusiastically) hey tiger, why u look so sad only la. Dont u feel excited that it's the year of Tiger come this 14th of February? It's our wonderful year again, the year the courageous and powerful rule. *roar*
tiger A : Well, to be honest, no. I mean it just makes me feel old.
tiger B : What nonsense. We are energetic and healthy and active. I feel every inch like a 4 years old. (shows muscles)
tiger A : Look, the first cycle we were the animal of the year, you and me were just babies crying away and feeding on breast milk. Come the 2nd cycle, this was only how i look like ok.

tiger B : You? U mean thats YOU? hahahahaha.. omg.. u look so... so young in ur human form! hahaha..where's all your hair? You cut botak ar? Or do u hv super duper short hair at that time? and look at those bunny teeth! So so...oo cu..te. hahahaha.. And what r u doing with the flute?
tiger A : What botak? Cant u see the hair? My hair was long ok. Just tied up. I played the flute in the marching band.
tiger B : hohoho.. u played the flute? u in marching band? rotfl. (mini tiger battle ensued)
tiger A : why are u surprised? I had lots of hidden talent. hmph.
tiger B : okok. . miss hidden talent tiger. :p. if that was how u look when u were 12, how do u think u will look in the next Tiger year?

tiger A : Like this. I will look like this in the next Tiger yr.
tiger B : What?? Dont bluff. This is how u look like NOW. Come on.. u shd add least add a few fine lines and all those exhaustion from ur sleepless on calls nites. And maybe a few streaks of grey hair will do a little more justice.
tiger A : Grrrr.. u know after we grow past a certain age, we dont grow anymore. So, im gna look the same even 12 years from now and the next 12 yrs and the next and the next. :p
tiger B : U r living in denial. hahaha. But honestly, dont be sad anymore. Cz i got a great piece of news for u here. :D
tiger A : Really? What is it?
tiger B : U know Tiger Beer is gna make some of ur dreams in this year come true.

tiger A : Really? Really? But how?
tiger B : As a Nuffnanger, all you have to do is tell them your dreams and wishes on ur blog and if they pick u go run in the Tiger run, which btw shd favors us cz it's our run u noe. Then u just run la, keep running and if u manage to run in 1st, then you will have ur dream come true la.
tiger A : Sounds cool. Ok ok.. i have a lot of wishes that i hope they can make it come true. Like i wish for good health for the whole year, not only for me but for my family and everyone else, good fortune all yr round so that everyday we get lotsa meat to eat, and u noe.. i b taking my profesional II exam in May. I just wish i can pass. Oh i oso wish...

tiger B : Wait wait. Ya.. good health, good fortune and passing exams. Those are like everybody wishes. Come on. Like if i tell u that they are giving away RM 8,888 worth of dreams, what will it be? You have RM 8,888 now so wish for smt.
tiger A : Wa, faat faat faat faat ar. (8 is an auspicious number for the Chinese). Then i must have 8 dreams also. To be auspicious. Faat all the way. hehe

Dream #1- U know, ever since i was a kid, i loves Walt Disney. Mickey, Minnie, the 3 little pigs, Snow White.. gosh.. my childhood basically. And ever since i went to Tokyo Disneyland, im more than convinced that we shd at least visit the US Disneyland once in our life. Disneyland is a a paradise, it's a heaven for kids and since i never got to go to Disneyland as a kid with my family, i thought this will be a perfect family holiday. Even tho we are not really kids now, but i think my parents deserve a break too from just working themselves to bones. After all, the last i had a family holiday was aeons ago.
tiger B : But Disneylands are Disneylands. So, why want to go to the US one? HK also got what. Nearer, cheaper.
tiger A : Ya, true. But u noe, it is my dream to go to the grandfather of all Disneylands, so i suppose thats why the US one.

Dream #2 - To do humanitarian work in South Africa. I definitely wont bite anyone. I promise. I can even befriend all the other animals in the safari. But seriously, I mean how nice will it be if im able to do my elective posting there in South Africa. Im sure it will be a total different experience there. The hardship, the poverty, the HIV condition, the malnutrition, the children, the lifestyle, making a difference etc.

