Friday, January 22, 2010

Say Cheesecakes at Niniq Bistro and Bakery

The weekend is here again! Woohoo.. 3 more weeks to CNY. Yay :D. But have to go through another 2 more weeks of crazy hectic time... then then then.. can enjoy.. hahaha.. so i shall endure :p.

You know most of the time whenever anyone ask u, where to go for cheesecakes, or where sell the best cheesecakes in town, the standard answer is Secret Recipe right.

Well, being a cheesecakes affectionate, i do agree that Secret Recipe is a safe choice for a reasonable selection of cheesecakes. They do have their quality and i do like their cheesecakes too especially classics like New York or Americano.

But sometimes you get bored of eating from the same place all the time too right? The good thing of living or being in a city is that there are always so many other choices. So, you dont have to be stuck to just one cake house all the time cz it's the only cake house that sells good cheesecakes. After you get bored of A, you go to B. After you get bored of B, you go to C. You get the drift. So, my sweet tooth was bugging me last holi and i decided to go on cheesecakes hunt with DD around JB. Okla.. actually, not really any hunt cz my frenz are the ones who recommended the place to me. :p

The first thing i noticed when we walked in was the whole bistro was empty. We were the only ones there besides the staff. So, if u die die follow rule of the thumb, then you will tink this is a 'black' shop and shd start fleeing asap.

But, of course, there are exceptions to any rule which includes the rule of the thumb. We went in anyway and was greeted by a frenly, smiling girl at the cake counter who politely ask us what cakes we want.

We placed our order and got ourselves comfortably seated and on further looking at the menu, i realized they also sell other type of food other than cakes. But it's too bad we had already eaten so we only had the cakes to satisfy my sweet tooth.

There you go, Niniq nistro and bakery.

Cheesecake 1 - Biscuit Oreo cheesecake. RM 6.80. You know why call Biscuit Oreo cheesecake and not just Oreo cheesecake? Cz can see the mini Oreo biscuit on top of the cake anot? The mini Oreo very cute, but 'lao fong' dy. Aside from that, the blend of Oreo and cheese is heaven. I think Secret Recipe one got more cheese taste while this one more Oreo taste if that makes sense.

Cheesecake 2 - Strawberry cheesecake. RM 7.20. I love this. When you eat the gelatinous covered strawberries with the cheesecake, the combination is so cun. Maybe cz the strawberries are fresh and not sourish also. And got peanuts at the side. Yum.

Cake 3 - Azuki Matcha cake. RM 4.80. This one not cheesecake cz i only wanted 2 cheesecakes. Instead, this one is covered with coconut flakes with green tea and red bean inside. Much as i love azuki matcha ice cream, i don quite like this actually. I mean the cake is good. But cz they use the cream red bean and not real red beans (cream!yucks), so i still stick to cheesecakes.

DD is cannot resist this so he ordered a bowl of onion soup with cheesesticks. RM 7.80. To be honest, i think this is really good even to a non-onion fan. So onion fans, u must love this.

I think i know why so empty dy this place despite having good cheesecakes. I mean really, it's an alternative from the normal Secret Recipe style. But maybe they shd lower the price of the cheesecakes just a little. hehe.

Since nobody, perfect time for camwhore cz no one is gna look at u. :)

And i save u all trouble of scrolling by putting them into templates. ;p

Camwhore with a SLR is tough. I mean the camera is so bulky and heavy. Compact camera still the best for camwhore. I obviously have more creativity flowing in me compared to DD. I mean just look at the pictures. *double blek*.

So, if u r bored of the same old cake houses all the time, no harm trying a new one. Especially one that has quality too. :)

Niniq Bistro and Bakery,
No. 40, Jln Perang,
Tmn Pelangi, 80400,
Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel : 07-3334800

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