Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrating Valentine's Day This Year

Just got back home. Been abstinence from the net for the past four days cz i was traveling up north (as in north of Malaysia) with family.

This year reunion dinner was at my uncle's place so we started traveling on CNY eve. Traffic was quite smooth from JB to KL and i thought we were lucky. But the stretch from KL to Ipoh really kills. Iturned into a super slow crawl, with cars back to back and barely moving an inch at all. The funny thing was there's no accident at all or any road blocks whatsoever. The jam just dispersed automatically after the Ipoh exit. Like magic. It took us about 3 hours just to get pass Slim River. (which normally takes only about an hour). I wna stay there too cz everyone staying there must be really slim to fit into the slim river. lol.

Anyway, with the sun showing little mercy on us, being stuck in a jam can get really frustrating especially when u have a reunion dinner to rush to. And after all the sleeping and talking, i whipped out my beloved camera and started snapping some pictures of the surrounding and whatelsebutmyself altho i look dehydrated and sleepy-face with no make up. Really a good way to spend time.

Dont worry, just 8 camwhore pics for the auspicious '8' (fatt). :)

Signature wide smile :)

Because i had been doing way too many of my signature wide smile, im doing more and more of the teethless smile nowadays. Just for variety. hehe

Rolling up my tongue

*Yawn* Getting sleepy in the car

Tiger claw

Adopted this idea from Siew. haha

I will punch you if you try to mess with me!

Ok, good job for viewing all 8 camwhore pics. :)

Valentine's Day this year also collides with the first day of CNY. Which last happened 57 years ago. So, if you had missed double celebrating both of this special day last Sunday, you just had to wait another 57 years. :p

Well, i was one of those that spent 14th of Feb with family. Nope, i did not get to do both on the same day due to geographical differences. Some ppl say that everyday is Valentine's so we dont have to just celebrate it on that day. Cz thats the only day that restaurant can charged u a bomb for a meal so sub standard and you will still willingly pay for it. And flowers so exorbitantly expensive. And many many more arguments on whether it's worth celebrating this special day. Personally, i think that even tho each and every day you show love and appreciation to your love ones, it doesnt hurt to have a universal special day to just enhanced or be romantic. Cz some guys wont even bother being romantic until there's a day for them to show it. Or everyone might be so busy throughout the year that there's little spark going on and this is just a day to enhance it. And i dont think it had to be the expensive way all the time. That totally depends on ur budget right.

Last year, i decided where we went for our Valentine's celebration. So, this year, DD took the liberty to decide where or rather how we were to celebrate Valentine's Day.

I have never been to a real beach bbq b4. So, seeing that and the fact that the Beach of Ugly Stones is just minutes away, DD came up with the beach bbq idea. Which he really attempted to keep it as a surprise for me. But unfortunately fail. Cz his friends gave him away. haha

Beach of the Ugly Stones aka Pantai Batu Buruk at night

Couple 1 - Dd and mua

The other surprise that he had installed for the beach bbq was that, instead of making it a twosome celebration, he berpakat with BT to make it a foursome celebration. Which also fails. cz i heard him planning with BT. hahaha. So in the end, both me and SK found out bout their little surprise and helped them to prepare for the bbq as well. What will guys do without us girls. blek. :p

Couple 2 - BT and SK

We definitely do not want to be somewhere where it's total darkness cz we were not planning to set up any bonfire and it's safer, so we had to choose a location where there's light from the street light.

Then there's the Mat Rempits to consider cz somehow cars and motorcycles are allow to pass through the lit up pathways and it will definitely be very disturbing to have cars and motorcycles going pass you every 10 minutes, maybe looking maybe not and most importantly, we do not want to be disturb by them especially with all their monkey sounds and antics.

Therefore, we finally choose the observation tower as our bbq spot. I know we shd really had it on the beach, on the sand like we really wanted to but after consideration 1 and 2, this is the best spot available.

I realized that starting the fire was the most difficult task. Cz obviously it is very very windy by the beach with the wind keep blowing off the fire but finally with all our talented efforts, we managed to get the fire started. ^^

I had put the pics into template for easy viewing. Can see SK crushing the ice, DD with his fire and food, food, food.

So even tho their surprise fail, but i must really say this 2 guys really did an awesome job in preparing the whole bbq. They make sure we had more than enough food ; and we had salmons, 4 variety of marinated chickens, chicken balls, sausages, satays, sweet potatoes blah blah blah. It was really a lot of food. Then they prepared drinks, and not just bottle soft drinks, but longan juice that was home made with ice and stuff, and the charcoals, the pit, the newspapers, the garbage bag and even chairs for us to sit. And we brought our own utensils so that we dont leave more garbage behind. To simply put it short, they had considered every point and got everything really prepared. Really well organized.

The best part was that the sea breeze was so strong it blew away all the smelly smokes that bbq usually gave rise to and we did not even sweat one bit. So after hours of bbq-ing, we still smelled like we just showered. No kidding.

We all coincidentally wore red. No pakat one. Great minds think alike. :)

So even tho it's a double date, it turned out really fun and awesome. Thanks DD and also BT for their wonderful surprise. We had a great time that night, no nd for fancy restaurants and air cons. We had the natural sea breeze with stars and moonlight above us. Romantic enough dy. :)

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It sounded like a great time at the bbq.

I actually don't celebrate many of the days that most people do. (Although I did did a sweet V-day card).

I try to be consistent throughout the year regardless of the day. I even buy people presents on no particular day at all....which tends to surprise people even more than when you get them something on a holiday.

Thanks for posting the pics too. Don't're a cutie.


awww! so sweet! i juz celebrated my valentine's day yesterday. =P postponed i feel like bbq food. T^T

yeah valentine days yeah yeah yeah

bluetooth CHANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mike : yup it was great. :) thats nice.. to be consistent and get ppl gifts when they do not expect it. And u r most welcome. Definitely more pics. :p

Ave : hehe.. thanks. sure u had a sweet time with mr teh tarik too ;p

anonymous 1 : haha.. yeah yeah

anonymous 2 : hahahaha

hi allison,

you are gorgeous!

i have got a fren who wants to join miss malaysia pageant too. wondering where to apply?

look forward to hear from you!! :D

anonymous : Hi, thanks for the compliment :) You can look out for the news about its application from the newspaper and internet or join the miss world malaysia facebook page. Usually, they will let u know when application are open and where to go for interview and stuff. Hope this helps ;)