Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Culprits For Growing Fat During CNY

So fast. It's already the 11th day of Chinese New Year. For those who dont already know, we Chinese celebrates CNY for 15 days. hehe.

CNY is seriously the most sinful festival of it all. Why? Because you will eat and eat and eat a lot of goodies for not just one or two days but 15 days non stop. For 15 days, you will give yourself all sort of excuses to justify your non stop eating. Like it's the holiday season and no one goes on diet during this time. In the olden days, most people are not rich and they can barely make ends meet, whats more having enough food for them to eat non stop for 15 days. But as time changes and ppl can afford to have more food on their table, the Chinese will be extremely generous with food during CNY in hope that the coming yr will bring them abundant of food as well (a symbol of prosperity throughout the yr).

One of those must-have-CNY food that are responsible for making anyone growing wider are the Chinese New Year cookies. It's like a tradition for Chinese to make and give away CNY cookies to relatives or friends. So without fail, every yr, my family will received a lot of these fattening mostly homemade CNY cookies from all my relatives and family friends. Sometimes, it will be just a few milk tins of it. Other times, they will come in all sizes and we will then had cookies for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper so that we can finish them all b4 molds started growing. Some years, my mum will be hardworking and make her famous pineapple tarts. But some years, she will be too occupied with other stuff that we just buy those readily available cookies to give out.

But im not definitely not complaining. I mean who dont love these cookies. After all, we only eat them once in a year. hehe. Rmb i said i was growing fat in my previous post? Nah, these are the culprits to my fat cells.

# 1 - Sugee cake. OMG. My absolute fav of all the culprits. I dont mind having it for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, supper. So damn yummy i shd had brought back to whole container.

# 2 - Tapioca chips. Tapioca is good for health so indirectly, this cant be that unhealthy rite? *denial mode*

# 3 - This is like the most common culprit found in everyone houses. It is known as the 'bee-hive' cz it looks like bee hives.

# 4 - Sugee cookies. Same ingredient, different texture. This one also absolutely yummy but my bro act faster than me. He kidnapped the entire container back to his college even b4 i can spared some for myself.

I officially loves sugee products now. Better than the normal self raising flour. And do you know sugee is a slang in Jap for super? So next time i dont say i super love sugee. I say i sugee love sugee.

# 5 - Almond cookies

# 6 - Seaweed butter cookies. If you like butter, this one butter sugee gao. I like also.

# 7 - Ribbon cookies. Even cookies wna catch up with the infamous ribbon hair. haha. Another all time fav.

# 8 - The other common cuplrit. Known as 'kuih kapit'. This one a lot of work to make one. It's basically made from flour, eggs and coconut. Then when it is sizzling hot, you will have to fold it into this shape. Sure a lot of fingers being burn one.

# 9 - Peanut cookies. F.a.t.t.e.n.i.n.g

# 10 - Butter cookies. This one also nice. But haih.. menggemukkan sahaja.

# 11 - Chocolate cake. With lots of chocolate chips.

# 12 - Pork floss rolls. Usually ppl put shrimp inside one. But these are specially made by DD's mum so ingredient also changed. Yum Yum.

# 13 - 'Kuih bangkit'. I like this too. Cz it melts in the mouth straightaway. It comes in a lot of shapes one. Too bad a lot already crush cz it crosses hundred of miles just to reach KT.

# 14 - Murukus. It's an Indian delicacy but it seems in the northen part, it is a popular CNY snack too. Whatever. I like.

# 15 - Pineapple tarts. Another popular culprit cz pineapple is 'ong lai' in Hokkien and 'ong' means luck that's why ppl loves pineapple tarts.

#16 - This is definitely not the cookies category but it is another notorious must-have-CNY food - the bak kua or bbq pork. But nowadays got the chicken and even wild boar version. Super unhealthy but yumyumyumyum.

I dont think any of the above dont scream the word F.A.T.T.E.N.I.N.G or U.N.H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. But why are they all so yummylicious. Not fair one.

Of course, taking too much of all these cholesterol, fat, sugar, salt and whats not will definitely cause sore throat and causes one to fall ill easily. So don't forget, while enjoying all your yummy cookies, drink plenty of water too. And get back to exercising after this so that you dont grow anymore wider. hehe. :)

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wow, lots of cookies, looks delicious! but this year in my house only 4 types of cookies cuz every year left alot, no1 eat in my family!

a nang for u! nang this for nuffnang birthday

haha.. the GOOD food during CNY! yummy! =P : haha they are delicious ;)

kenwooi : absolutely. yum yum :D

I think that I might have to start celebrating CNY here in the US....I just need someone to make me all of those great looking pastries and cookies....yum!

Take care fatty. :-0


I love and i hate all these cookies too because my weight increased now and my butt grows fleshy:(

So many cookies!!! wow,how to finish?

its about being prosperous with the food! btw forgot to wish HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! :D

haha.. oh no.. haha thanks :)

thank u too ;) hope u enjoy reading :)

dolly : haha. hope ur weight decrease dy :)

hsien yit : sharing it with friends hahaha