Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spoonless Way To Eating Coconuts

It was like the hottest day ever when i was in Penang. It's usually already hot in Penang, but during CNY, it's like max hot. I truly suspect that the ozone layer in Pg is thinner or has a bigger hole than other parts of Msia. So, Penangites, do be double careful when u go under the sun. Now i understand why DD had a habit of blasting the air con to the max each time he enters the car. It must be a habit he develops because of living in Pg.

So, we decided we must had something to cool us down. Something to quenched our rapidly demanding thirst.

Faster take ur coconuts or you will be dead!

Yes, it's a genius idea to have coconut water on a max hot day because the water of this fruit of a 1000 use has a magical cooling effect that will almost instantaneously rehydrate ur drying throat and makes you feel better.

At this stall along Abu Siti Lane, you can drive right up to them, order ur coconut(s) and they will bring it straight to ur face like a VIP or you can get down and enjoy ur coconut (s) standing with the risk of having occasional coconut water flying in your direction.

We cant do it the VIP way cz there's already a few cars hogging right in front of the stall. So, we had no choice but to exercised a bit - parked our cars and walked to the stall under the burning sun. Then, you pick ur coconut and within seconds, they will have it cut open straightaway and serve it fresh to you.

And within minutes, all of us finished drinking the water. But because, it's a fruit of a 1000 use, you can also eat their meat. You know usually we will be given a spoon to eat the coconut meat while drinking the coconut dry.

But here, you gotta finish up the water first b4 you get to enjoy the meat. It's a must to follow this sequence because they dont provide you with any spoon.

Instead, once you finished drinking the water, you hand your coconut back to them. Then, they will skillfully chopped off a portion of the coconut for you to use as the spoon. (watch video below) Speak of reusing resources.

Using back a part of the coconut to eat the coconut meat.

Holding the 'spoon' in one hand, im attempting to open up my coconut into half to start eating it.

I dig and dig but my coconut meat stuck stubbornly to the coconut. After multiple attempts, all i got was an unsatisfying minute amount of meat.

However, when i looked to my left, i saw that DD was digging up copius amount of meat spoon after spoon with ease. Not fair. How come his coconut so guai one.

Then only i found out that it's because i had an old coconut and his was a young one. The young coconuts meat are usually tender, gel like and easily comes off compare to the old ones.

DD : Here, here try some of my young coconut meat. More tender right?
Me : Yes, yes. The young ones are really more tender and nicer. :)

It's a coconut world back there. Finished coconuts that is.

Where is it again? Anba Coconut at Abu Siti Lane. Dont try looking for a big signboard cz the name of their stall is only printed on their garbage bins. But you wont miss the stall due to the gigantous amount of coconuts, both new and finished ones. :)

I think my dress is frigging compatible with this tiger printed G. hehe.

Watch the video to see how they skillfully chopped out a spoon for you to eat your coconut and how you use it. :)

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i so long didnt eat coconut edy.. yum yum =)

haha.. yes especially on a hot day. go get one. :)

omg i love love love your dress! =D and i'm craving for a coconut drink. =_= ur fault alli, u should so stop tempting us with food.. T^T

aiyoh woman... this technic very old dy ohhh.. when i was a shorty also we do this. but then i think only those who lived in estates will know la.

ave : thanks thanks.. hehe im afraid i will hv to tempt u a bit more further with more food post :p

dsaint : aiyoh i dno la. i only knew it now. hehe

Hey there, i always see you blog about coconut,do you love coconut so much???

hi, u r a very observant reader. :). coconut water is one of my fav drink too ;)