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Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant

'Wan She Ru Yi', 'Gong Xi Fa Cai', 'Shen Ti Jian Kang', 'Xue Ye Jing Bu'

These are just among some of the propitious greetings that im pretty sure all Chinese are familiar with. Even the bananas.

We said these when we visit relatives, when we bumped into friends and of course, when we gather to lao yu sheng/ yee sang/lo hei.

Yee sang is a very popular CNY dish in Msia/Singapore region because it is a symbol of prosperity and abundance and i realized many of the food we comatose ourselves with during CNY are associated with prosperity and abundance.

Personally, i don tink doing or eating all these so called prosperity food will make you prosper at all if you do not realistically work hard or save up. It's just like you dont pray and ask to pass exam but don study and think miraculously u r gna pass.

Tossing yee sang can be such a noisy and messy affair but since when Chinese celebrations are quiet? Just look at how we yam seng at the end of a wedding dinner. Or how the drum can go so loud that it annoys neighbours 10 houses away when the lion dance come dance in your hse. Not lao-ing it during CNY just dont feels right. It's like something is amiss. CNY celebration is just not complete. I guess cz i had been doing it for so long, it's grows into a must to continue this tradition.

Besides, we always had fun tossing and tossing all those shredded raw vegetables and fish as we compete and see who can toss higher. And we will practice all our prospitous greetings as we wish each other well. :) Tossing it with family knits us tighter and tossing it with friends makes us feels like a family.

The most common yee sang is the salmon one altho nowadays there's the jelly fish, abalone and all the other weird versions.

Yee sang nowadays are modify from restaurants to restaurants but they typically consists of Chinese parsley, shredded raw vegetables such as white radish, carrots and red pepper, pomelos, crackers and toasted peanuts.

Adding raw salmon into the yee sang. The salmon had gotta be raw cz raw= sheng= prosper. (smt like dat i was told). And the salmons had gotta be fresh to reduce ur risk of getting H.Pylori infection after eating. You dont want to start prospering in the toilet.

Lastly, plum sauce and sesame oil are usually added in with the rest of the condiments.

Everyone will stand up cz the higher you toss the better. And some say the louder you are, the more likely ur wish is gna come true. hahaha. So, 'lao ah lao ah lao ah', lao (toss away) as long as you want and as high as you want. Inevitably, it can become very messy cz in the whole process, things can get tossed out of the plate but i guess that's the whole purpose anyway.

Probably, you are gna gather some attention, but thats normal. Cz when others are doing it, we look too. hehe

Of course, eating yee sang alone was not sufficient to satisfy our gastric calling.

You dont have to go 6 feet under the sea just to look for treasure and risk being bitten by the shark. Nowadays, Sea Treasure comes yummy and nourishing in a bowl. This Sea Treasure consists of abalone, fat choy ( not fat the English pronunciation but fat in Cantonese. And it is a type of black hair-like algae), scallops, oysters, sea cucumbers, clams and broccoli in thick superior gravy.

Soft shell crab with chicken floss- fluffy and crunchy at the same time

Roasted chicken with garlic - So craving for more

Yam basket - beautifully done

There's only one word, ok maybe two i can use to describe the end of the meal - Super Yummy. Really, all the food got us really satisfying our palates and leaves us with a sweet tinge of wanting for more even tho are tummies can take in no more.

But, the only thing is, pricewise, it's one of the more pricey Chinese restaurant here in JB.

My two sisters. They both wore cheongsam. So cute.

I'm the odd one out in a leopard print dress instead. Had to censored for viewers discretion. I'm sure there are 18 and below reading my blog. :)

Their galore of fishes. The higher it is, the more expensive the fish goes. So the one sitting right on top is like the most expensive, the queen.

This restaurant looks humongous. Well, it is actually really humongous. :)

PS : Some of you ask me why i censored my sis's and dad's faces, it's because they are too shy to appear on my blog. :)

Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bhd,
3, Jln Persiaran Danga,
Kawasan Danga Bay,
81200 Johor Bahru

Tel : 07-2388118

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The sea tresure and yee sang makes mr drooling:=haha

The sea tresure and yee sang makes mr drooling:=haha