Friday, February 12, 2010

Nuffnang Tiger Run - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Pic courtesy of Ave

Still rmb my post about my dream in the year of the Tiger? Well, last Sat i was down at Jaya One for the Tiger Run. Being a bloggers event, obviously many bloggers are also blogging about it so i think many of you might had read the sequence of events that took place blah blah blah which im not going to repeat here.

The Good :

Able to sweat myself off and pumped my lungs and heart which is good for the body. Which i will almost be too lazy to be doing if not for the run. And to discover the amazing-ness of Maybelline's waterproof make up.

To be honest, one of the thing i enjoyed most about the run was the dressing up. haha. The day i got Nuffnang email inviting me to be part of the auspicious 88, i already started thinking about my attire to the event. And i will get all excited just thinking about the possibilities of what i can go in. I mean i wanted to be a little crazy this time. A little different. And perhaps a little of hoping to walk off with at least RM 88. Like i dont want to just wear shorts and shirt. Thats too boring. But at the same time i nd to be comfortable for the run. Really, think about it. What are my odds of walking away with the RM 8888. Who am i trying to kid. Sure, miracles can happen and i tried to be optimistic cz confidence is half the battle won but even optimism had to had a certain degree of realistism (i don tink got such a word but whatever) too right.

My initial idea was to go as a tiger. Cz im born in the year of the tiger and it's the tiger year and it's a tiger run. Imagine how cute it will be to be running in a tiger suit. :D I even went to the extent of searching for face paint just so that i can get the right colors of a tiger to paint my face. But it's really kinda hard to find face paints in Msia and i dont want to use Buncho or some unknown potentially-toxic paints on my face cz it's the face (ya, most sensitive part of the body). Then some of my friends suggested that i use make up to substitute face paints. It is no doubt a brilliant idea, but being a make up amateur, i can never seems to get the right orange, yellow and white blend perfectly. (plus i did not want to waste money getting orange or yellow make up especially for this).

So finally, i decided to go as the other member of the feline family : the leopard. After all, i had quite a number of leopard prints sutff so its not hard to dig one leopard print top surely. And after looking at some make up tutorials, im ready to experiment.

Before putting on any make up. The more normal look.

If you die die want to be vain and put on make up even when you know u r gna get all sweaty and stuff, then opt for waterproof one. So u wont end up scaring ppl off cz they will be running screaming 'gwai ah'.

After bout an hour of drawing and coloring, i was filled with mix feelings after i c myself transform. Like transformer. haha. It's way too early for Halloween and obviously making up like this is not a norm. Besides what if i fail in making myself look like a leopard? *gasp* Even tho i had watched one or two tutorials on youtube, i actually came up with this whole look myself. Cz i wna be original lol.

But at the same time im quite happy with my end product. Especially the eyes. Cz i gave my eyes leopard prints too. hehehe.. Actually, its really easy to draw leopard prints one.

Friendly leopard giving a RAWR. The cat ears i bought for the Watsons challenge finally comes handy again. Yay. No waste.

Pic courtesy of Joshua

So besides having to pose like a tiger despite me being a leopard cz it's tiger year, so hv to give face to tiger, i also had fun bumping into old friends there.

Nothing is more fun than having ppl to teman u to be crazy. Friendly leopard and a harmless tiger cub. I noe its so perasan to said this, but i think we were so cough cute here. hahaha

Saw some pharmacy friends (Vui Kiat, Kwong Fei, Chie Chek, Charlene etc) which i got to noe from the public health campaign.

We all love Tiger. And thanks to Nuffnang.

Bumped into Rachel who is my high sch mate and she is working for Nuffnang now. Convent girls are everywhere. hehe

This was us after our run. C our make up so waterproof. Did not smear even one drop. But i suppose my pores must be clogged gao that day.

Besides old friends, it was nice to know new friends aka other bloggers too.

Among some of them are Joshua Law

Little See Yin cz she's only 19. Jealous. lol. Kidding.

I also met Alice in Wonderland. I cannot imagine running in that outfit but she can. So sweet and cutesy in that outfit.

And also Koon Loong and Daniel :)

There's also a tiger dance, a modified version of lion dance. Dong chang dong chang dong chang.

But i dno why the tiger look a tad bit fugly if i must say. The tiger face was really flat and it looked too ferocious.

This one slightly better looking than his other half.

Any event will never be complete without food. The food part is always smt i look forward too. Good food simply boost my serotonin levels.

Healthy greens - garden salad

This was some cheese with mash potatoes thingy which was really good. I'm loving this.

My dinner.

And free flow of Tiger beer to make everyone high and happy (altho i think i may be the only one wasting this privilege..still cannot understand why ppl think beer taste good). :p

The Bad :

There's either smt wrong with the emcee that day or the hailer. Cz like honestly, every time the emcee announced smt thru the hailer like our route of running, the stations we need to stop etc etc, we can never hear it clearly. I mean at least thats how i felt and im sure Siew will agree with me. And several others will agree cz after the emcee finished talking, everyone will look at each other blurly and asked each other what was he talking about.

