Thursday, January 07, 2010

Parasailing at Sipi (Sapi) Island

Finally, last part of KK.

Suddenly i felt like that's it? The last part. I actually missed looking back at the pictures, remembering those wonderful times at beautiful KK and trying to write down from memories.

Anyway, on my last day in KK, we decided to head on the the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. (TARP) And if you dont already know, the whole park actually consists of 5 islands (Gaya, Manukan, Mamutik, Sipi, Sulug) so it's not exactly a park kinda park where there is abundant photosynthesis going on, but a park surrounded by ocean and coral reefs.

It was just a brief 15-20 minutes walk from our hostel to the jetty (actually it's only a brief 5-10 minutes drive from KK town) and there are plenty of ticketing booths at the jetty. We simply chose one that seemed to offer the best rates. As i did not went to KK preparing any beach wear, so me decided to skipped the snorkeling. (although it's really cheap to snorkel. Rm 10 for rental of equipments for the whole day). But turn out, it's actually ok to skipped the snorkeling cz my frenz that snorkeled complained that they see more human legs, hands and bodies than fishes and coral reefs. And the sea is like really polluted. I mean don't expect crystal clear blue water of any sort. I guessed lucky me *evil laugh*

Instead, i bought a RM 8 boat ride ticket that took us to 3 of the 5 islands of TARP. Sounds like a fairly cheap way to chilled the rest of the day away.

First island - Pulau Sipi (or what some sites refer to as Pulau Sapi). At the 'entrance' of each island, there is a welcome entrance like dat. If i din rmb wrongly, we also paid a Rm 5, wait or is it RM 3 conservation fee.

Each island really isn't that big. Once i hopped off the boat, i can only see people everywhere. This island is so crowded with ppl that it's no wonder u see more human than fishes underwater.

And then around the entrance, there were many locals approaching tourists on various offers of water sports and activities on the island.

What caught my interest was the word parasailing. I mean i love water sports. (but they are all so expensive.) I love to try out parasailing so why not? And after some bargaining, they agreed to charged me and DD only RM 60 per person. So cheap can. I mean parasailing are usually about RM 80-100 per pax so i'm really happy to had gotten such a good deal. :)

Off we go in the speedboat to the middle of nowhere. They will just drive out to somewhere in the middle of the sea ( I guess everyone has their 'territory' cz they wont clash. You wont see 2 boats with ppl parasailing side by side), get fasten up and up and up you go.

A smiley parasail smiling at me in the distance. So cute.

A Korean couple was before us and after them, it was our turn. Excitement. Plus it was cloudy and windy, so what a perfect weather.

First, they strapped us up the harness.

Then, we got further and further away from the boat as the tow rope became longer and longer.


And we got higher and higher up into the sky

Waving at the cameraman who was waving the camera at us

Things started getting smaller and smaller

And we can see the whole of TARP. Fantastic birdview :)

Really. We were already quite high up one but he zoomed us so we looked like we were still near

Perfect weather aint? No hot sun to baked us and no rain to drenched us

This is the fun part. After letting you have a jolly good birdview of the place, usually they will lower you down so that you will get yourselves wet. Even if you do not want to get wet, it's their 'evil' plan that you get at least a little wet. But they will gv u options of whether you only want to be submerged up to the feet level. knee level or whichever level u r comfortable with. You can even chose to submerged ur full body (dont worry it will be a few mere seconds so u hv enough tidal volume to get you through) which i will definitely try had i had my beach wear on.

So since we had no beach wear, we nicely requested for up the ankle level.

Our feet touching water. The water was really cold at first against our feet. Then it felt really good.

Then then then, they got really bad. Evil. They lowered us till we were 'sitting' on the water. Our butts were gliding against the water.

And he asked if we wanted to go any lower since our lower half were already wet! Evil evil. Wna tempt us samore.

After i shook my head several times, he let us slightly up again.

And a little higher..

Ok..back to ankle level

And you think they be so good. Hmph! Down again!!

But honestly speaking, it was more and more fun. It's like the more wet u r, the more thrilling it is. Argh. Beach wear :(

We got high up again with the wind drying up our wet bottoms.

After 10 minutes, it's time to come back.

No no no no... dont want! We want more, we want more!

There's also a bbq area on this island where u can take the bbq lunch package and hv ur bbq lunch there.

With all these huge monitor lizards crawling around of course.

Seriously, there were like 5-6 monitor lizards this size crawling nearby the bbq area. But they are pretty human-frenly cz they don't seem to mind people mingling among them and even got up close to them.

Little girls building sandcastles. Cute.

After about an hour, we moved on to the next island, Pulau Manukan. Another crowded island but it has a longest stretch of beach.

Pulau Manukan jetty

REAL BOMBS! or well.. the remnants of it.

Poor injured yellow bug. It's a very pretty bug actually but half of it's wing already gone.

This is known as the scuba-doo. This thingy allows you to actually walk underwater. Yes, not swim but walk on the sea bed. Cool right? But it costs RM 120 for 10 mins walk. Too expensive ;(

Lastly, we moved to the smallest island on the park - Pulau Mamutik.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lazily on the beach, burying Lou and sleeping cz the gentle sea breeze and the nice weather was perfect for sleeping.

Lou already sleeping while we creatively made him a 'pregnant woman'.

A gravid uterus of how many weeks do u think? Hmm 36 weeks? hahaha

Then we decided to gave him some justice and gave him 6 packs. The muscle man :)

Around the Mamutik jetty, the water was actually quite ok. And there were a lot and a lot of fishes just around the jetty. Cz a lot of ppl were feeding the fishes with bread there. Smart fishes. Know where to go for food.

A signboard on the types of fishes commonly and can be found in TARP.

Looks like a blue starfish to me sticking tightly to one of the tiang.

When i first spotted it, i thought it was a swordfish! But of course it's not. Cz the swordfish wouldn't be so tame, would they?

Anchovies. When a sch of anchovies swim, they are just so beautiful.

We joined in the fish feeding too. :)

Look look got the pretty colourful fishes too.

So cantik.

And the sky was really kind to only started pouring after we were back from the islands. :)

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I also have go there lastt week~so relax,love it so muchhh~y u did't have go ply the banana boot de?

Anonymous : I'm glad u hv a gd time. its indeed a nice place to jz chill. We did not intend to play any sea sports one actually so a lot of my friends did not br their swim suit. Hehe hence we jz chill around the island :)