Friday, February 26, 2010

Tee Nya Kuih

I think my brain is filled with too much carbon dioxide fr sleeping today. You know, when u sleep too much, u get overdose of carbon dioxide which actually makes u more sleepy.

Anyway, i was in Penang on the 2nd day of CNY. I tried this mouth watering desert very less seen this days known as the tee nya kuih fondly by the Penangites. I had not seen this anywhere else in Malaysia but i do know that it can be found at this one drink and desert stall in Penang.

Tee Nya Kuih- rice cakes serve with brown syrup (Gula Melaka). The green ones are the pandan flavors. I felt that the rice cakes in itself only has rice taste. But combine it with brown syrup, it makes a perfect combo. The sweetness of the brown syrup is neutralize by the bland rice cakes. And eating it serve cold makes a good desert on a frigging hot day. Just go try it the next time you drop by Penang. :)

@ New World Park waiting for all my food to come. hehe

New World Park,
102, Jalan Burma,

10050 Georgetown,

Ok, the rest are just some pics i took on the 1st day of CNY. Actually, most of the time, it's just relatives visiting (pai nian) from one hse to the other.Sit sit, eat eat eat EAT and talk talk talk. Mostly, it will be the aunties asking us the usual questions. And all my aunties went 'Wa, Allison you grow prettier already la. How's Miss World Malaysia?'. And so, i think i had repeated my story a thousand times. Not that i actually mind. Cuz im sure many ppl are curious and interested to know what is it like to be in a pageant. To know if what they always hear is true. Those kinda thing. But, maybe i shd get a tape recorder next time. haha.

My relatives were all such generous hosts, each hse i went, they will offer me a varieties of cookies and food. Other times, i will just entertained myself with the television and poker games.

I super love this desert too. My aunties are really good in making them. It's bai guo (ginkgo biloba nut), a type of traditional Chinese herb with longan and brown syrup (Gula Melaka). Brown syrups make such good deserts. But it's a very sweet desert tho.

I dno why ppl love to eat steamboat during CNY especially when the weather is already hot as it is. But we had a lot of steamboats.

Side braid i like. Yes, recently, i realize i like putting my hair into a side braid cuz its really easy to do. :)

2 more days before CNY ends. So, enjoy while u still can. haha *im such a bad influence*. :p

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♥ nanged u keke :)
♥ never try tee nya kuih before ><lll

hehe.. try it next time u go Penang ;)

Small size girls looks younger as usual:) Are your mummy a small size lady too? She looks taller than you;D

Normally daughters treat mother as 'sister' becos their relationship is very close,everything can talk,how about Allison?

The rice cake,isn't it the chinese'tang yen' but it does not looks like one:(

anonymous 1 : She's a very slim woman and we are almost the same height ;) yup we r v close too ;)

anonymous 2 : oh no its not the Chinese tang yuan.. diff texture.. hehe :)

your steamboat doesn't looks good,not much varities and not able to see the soup part,too bad:(

oh.. thats just part of it.. everything else is insde. And the food is almost overflowing thus lil soup is seen. But anyway, thanks for noting. I'll improve on taking steamboat pics next time ;)