Thursday, February 04, 2010

Patau Syndrome

Patients teach us a lot of things. And not just academically related stuff. Sometimes from them, u learn a little bit more about life and selflessness. Today in the ward, there's a baby girl of 3 mths of age diagnosed with Patau syndrome aka as Trisomy 13. She has no nose, just very small eyes and a cleft lip and palate. But yet, she looks so strong with every breath she takes, fighting to live every minute more. Patau Syndrome occurs because in this patient they have 3 copies of chromosome 13 instead of the usual 2 copies.

When i got home, i decided to google Patau Syndrome to read more about them and i came across many inspiring stories wrote by parents with child born with Patau Syndrome. This one in particular makes me cry a bit more than the rest. It is sad but very inspiring at the same time. You can click here to read little Kambry story.

Breaking the bad news to an adult is already a very challenging task but i think telling the parents of a children that their child is at stage IV of cancer is even more challenging, difficult and emotional. I know it is unavoidable but im certainly not looking forward to the day i had to break my first bad news to my patient.

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Thank you for your beautiful sensitivity with this post. I don't know anything about you but I do know that you have a good heart.

My daughter had a very mild form of this genetic condition and she died at the age of 80 days at one of our best children's hospitals. The doctor placed an effective "do not resuscitate" order without informed consent and there are missing narcotics and records.

Some in the medical don't see the value in selfless love.

thanks again.

That is very sad. It's a good thing that I don't cry :-).

Being a Dr has many extremes. Saving lifes....but also seeing people suffer.

Remaining compassionate seems like the only good choice.

Take care,

Miss kindhearted,goodluck to tomorrow run~~

yeah so touching >< but well patients are still manusia ok? they think also!!! never underestimate any one!!

annie : im sorry to hear that had happened to is u. im sure ur daughter had been a wonderful inspiration and blessing to you and ur family :)

mike : yup. its both ways i suppose.

dolly : thanks. the run had ended :)

fufu : thats right. never underestimate anyone :)