Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Am in my uncle hse for reunion dinner. Waiting for midnight to arrive so that we can all shout Happy Tiger Year. I think there will be fireworks later. My fav part of the day. I dno how ppl of the past countdown to CNY and usher in the new year when television was not invented but i know these days, we usually count down with the Chinese variety show playing on tv.

Painted my nails last nite. It was a last min thingy. And you know how usually u cant seem to just find anything at the last min. I dno where all the red nail polish in my hse went so used the white one instead.

I dont had time to go for any nail art by the professional so gotta dim (do it myself).

I really wanted to do tiger prints but in the end i changed my mind and do leopard prints cz its easier to do.

But turn out i tink onli my 2nd and 3rd nail had any resemblance to leopard prints. The rest looks like cow prints or Dalmatian prints instead. So now i had leopard prints + cow/Dalmatian prints and it's call a leocow or leotian. :p. Anyway, the consequence of trying to save money. :p

Im sure many ppl will be very busy this few days because of CNY. Cz even if you are not celebrating CNY, it's a long weekend and im sure many will be taking breaks and take a chance to go traveling. The airport is filled with so many ppl this 2 days. I know i wont have much time going online cz of all the visiting and it's CNY so we will be busy growing sideways with all the sinful food and lack of exercise, collecting ang paus, playing cards and mah jong instead. haha.

It's not really that many clothes isnt that? haha

So, with the 1st day of CNY and Valentine's Day in few hours, im actually feeling really hyper. haha. Happy Chinese Tiger year to everyone. And Happy Valentine's day too. It's really unique to have both days falling on the same day.

And to all my fellow mighty tigers, say 'RAWR'! :D

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haha nice nail art u do it by urself ?lolz not bad not bad haha nice
teach me haha

nice nail haha a lot of cloth hahaha
+) happy cny

xin nian kuai le... gong xi fa cai and happy valentine's day :)

HUAT AHHH! HAHA! have a good CNY & Vday Alli! =D

anonymous 1 : yup i did it myself.. thanks thanks.. *shy*.. no prob. its really simple to do onli ;)

anonymous 2 :hahaha.. oops. happy cny

fufu : happy cny too and happy belated v day :)

ms ave t: huat ahh! haha.. happy cny and v day to u too :)