Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Night in LCCT

Yay, in this post im attempting to defy blogspot and make my pics larger than the default large size. And im so hardworking cz its CNY that i add borders to my pics. haha. Bigger or smaller pics better? Then i can decide if i nd to continue defying blogger by being more hardworking editing.

Anyway, as you all already know there's no direct flight fr KT to JB cz i had complain/wishfully thinking aloud a zillion times about this. Waiting at the airport for 6 hours and above is like a normal routine now. I'm so used to it already. Lepakking and leeching off wifi at Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

I'm so used to reached the airport early in the morning, slowly collect my luggage (cz there's no hurry at all..i got all the time in the world to waste), slowly look for a comfortable place to settle down, buy my drinks & start my lepakking until the sky turns dark and stars are twinkling b4 boarding my next flight. I choose to do it this way even tho i seem to waste one gd day at the airport instead of arriving in KL the previous nite and leave for home the next morning because accommodation is a major consideration. If i reach KL the previous nite, where am i to spend the nite right? After all my biological clock works in such a way that my brain and body is put to sleep and rest at night and function in the day. If i go to a fren's place, i spent half the time traveling to and fro and had to pay for transport samore. I can stay at Tune hotel lcct (if i take Air Asia that is) but there's the risk of it being fully booked or having to fork out another sum of money for a few hours of sleep. Or i can do it the cheapest backpacker style and overnite in the airport. Of course, i wont expect a comfortable sleep in the airport but that seems to be the best way to save not only money but time on more traveling.

However, last week, due to CNY, i took the chance and booked a flight to KL on Thurs nite and caught my flight back to JB Fri morning. I cant wait to be back home for CNY. The good thing was, i had an entire Fri to spent doing a lot of things. :) The down side was, i had no accommodation. (ok mum don wori or fret out). The initial plan was to go over to a fren's place and spend the night cz i know my parents will be so worry about me sleeping in the airport. But lets jz say, in the end i ended up spending a nite in the airport. It reminds of this Chinese song, 'One Night in Beijing'. I spent 'One Night in LCCT' instead. And truly, i can tell you it is honestly safe (especially when u r not alone) and not too bad to do it the cheap backpacker style overnighting (wrong grammar, whatever) in the airport. Especially when you are still young and fit and healthy. When you starts to get old, even if you wna do crazy cheap style like this also cannot. Cz ur body health wont permit u anymore.

Since me and DD got an entire night in the airport, we started off our night with supper at Old Town. I cant rmb the last time i had Old Town cz im not really a fan of Old Town.

Old Town Nasi Lemak. Honestly, it's not bad but i reckon you can get better, cheaper ones from the Malay stalls but no choice cz got craving suddenly.

The arrow is pointing to the hard boiled egg in the menu cz the real nasi lemak that came did not had the egg. So i wonder if they had forgotten to add in the egg or they had remove the egg from the nasi lemak. Whatever it is, they shdnt bluff customers with pictures that do not tell the same story. Who knows i wna eat the nasi lemak because of that hard boiled egg and now my feelings are cheated. *emo*

Also had their ham and cheese polo bun. My only fav fr Old Town.

Do you all know that Marrybrown actually have laksa too? Din had this that night but DD tried it the other day when we were returning to KT. Of course they put the Marrybrown fried chicken but in my opinion, it is too oily (so obvious rite the layer of oil) and not spicy enough.

Ok, back to one night in LCCT story. As it was the last time we will meet b4 Valentine's, DD gave me a bouquet of roses in advance and insisted that i carried that dozen of sweet pink rose back home with me all the way in the plane and in the airport (altho he ended up carrying it half of the time.. hahaha). It's such a sweet bouquet of roses. I dont know what is it about flowers that can make a girl's day. I like very very muchie. :)

He came and dropped it off at my hse while i was in the midst of packing and cleaning up my room and sweating like a pig, so hmph.. no make up no nice clothes. I tot i will just pose with the flowers and leave it in KT.

After eating, we actually did walked to Tune hotel just to see how's the hotel like since we needed some exercise after our unhealthy supper. It was about 15-20 mins walk altho u can actually take a shuttle bus to the hotel which will be like less than 5 minutes. Quite funny also we push two trolleys of luggage with us and one of the trolley was actually faulty it was noisy all the way. The hotel exterior looks pretty neat and comfortable but im not quite sure if the interior's the same. And not surprisingly, the hotel is fully booked already.

After that, we tried to find a comfortable place at Starbucks but all the nice places already taken so we ended up at Coffee Bean. Even at Coffee Bean, all the power points were taken up too cz everyone were so smart, faster faster book the nice places. Luckily DD had a multi plug, so we can share power point with others. Moral of the story, always bring a multi plug around.

Continue camwhoring with my flowers. i cant rmb whats so funny.

Got mysterious feel anot. :p

Our little corner at Coffee Bean

The surprise look

Totally no make up cz where got ppl make up in the middle of the night when it is time to sleep. My face super round here. @@

Two is really better than one. Especially in times like this. At least i think its much safer (for girls cz we cant deny girls are easier prey) and definitely less bored than being all alone.

A sweet moment together :)

And look what i found? Ear muffles in DD's backpack. I know it's freaking hot in Msia but just wna play with it.

And for most of the nite, i was trying to leech off the lcct wifi. But this lcct nowadays not good one. They only limit 2 hours per use. Luckily we got 2 laptops so we got 4 hours. hahaha

Our trolleys

Thank God the weather was like freaking hot that past few days so even tho i was only in flip flops and shorts, i did not freeze to death by the airport air con.

Our drink for the night. hahahaha.

Coffee Bean at about 3am. There were many ppl actually spending the night in the airport as well. So you are not alone. By this time, most of the ppl were either asleep, still online, on their laptop doing dno what or still chatting.

There were many who slept in the waiting hall as well. Tired ppl can really dozed off anywhere.

Finally, dawn came and it's time for me to leave the airport. It was a long queue even to enter the departure hall. See, everyone just cant wait to balik kampung for CNY, for the holidays. haha. ;)

Altho it wasnt the most comfortable sleep, but it really wasnt too bad. If you are able to catch up on ur sleep later on, then u can do this cheap backpacker style jolly well. But if you nd to be out and about doing a lot of things the next day, then i think its better to book Tune hotel or opt for a later flight so at least you can get a more comfortable sleep on the bed. hehe. :)

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