Dream # 3 - a new phone. I mean, i had been thinking for a while but because i figure i better save for so many other things, im convince that as long as my current phone can still call and sms, i am contented. But, it wont hurt if Tiger gives me a brand new Blackberry Bold 9700. I think i also contracted the Blackberry infection. With the BB, i can update my twitter, my blog anytime. Then i wont have to worry about batt dying off quickly and all the other problems my poor phone is giving me right now.

Dream # 4 - A Sony Vaio Pocket notebook. White will be the best. Many of u will by now know how cham my current laptop is. So, a pocket notebook is not only chio cz i can literally place them in my handbag and pull it out for usage anytime, but it is also good especially when im traveling. Even carrying a 12" when u r traveling is bulky.

Dream #5 - Gadgets aside, it'll be great to own a pair of Oakley Matt Berry G40 in blackgradient. I absolutely love Oakley. Their straight temples is my fav. And they are hip, sporty, stylish yet feminine.

Dream #6- Being in Turtle Land (KT) for almost 2 yrs but i had yet to spot a real leatherback turtle or even river terrapins to be close. I had been hearing about Terengganu (to be precise Rantau Abang) with its famous turtle laying eggs all my life. So, i hope this year, maybe i will finally be able to see one. And see it lay eggs. If anyone go sit on them while they are laying their eggs, i make sure i go spank them. (shows teeth)

Dream #7- I been wanting this for too long. A scuba diving license. Period.

Dream #8 - Now that i had got my diving license, the next thing of course is obtaining an underwater casing for the D90 (Nexus is ideal but Ikelite is already good enough) cz then we can take all the awesome underwater pics and share it with you guys. But goodness, underwater casings don come cheap.

Tiger A : Well, i think dream # 1 is worth RM 8,888 itself. haha. But if u combine dreams #2 to #8, then i think that will all worth RM 8,888. If only my legs are born to run.
Tiger B : Dont worry la. It's a bloggers run. Just go have fun and usher in some gd luck.
Tiger A : It's a Tiger bloggers run. The first of its kind i suppose. Wait, i got one last wish. hehe
Tiger B : But u already made 8. Cannot later not auspicious.
Tiger A : No, this one not included in the 8,888 one so not consider part of the faat chain. :p I mean it's dreams right? It is regarding my blog. I know nobody read my blog one but I hope to achieve more hits, maybe 100,000 hits this year? haha. And have more sponsors, ads and reviews to blog about. :)
Tiger B : Hahaha.. I hope so too. Then when ur dreams come true, u'll belanja me eat everyday right? haha.. kidding. Good luck. *Ngaum*

* End of conversation *

Tigers can really talk a lot too huh? They dont just roar and growl. haha.

Maybe some miracles will happen and i can have my RM 8,888 dreams come true. *fingers crossed hard*

In human words, Happy Tiger Year in advance. :)

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15 fondue dips :

Sounds like answers to the Q&A at a pageant. lol

DC : hahaha.. no la.. pageant more formal. :p

KaorU : same to u too. hv a great yr :)

i got read ur blog one :) and ur 12 yr old self is cute. :)

Joslene : thanks babe. hehe

Colour for those who born in Tiger year should wear white, red and yellow,these 3 colours this year cos they will bring you good luck.Grey and black is bad for you.

really? haha.. luckily i din buy any black or grey this yr :)

wow. interesting and funny way to put it. And din know u can play the flute. =) Happy Ngaum Ngaum Year in advance too.


thanks. hehe. That was way back in primary 6! :)

I think everyone is busy with either exams or coming cny, no time to read at each others blog:)

You look so cute when in are 12:)

yup.. this is a busy period for a lot of ppl :) and thanks hehe

Wah...good luck to your faat faat faat faat wor^_^

What for wanna do your elective posting in Africa, you can't speak their language oso.If i were you,i rather do it in China,culture more or less same and airfares oso reasonable,food oso nice.

i guess diff ppl hv diff perceptions. China is no doubt a great place to go too but well, i suppose the epidemics are not the same in both area :)