Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Awesome Place to Nom Around Lake Kenyir

Remember the uber awesome place i promise in my previous post? (click here)

After a very unsatisfying lunch, we decided to asked our friendly boatman of anywhere around Kenyir we can go for a reasonable and more satisfying meal. And much to our delight, he told us that not far from Lake Kenyir, there is indeed a restaurant we can go that serves not only good food but at reasonable price too.

So when our tummy starts sending us signals for dinner, we took Rambo through a whole stretch of bumpy, jerky ride in total darkness to this secret place. Really secret one lo. Cause we had no idea where it was and all the boatman told us was it was opposite a school and near to the T junction and it is only about 15 minutes drive. Which means it should be just 5 km away like dat. But driving blindly (cz i only caught part of the name of the restaurant. The boatman Terengganu accent was too thick ^^)  in the dark, with only the occasional oncoming cars, we were left with no one else but ourselves. And quite scary actually. Cz you look front, back, left, right only got trees, trees, trees, trees shadows and more trees. But being the adventurous ppl we are, the fear was soon driven away and we finally saw our destination.

Actually along the way, there are quite a number of Malay stalls and restaurants too and we almost stopped at one of them thinking it was the one but according to the rule of the Thumb and instinct, it just doesn't felt right so we drove on.

Finally reached secret restaurant. I realized that it was actually quite easy to recognize the restaurant. It is actually located right after the T junction where the sign that points into Lake Kenyir is situated. And if you are coming from that direction, you can definitely see this 'Welcome' board on your right.

And it is called SERI KELAH. hahaha. But their signboard not very big, so easily miss especially in the dark.

Reasonable price range

I think this restaurant is actually very nicely set up despite being in the middle of nowhere, it felts really cosy. It has this kampung feel that is very nice la. Even the 'floor' is filled with sands so it felts like eating on the beach. haha

Dragon fruit and guava juice. Owner claim they onli use 100% fresh fruit.

I tried this Tomyam Special Fried Rice. Special cz got keropok, egg and watermelon. hehe. (shh tel u anode secret - actually everything on the menu is available in 'special' only. They dont serve 'normal/biasa' anymore). Honestly, i really like this. It's more on the spicy side tho cz a lot of those hot cili padi in them. Everytime i terate a cili padi, i can feel blood shot up my brain and mucus started flowing like pipe water. But it's really quite an exciting feeling. haha. It's like even though u pant like crazy and feel the numbing effect but it is damn shiok.

USA style fried rice - not as exciting as my tomyam. hahaha. Served with coleslaw and paprik.

Actually the ala carte portion itself is sufficient to make one full under normal circumstances, but we were famished. And from the name itself, you know that this restaurant is famous for their Kelah fish (ok just googled and found out that Kelah is Red Mahseer or known as Great Brook Carp).

Now if you all dont already notice, DD has a tendency to order like a king one. He goes to a restaurant, especially a new one that we never been, and he will order this and that and this and that, almost half the menu for the both of us only sometimes. He claims that we can then try more things and make up our mind if the restaurant is worth more revisits or what to tell our friends on whats good whats not. And being the black hole he is, he will by hook or crook finished up every single item on the table. Thank God, his 'king' habit is gradually decreasing. But anyway, we were so tempted to tried out their fishes. And since Kelah is so expensive, we ordered the cheapest fish instead. Got our source of protein enough dy and most importantly got fish to eat. hehe

Chef's recommendation - Supposed to be Fried Kelah Seri Kelah. Means they concoct their own secret sauce and condiments and don wna ppl noe so it's call the Seri Kelah recipe. But ours is Fried fish (don ask me what fish.. bad at fish types) Seri Kelah. This secret sauce of theirs is sourish yet sweet with a tinge of spiciness. A bit like fried fish Thai style like dat. The fish also very fresh. Yum yum.

Boneless chicken cooked in paprik style - the paprik also quite good. But a bit too oily onli.

Overall, we had a very good dinner. Happy, satisfied and totally worth the drive. It is really a good place to eat, probably the only one available around Lake Kenyir unless u wna br ur own food. The better news is that they are also open in the day so lunch n dinner, you can have it here and save a bunch of money.

When we drove passed it the next day in the afternoon, actually it is not really a secret place la. Cause easily seen once u turn the T junction and there's really the school nearby and easily visible. hehe. Enjoy the next time u r around Kenyir. Maybe u all can try the Kelah then. :)

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