Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome To My Life

in a sense i suppose.

I actually had no idea what title to put and this song is currently playing so obviously this sounds better than random. :p

Went jogging today. Like finally. Come to think of it, the last i went jogging was like 2 months ago? Whatever i know it had been ages. But every posting seems busier than ever and with the monsoon, it was just not too favorable for a jog in the park. But gosh, my stamina gao gao decrease dy. How, the Tiger Run? Can someone run on my behalf? Just kidding. Runs and marathons are never my fav sports. Why not organize a Tiger Swim instead? haha. To be honest, i wasnt that keen to go for the jog today also. Our class ended like 5 smt and by the time i got home it was already 6pm and i just felt tired and lazy to wna go jog and i was looking for excuses. But thank God i dragged my lazy legs out to go smell some fresh air and all the panting and lung expansion will definitely help me sleep soundly tonight. Funnily enough, as i was walking to cool down at one part of the park, suddenly there's this 'tskkk tskk sound' (dno how to describe.. slithering sound that is) coming from the drain and when i look down, i saw this black monitor lizard about 2 feet long crawling in it and as i look at it, it stared back at me! So scary can i started running as fast as i can. And amazingly, when ur adrenaline comes into action, there's no hesitation whatsoever. This reminds me of what my mum used to tell me when i was younger and i always complain of running during sports day. She always say just imagine a snake or dog chasing after you. haha. But imagining dont quite work as well as the real thing really.

And for the first time in paeds posting, i feel i can really breathe. Well, my posting is not over yet but at least, my cwu is done, presentation done and ssm done. It's like when the naggy feeling of still had things left undone is around you, u just cannot totally 'relax' no matter what. So, now that i can 'relax' for a while b4 the next tension cycle comes.

This is our first time doing the ssm. Just for u all to know, ssm stands for special study module and we only got like 1 week to do it. Apparently, there's the research method or literature review method which involves more of reviewing existing journals and papers. And because we only got 1 week, we can only do the literature review this yr. And because we r in paeds posting, we chose a topic related to paeds too. My grp did on antiretroviral therapy (art) in HIV infected children. Somehow it is actually a very huge topic cz there's so much thing u can just talk about on a.r.t. Maybe we shd had just narrow it all down to the side effects or smt. The thing is our supervisor for the ssm is also very busy the last week and we don even had more than one chance to sit down and discuss with her. So, it was just reviewing journals and the CPG and paperworks. Nonetheless, im just thankful it is done with.

I was so happy when the whole thing was actually coming out from the printer that i was in a mood to fly kite. And with such good weather yesterday, strong wind and such, we went to the beach and fly kites. Along with so many other kids and adult. Pantai Batu Buruk is really famous for their kite flying i suppose. It is actually a very pretty sight to see all various kites in various colors and designs high up in the sky.

We had no intention of taking pics so we did not bring any camera. But i cant help wanting to snap a pic of my kite alongside the 3 other colorful kite, hence this was taken with the LG Prada camera which becomes functionless as the surrounding gets dark. Can u guess which one is mine? The cutest one of course (aka Spongebob) :p. The other kites are actually a whale, caterpillar and a red stingray like.

In case u had always been thinking my blog spells 'a''l''o' 2, its actually 'a''l' 0 (zero) 2. :) The sands are definitely not blue like this. This is the effect of the LG Prada.

On another note, recently i realize that everyone (ok, alot of ppl), well, a lot of my frenz in fact had the same haircut.

Nah this haircut. You know when u logged into fb and they always had updates on ur frenz and they will tell u so and so updated their profile pics etc. And over the last weeks, when i logged into fb, it's not just one, but 2,3,4 and 5 (and gna get more i believe) had just cut their hair to be like dat. The haircut of the season i suppose. And they all look awesome honestly. I had a few of them who had long hair for years and now chop chop into this style. And they look good. (i cant help it to repeat cz they look really good).

But i think this hair only suits those that has hair that has edges that wraps in naturally instead of waving out. Cz if u have hair that waves all over the place at shoulder length like this, u wont get the desire effect and obviously the haircut will then defeats the purpose. I don think rebonding will help cz rebonding will just flatten ur whole head and then that defeats this haircut 'feel' also where it is suppose to have a little volume to it. Nvm. I will just stick to my long hair that i can twist and tie and style into a 1001 ways. Now don get jealous cz u can have the awesome hair of the season. ;p

Before i forget, i vaguely rmb starting a Project 365* last yr and talking bout sticking to it blah blah blah. But i guess all of u would had notice by now that the project had been 'abandoned' and no longer carried out. Seriously, i think the whole idea behind the Project 365 initiative is beautiful. Pictures do speak a 1000 words and looking back at each pic of the day for the past 365 days is definitely not only memorable but help u recall certain funny moments u might had otherwise forgotten. And it definitely will help u improve ur photography skill. The thing is, im so so so busy that i did take a lot of pics, even one a day but i had no time to upload them accordingly at all. And on some days everything is just so routine and mundane and there's really nth out of the ordinary or i had not already snapped that i cannot find anything to snap. Like i can snap a pic of my toe, but who will be interested right? So, i gradually decided to terminate my Project 365* but im still taking pics of anything interesting all the time and blog whenever i hv the time to. Every beginning has an ending, thus this is just officially saying that Project 365* is terminated. Maybe i will start one all over again, maybe not. I dno. After all, the future is not ours to see aye. :)

PS : Does anyone know where can we get face paints in KL? thank you. :)

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Once awhile changing hair cut will feel refresh.Rocks~

Wow, you do more in a week than I think that I do in am entire month. Keep up your motivation and great attitude.

I really enjoy reading your blog and about what is going on in your life and your thoughts.

Warm regards,

dolly : haha i think so too. diff look :)

mike : what u said reali encourage me on blogging. :) hope u cont enjoy reading my blog :)