At the Frontera station where we were supposed to eat a chicken wing, i got cheated to eat the super spicy chicken wing. The chicken was so so so spicy that i can feel my mouth swell immediately after eating and i had to gulped down glasses of water which was still insufficient. The super spicy chicken wing is definitely a challenge to all spicy lovers.

Then, i saw my RM 8888 worth of dreams fly away.

Cz the winner of the run was this guy, June Yew who apparently completed the whole run, with all the pit stop thingy in 19 minutes! He had super legs can.

And i will be lying if i said im not at all disappointed in not taking away that RM 88 for best dressed. I had put in so much effort in painting my face and walking around looking like im going for some costume party so yeah, im just that teeny-weeny sad. (altho my main aim was winning the 8888 of course..haha) But Ave totally deserved the award cz she took more effort than me in going to rent the costume etc.

So, congrats to all the winners of the night. So nice. Got early ang pau already.

The Ugly :

No offense intended to anyone. Just some areas i think improvement can be made for future events.

To start off with, this run was not exactly like a marathon like that. We had to complete 2 rounds around the perimeter of Jaya One and then stopped at 5 stations to complete some tasks and stickers will be given after we completed each task in exchange for some souvenirs. The Nuffnang team will then checked our goodie bag at the end of the run to make sure we had all the souvenirs (to prove we did not cheat and skipped any station if not we wont be eligible to win).

As there would only be one overall winner and 1st runner ups for female and male category, many decided to gave up the run after the winners were announced and enjoyed chilling with Tiger beer instead. But me decided to just complete the whole run cz i dont like giving up altho i shd had just given up the minute i started my race cz the person who gave up first got RM 88 also.

We were given a goodie bag like this and we had to do the tasks to collect the stickers and souvenirs.

Among our tasks was to tweet about the run and also comment anything at all on the Tiger Beer fanbook page. So, at the stations, they had a few computers there for us to update our tweets and fb. But the thing is, we had to queue for the computers. And if you dont have a twitter or fb, u would had to spend time creating an account on the spot. At Chulo station (where we were supposed to update fb), there's this guy in front of me who had forgotten his fb password and he was like trying and trying all the diff passwords. How can it be that he don rmb his fb pw? I mean when was the last he ever log in and out of fb.

Anyway, since the winner was already announced and there's no subsequent placing whatsoever, it doesnt really matter to just sat there and wait for ppl to take their own sweet time as i replenished my hydration and mingled. I mean it doesnt matter once winners were announced but prior to that, i guess every seconds count.

I think it's really unfair that if you had a phone that can go online, even if u come in later than ppl who reached there 1st, you can just update thru ur fon and voila, u r good to moved on. Cz not everyone can afford a phone that can go online. So, shdnt it be like everyone had to queue to wait in line to used the laptop? So, the first person will get to used and go off first, then the next and the next. And while it is good to have more laptops there supposedly to makes things faster, it's also unfair in a sense. Cz lets say the first person who got there got a laptop that had a terrible connection or he had to signed up for twitter whatever, and the other person got a faster laptop, that makes the 2nd person the 1st instead right.

There's also a prize for the blogger who tweets the most during the run. Again, if u had online phone, u will benefit from this. If not, u can dropped out from the race, bring a laptop, go online and start tweeting like crazy.

Me and Charlene at the twitter station.

But positively, there were so many good parts i had to admit overall, i enjoyed the whole run and it was definitely an awesome, unforgettable experience. Really a good way to kick start Tiger year. *rawr rawr*

No doubt, many ppl stared at us cz we took the lrt but really, who cares? haha. As long as we were happy and we enjoyed ourselves and not like it was smt illegal, i think thats all that matters. :)

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hey leopard!
nice make up..
the lion head mmg cacat.. flat in front.. i think its cheaper and for junior dancers..
wow.. u din remove the make up and take train..
salute you~

hey kwong fei, thanks :) maybe thats why so flat the tiger head.lazy wna remove make up samore. terus go back onli bathe and remove. :)

owww...i'm sorry be honest i thought everyone was gonna dress up! u know all the other nuffnang events, when ppl are allowed to dress up, they will go all out! and seriously...when i saw u, i was so happy! at least i'm not the only one dressing up. ^^ love your make-up to bits!! =D very creative!

thanks..haha don b sorry babe.. u look really outstanding that day..u deserve the award too :)

mike : hey, if u b reading my reply, just wna let u noe, i had gotten ur comment but i accidentally rejected it.. my bad. just wna thank u :)

Hey! runwitme here. Check out your running like a tiger vid here!

hehe yes thanks ;) nice video ;)