Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Singapore Fried Prawn Mee

Usually when prawn mee is mention, the first thing that comes to my mind is none other than prawns (duh), spicy (variable) orangish clear prawn based soup, noodles (mee/meehoon or even maggi depending on what u like), Kang Kong and sambal. They usually also come with eggs, pork slices, fish cakes and other ingredients u can add or minus.

Prawn mee is one of the popular local delight among Malaysians including yours truly. A bowl of hot piping prawn noodles with adequate prawns and sufficient sambal is simply one of the best hawker food around. In any other part of Msia, when we said prawn mee we mean this (pic below).

But in Penang (click), if u wna eat prawn mee, u gotta say u wna Hokkien mee. Cz it seems this local delight originates from the Hokkien (Fujian province) in China. Or what the Penangites fondly call Hae mee. Penang has all the diff names for their food. So confusing sometimes can. Ppl in the land of char kuey teow are really different. Our prawn mee is their Hokkien mee. Our Hokkien mee is their tai lok mee. Our Indian rojak is their pasembur. So if u tell the uncle u wna prawn mee in Penang, they gv u mee with prawns in plain soup and then not the prawn mee we all know.

Singaporeans also wna be different so they came up with the Singapore Fried Prawn mee. As the name goes, it is fried thus it is not soup based. There's no spicy soups, just some gravy with the prawns, thick yellow mee fried with eggs, squids and lotsa bean sprouts. Before u start eating it, dont forget to squeeze the lime over it and eat it with the sambal (chili paste) :)

And like an invasive tumour, the Singapore fried prawn noodle also invaded the shores of Johor Bahru. Dont underestimate its simple look. I had to wake up especially for breakfast just to be able to eat this in time cz the stall that sells this only opens in the morning until about 11 am.

The stall i always frequent for this is located at Khoon Chong coffee shop in Tmn Sri Tebrau. It's actually in the corner coffee shop right opposite Eon Bank and u must look for the the stall that sells this cz got another stall sells the typical prawn mee. (easier to find the shop this way really).

So, the next time u wonder where to go for breakfast in JB, dont forget to try the Singapore fried prawn mee instead of the typical ones we all already love. :)

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different place different style different interpretation.. haha.. but they surely taste good =)

hehe.. yeap.. the fundamental of it is the same and it all taste yummy :)

Now I know why you went jogging the other day -- you eat a lot too! HA!


the 2nd pic is good.congratz dat u finally took a good pic.

mike : hahaha.. yeap.. i do too.. trying out and recommending good places to eat makes me happy :)

anonymous : lol. thanks.

i didnt see any prawn mee when i was backpacking in fujian province ><

fufu : hahahaha.. really? maybe they had a diff version too ;p