Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New for Tiger Year

5 more days to Chinese New Year. To Tiger Year. Awesome. As a kid, i love CNY cz it's the time i will get to collect ang paus (those red packets with moo-lah in them :) ) and there will be traveling and new clothes and lots and lots and lots of goodies. And usually during this time, parents will try to refrain from scolding you (not auspicious rite to be angry angry during CNY) and thus, even if u r naughty, u can escape from scolding too. haha. Well, not because i was a naughty kid k. I'm just saying. :p

But now, even tho i had obviously grown past the kid phase no matter how much denial im living in (like knowing actually im still a child at heart..hehe) i am still excited whenever CNY is near. It's unexplainable. It's just like why im also excited when Christmas is near.

So, i decided to change my header and background to suit the CNY theme and to get all my readers into the mood too (hopefully). Besides, i revamped my blog a lil here and there. Which im sure u all will notice. I change from time to time so i suppose thats why i nd to revamp my blog a lil fr time to time too. I took out some ppl from my blog list not because we are no longer frenz but because some of them no longer blogs or had not been updating for more than a while now (like an entire yr?) so im jz updating it to be shorter and sweeter. And it's not like red is my fav color. Im just not the type of person who needs to have my fav color everywhere and everything. Preferably but not necessarily always. Colours are fun so its nice to have various colors in life.

As usual, there will be pics. I love pics. There's the meet up with some of the pageant girls, meet up with some of my overseas frenz from AMSC and EAMSC, camwhore pics etc. :p

@ Sushi Groove. I like the blurring effect of this pic. Nice.

Met JH and King from AMSC Tokyo. King was visiting from Taiwan. The most expensive bak kut teh i had eaten. Thanks JH for the treat tho. :)

Also met Joe, Di and Rudy. My grpmates during EAMSC KL last yr. As you can see, it is already quite late at night. Di and Rudy is even in pajamas already. But this Indo delegates are forever hardworking one. They be organizing AMSC Indonesia this yr and im sure it will be a success cz they are so hardworking and dedicated.

Di and mua. It was so good meeting frenz from abroad. Cz we never know it mite be 54321 yrs later we will get to see each ode again.

Tell Laura i love her, tell Laura i need her, tell Laura not to cry, my love for her will never die. hahaha.

DD is not one of the pageant girls definitely. But we got chemistry, wear white 2gede-gede.

My beloved Jesintha

With the other pageant girls at Alexis.

Renee, mua, Jesintha and Doly

Professional posers vs amateurs?

Try again. haha.

@ Sakae Sushi. 6 plate like dat already about RM 30. No wonder so pokkai now.

@ Converse. While Siew is busy choosing and trying on her shoe, i got nth to do so walked around the shop and all these cute tiny Converse caught my attention. Soooo cute right. Got ladybird, elephants and even Nemos. Lucky kids these days.

@ Forever 21. My outfit for the day. I love doing this type of crap. U know like camwhore in the fitting room. Thats why i love outlets that have many fitting rooms ample for everyone and u don have to rush and hurry because someone else is waiting outside. Then u can take ur time insde. haha

High collar Victorian style bolero. Too mature.

Actually i like this dress. Very vibrant and so summer feel. But, they don have it my size and this dress is actually on the verge of falling. I had to use my ode hand to press against it hard just to take this pic.

Sequin dress. I look like a disco ball. I guess i wont be wearing this to anywhere so no point in buying it. Impulse control. Yay :)

Military blazer and sequin toga dress. The blazer is a size M which is too big for me and the dress altho a size S is still too big. The clavicle to chest ratio is just way too long. Maybe the Americans have longer clavicle to chest ratio.

Thats why i left Forever 21 empty handed. Cz they always don have my size. Always way too big. Good also. Can save money! haha

Seriously i think everyone at Pavilion that day had a red huge Cotton On paper bag. Cz Cotton On had sales and it doesnt matter if u buy one, two or three piece of clothes, everyone gets a huge red paper bag. I like Cotton On but i guess many ppl also like Cotton On so im not surprise if there's clash of outfits on the street. Which is one reason why boutique clothes are sometimes better.

Me and Siew

I like this pic too.

Lanterns at the entrance of Pavilion

Cherry blossom trees in Malaysia. haha. Artificial ones of course.

Thats all for now. Sleepy already. And looking at x-rays and films are not one of the most awakening activity. Tiger Run post coming up next. hehe (still waiting for some pics tho ;p)

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Hey, nice pictures. You're a doll. Say....what is the world is CNY? I have NO clue....really....


mike : CNY is Chinese New Year. It's a festive celebration celebrated by Chinese worldwide each year :)

Dorothy : Thank you :)

Happy Chinese New Year of Tiger to you! =D

p/s: Wow...you have quite a lot of friends from abroad! ;)

Second picture of forever 21 is cool:)
Super nice header,cny mood,haha,

GREAT PICTURES there,good to meet up with friends during this season=)

Joshua : haha.. met most of them from international conferences.

Nweomma : hehe.. thanks thanks..:)

Hoppor : Definitely. Always good to meet and catch up :)

upload your picture here then..lolz

haha.. yes.. better than fb! haha

awaiting for ur leopard running in a tiger run post..

hahahaha.. thanks for the wait! comin up soon k..promise. kinda busy this 2 days. hehe..

Ahhh...dumb me...of course...Chinese New Year...

Well happy CNY then! Too bad though.....I'm a Snake.... But for those Tigers out there....enjoy your celebration :-0.


thank you. Snake also can celeb tiger year :) Enjoy this holiday season too. Happy CNY ;)

Come on silly! I might not have know what CNY stood for.....but I was just joking with you about only Tigers celebrating CNY....hehe

Don't worry, it takes a while for people to "get" used my sarcastic sense of humor :-).


hahaha ok i c. don wori, i will adapt soon ;)

First oicture with your DD is super nice:)