Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love Radley

6th day of CNY. The only thing i seemed to be gaining this CNY is fat. Not weight but fat. And you'll know why soon enough. (if i hv time to blog soon enuf) It's really not me just being paranoid. I know many ppl will tell me it's a good thing but gaining fat at the wrong places is not good at all. Whats so good about a pear shape body.

Anyway, im not gna moan bout becoming fat. Im happy to be healthy.

Instead, im gna talk about my new love. Something that makes my heart really really happy. :D

In fact, it makes me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, dizzy in my head, spin like a record, going all crazy, dance like a fool, forget how to breathe, shine like gold, buzz like bee and drives me wild just thinking about it. I cant help but had an urge to share it with the world.

Yes, in other words, you can also say im gna flaunt in this post. This is just too gorgeous to not share. It's like a sin if u hv smt super gorgeous but keep it to only urself. However, if reading/looking at others flaunting makes you uncomfortable, nauseated, sick or green, you can stop reading up to here. Dont say u r not warn :)

Ok if you are reading this line, you had obviously choose to ignore my warning and is tempted to look at whats-so-gorgeous and you dont mind hearing all about it. :p

I always had a thing for Radley handbags. Radley may not be as well known as other designer brands like Coach, LV or Gucci, but ever since i heard about this UK brand, i fell in love with it immediately. I'm attracted to everything about their handbags, from their design to colour to the Scottie dog logo. Radley is so new in Malaysia that they dont even have their own flagship store yet, you can only find Radley in selected Parksons in KL and Penang.

So, when DD walked into my room with a huge paper bag last week and asked me to take a peep inside, you can imagine how hard my heart thumped as i saw what im about to reveal.

Really damn excited. I felt like when i was 3 and my mum bought me my first Barbie doll. I took up the dustbag, held my breath for a moment and let off a giggle as i pulled out a super gorgeous pink Radley handbag. Such a chio, sweet and fun colour. I had to blinked my eyes a few times to certified that im not dreaming. Really make me squealed in excitement. The smell of the leather makes me wriggle with such super joy on the inside.

But part of me actually felt a pinch. Cz even tho im really super happy to receive my first Radley bag, i know DD must had ate a lot of grass and leaves for the past few months. I mean I always tot i will have my first designer handbag after i work. *super surprise* Nvm, we will cont eating leaves for the coming months. A good way to lose fat also. haha. Thanks DD. Save the rest so that no one gets goosebumps. :p

#1 - My super gorgeous new love. I love the shape, i love the size, i love the design, i love the colour, im head over heels in <3 :)

#2 - The Scottie dog tag with the words Radley embossed in it. A proof of authentication.

#3 - Another proof of authentication is that the Scottie dog tag is attach to the bag in such a way that it can actually be remove easily. The tag with all it's other accessories.

#4 - The back

#5 - Since im already in flaunting mode, might as well show the side of the bag. Pls ignore the Nemo head.

#6 - The inside of the bag. It has sufficient compartments to allow me to compartmentalized my stuff. So, now i can be more organize placing my keys, earrings, lipsticks etc.

#7 - Even the warranty card is so associated with one of my fav love song of all time. Im truly madly deeply in love :p

#8 - That's not all. The bag comes with a free handbag hanger.

#9 - So chic and class. I like. More love. <3 <3

#10 - Now i can hang my handbag chioly and look at it long long and giggle whole night.

#11 - Posing with my Radley front view.

#12 - Posing with my Radley side view. Well, who knows right, since Radley still has not has an ambassador here in Msia (i think), maybe they will then choose me as their brand ambassador when they open their first flagship store cz i have such a huge passion for their brand too :) (Radley, are u hearing? hahaha) *thick skin gao gao* *buipaiseh* *muka tebal* *ahem* *cough* *dream*

Okie, end of post. No more flaunt dy. :)

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Very nice picture and looks tall there=)

Nuts....I was sure after your first couple of paragraphs.... that you were going to say that you were in love me ME! hehe

I was sure that I swept you off you're feet and threw you into a trace after my two or three witty replies to your blog :-0.

