Saturday, February 27, 2010

Check My IC Please

Surprisingly, in a long time, i felt like this is my first weekend where im actually free. Like i get out of bed and think to myself, 'Yay, i can clean my room today.' I like the feeling of a clean and neat room like how i am feeling right now, happy and contented with the condition of my own room but then again, i only clean my room whenever i feel like im really really free and has no other assignments to do. Or whenever it's my turn to clean the hall. I like my room clean but at the same time I dislike, dont like, unlike doing house chores. Me no like house chores. Eeee. I want irobot next time.

But you know what i like now? I dno any other time where i'll be happier to have a police stop and request to check my IC (identity card).

I think life is really full of irony. I been to Genting Highlands countless amount of times that i believe me and me family had contributed in many ways economically to them. I rmb that i used to walked pass the then (cz when u r small, the casinos look huge in comparison) magnificent looking casinos wondering how does it look like inside. Is it really all grand or is it filled with dodgy looking ppl. As i approached magical 21, i became a little mischievous and attempted to enter the casino cz the legal age is 21 and being 20, how different can you look. But my attempts all fail one surely. Each time i walked pass the entrance, the police guarding it surely will come up to me and said, 'Cik boleh tengok IC?' And not wanting to listen to a long lecture of the legal age of entering casino, i will mumble some excuses like i left my IC elsewhere and need to go back to get them first and turned to leave.

Now, 3 years later, i want them to check my IC instead. As i walked past the entrance the other day, my heart was secretly hoping that they will stop me and request for my IC. In fact I think i might be offended if they do not come up to me and say 'Cik, boleh tengok IC?'. Cz checking my IC means that they still suspect that im under the legal age, under 21. Yay :D

Yes yes so the other day i walked in with a whole bunch of ppl, some of them also looked like they are only in their twenties and to my much relieved and gladness, the police put out a hand to signal me to stop and i heard the golden ques. Ah. Happiness. Of course now, i proudly dig into my handbag and handed him my IC. I'm legal. HoHo. He took a look at my IC, looked at me twice with a disbelief expression, nodded and let me moved on. Woohoohoo. I was happy. I was glad. I was euphoric. And the best part was, it's not just that one police. I had to admit i was behaving a lil 'wuliao' but i kinda became hooked to that feeling, so i purposely walked out of the casino and entered again through a different entrance and every police asked me the golden ques. Yippee Yippee. :D What. It's not long b4 i wont get to enjoy such feeling anymore k. Who knows the next time i attempt to enter the casino, they just scan me through like the rest of the ppl and not ask me the golden ques anymore. I cant keep saying the police are lazy can i. So, yeah, im just gna enjoy it while ppl still think i look under 21. :p

Genting was seriously packed with human. There's no one corner that has no human. We skipped the theme parks cz there will definitely be a long queue for every ride and we dont want to waste time waiting for rides instead of having rides. We had steamboat dinner on our 1st night.

BBQ style Hotpot steamboat. RM 24.50++ per person. Eat all you want.

Unfortunately, the varieties aint much and after a while, the soup actually turned super super salty like im drinking undiluted salt.

And they never bother changing our foil even tho we bbqed until the foil all chao ta dy. My bro is not one that likes dressing up but guess as one age, they do really change.

Cameras and photo taking are actually prohibited in the casino but i din know. Instead of placing bets around, i was more attracted to this group of Caucasians in cheongsam and samfu performing CNY songs and dance. I have to say i think Chinese woman in cheongsam still looks better.

Gigantic God of Wealth. Well, it's Genting.

And a smaller version one. Basically, you see the God of Wealth everywhere.

In 3 months time, im sure i will want to shout like this at the top of my lungs. Freedom awaits in 3 months!!

Taizi Thai fried rice. I honestly think it's the best fried rice available in Tmn Connaught. Altho they had increased the price of their food, but it's such fond memories to be back eating there. Had dinner there b4 heading back home. Even tho it's quite a dangerous place to live, I do miss that place. Too many memories there. hehe. And going back there feels good. :)

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i went into the casino once, just looked around.. but didnt gamble =P

me too.. no gamble.. jz look around. haha

Isn't that good? means you still look younger than your exact age. :)

I used to have a friend that grow to look pretty mature... since 17, he never gets checking for IC when entering casino and clubs. He's pretty disappointing thou.

I used to go to Las Vegas in the US a lot (like ~15 times). It is fun to go there for New Years Eve.

I always gambled there....and usually lose money....but I do have fun. you plan your trips to places like a month in advance? It seems like you go places a couple times a week.

I always have to plan well in advance any place that I I would be surprised if you just decided the day before that you want to visit somewhere. How do you do it?


I was 17 when I first go into Genting Casino, the police didn't even stop to check on me T_T

isaac : yup it's a good thing for me.. hehe.. i think guys look more mature ;)

mike : Las Vegas shd be fun. I usually plan my trips ahead too especially those that involves accommodation. Only sometimes i do it spontaneously. :)

Simon : aww.. don b sad don b sad.. guys usually looks more mature :)

Do you mean that you're gonna graduate in 3 months time?

nope.. will finish my 4th yr exam in 3 mths i mean :)