Anyway....enjoy your bag. It's a beauty.

Oh....and DON'T get fat or let anyone tell you that even a little fat is okay. Fat cells enjoy company....

Congrats again on your bag!


anonymous : thanks :)

khairiah : yes.. so sweet and nice. thx. me like :)

mike : jeng jeng @@ haha. anyway thanks for ur comments. at least i noe there are ppl reading and enjoy reading. :)

Radley???!! Designer??!!! Oh come on, get real and get a life!! It's only a radley and you're making a big fuss out of it.....sad...sad...:( What is wrong with the world....ppl actually getting excited about a radley bag, of all things!!! OMG!!!
.Haha!! Just kidding, i'm really happy for you, enjoy the bag!! :D

anonymous 2 : haha. no seriously, even if Radley is not a designer, i'll still be as excited and super happy. You know why? It's cz when you receive/buy smt u like, it doesnt matter if it's branded or not. It's just the joy of getting smt u like. And no offence, but i dont tink im making a big fuss! hahaha

oh i didn't know Radley is available in Msia. Very nice bag, nice dress and nice smile too. hehe. Hope Radley hears u :)

Jane : hehe.. its still very new in Msia. :) and thanks..:)

nice bag.. why are girls so into bags.. =P

kenwooi : haha thanks. i guess its in our genes jz like why guys are into cars :p

Radley,unique bag i love it too.

dolly : hehe.. yay.. high-5 ;)

dolly : hehe.. yay.. high-5 ;)

Radley is going to open a flagship store at Pavilion KL. Excited!

Li : Really? Omg i can't wait.*excitement* :)

Hey nice to meet you
I found your blog because im finding something about radley!
Today was my 20th birthday and my dad just bought me a radley purse!!!
I know nothing about it before it but after today definitely I'm gonna fall in,love with it!!!!
Love it soooooooooooooo much
As same as you this is my 1st designer bag too! And i also though to buy myself 1 designer bag after i start working
I love the smell of it,the shape,the size the design,the color,and the main point it is something special than the other designer brand
Anyway my purse is Wishing on A Star^.^

Olivia : hey dear happy birthday first. I'm so happy for u .. I know must be reali excited rite? Enjoy ur bag ok :)

so dam excited! I just cant stop myself to looking or touch on it(sound so weird) just cant let go from my hand and sight!
Thank you^^

Olivia : I know how u feel right now. I was like that too. Can't wait when their flagship stores open. Hope they gv us fans exclusive invites then hehehe

yeah!! It is in Pavilion isn't?
haha that will be awesome!
but im not fans yet~!
how to become fans?
you mean about fan club or something?

Olivia : Haha hmm no fan club yet.. I mean ppl who loves their brand so much like us hehe

haha got your meaning!
or maybe can bring our purchase when we go into thier flagship shop when they open their flagship shop in pavilion then maybe they note that we love the brand so much and make us become the super VIP or something and to get a cheaper price in any purchase any time!(dreaming haha)

hey wanna ask about that handbag hanger how much it's? or it's the free give?@@
it is so cute!
I always thinking to got myself a handbag hanger so i no need to hold it or put my hand bag on my leg while im eatting or something!

Olivia : hahahahaha.. good idea. We shd just do that :). The handbag hanger comes with the bag foc :)

you mean it's together with the handbag?
what a lovely gift from radley!
it's all style of handbag will follow by one?
gonna save money by only drinking water to get myself 1 bag then!haha
i bet I died before i can save the enough money! XD

you mean it's together with the handbag?
what a lovely gift from radley!
it's all style of handbag will follow by one?
gonna save money by only drinking water to get myself 1 bag then!haha
i bet I died before i can save the enough money! XD

you mean it's together with the handbag?
what a lovely gift from radley!
it's all style of handbag will follow by one?
gonna save money by only drinking water to get myself 1 bag then!haha
i bet I died before i can save the enough money! XD