Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cry O!

Yet another posting had ended and today we start brand new with dermatology. So for 2 weeks, it will all be about skin skin and skin.

Psoriasis, eczema, psoriasis, eczema - both of these are like the commonest skin condition patients come in with the whole morning. Well, not surprising seeing that most of us also has eczema as our life long companion.

B4 we started our seminar in the noon, we had a chance to observed cryotherapy, which is basically treatment given by freezing the skin surface with liquid nitrogen kept at -196 degrees. (altho there are other types of cryo agents available, but HSNZ uses liquid nitrogen). The whole process is super fast one. In a blink of an eye, it will be over. Each patient only took less than 5 minutes to get their lesion(s) frozen.

So after the doctor had finished seeing all the patients, the curious me wondered if those tiny harmless-if-not-for-cosmetic-reason milia beneath my eyes can also be treated by cryo. I mean in my case, the milia are not obvious. Practically no one notices it one la unless they are like 1 inches away from my face maybe. And if i put on concealer, basically, they are very well concealed. If i dont tell u all, u all also wont notice one that kind. But one of the patient also had cryo done for her milia, so i just thought perhaps there's a glimpse of hope to treat those milia. Im not just vain because i want my milia treated. It's because someone once told me that the milia will keep growing and increase in size if it's left there and thats what worries me. (i will find out fr the doc soon).

Anyway the very nice doctor asked me if im interested to give a try on the cryo for those milia and i happily agreed. Although one session of cryo cannot possibly treat it cz it nd 'berpuluh-puluh kali' according to the doc b4 the milia can be cured with cryo. In short, cryo is not the best mode of treatment for milia. But anyhow, it's good also to experienced what cryo is like, u noe to put urself in the patient's shoe, so next time, u can tell the patient whether this treatment is gna hurt blah blah blah based on ur own personal experience. Which is awesome in my opinion cz u wont understan what others r going thru unless u been thru it urself, no?

As i said, the whole procedure was super fast one. Cz it was the eye area, the nurse uses the cotton tip applicator to apply the liquid nitrogen . And how does liquid nitrogen felt like?

It stings like crazy! I thought it was gna be nice like applying ice maybe, but applying liquid nitrogen is no ice baby. The minute she touches the cotton tip to my skin, my eye started to blink continuously and rapidly which is in response to the stinging and burning sensation felt. Damn pedih. Thank God the whole procedure is completed within minutes one. Imagine going thru that for more than 15 minutes.

Immediately after cryo was done, i can feel the lower part of my eye swell instantaneously. And no doubt, it was erythematous as well. Looking like in the pic above. While the stinging and burning sensation lasted about 40 minutes at least. Even up till now (7 hours after treatment), i can still feel some numbness which is actually a normal process of the treatment taking place.

The pic not took with fish eye lens one. It's a faux fish eye lens effect done with PS. hahaha. Altho the real fish eye lens pics are no doubt 100% nicer (if not no one will spend money to buy the lens dy rite), but u can fake it with PS too to bluff, erm impress ppl. I just learn how to do it. hahaha.

There's liquid nitrogen in it but cannot see from the pic with the cotton applicator.

See how much i concentrate in class. hahaha. This was taken last week during our ophthal posting when the UCSI crew went around snapping pics of us doing our stuff in the hosp. In case u all r wondering what my fren was doing covering his one eye and going so close to the patient, thats how we do direct ophthalmoscopy, the 'intimate' procedure i said previously.

A grp pic @ the end of another happy posting. Yay :) (pic took fr fb one so kinda blur)

Lastly, if you all have not hear this from Hitz, do hear this out from the crazy and funny duo of the morning crew, JJ and Ean. When i heard it for the 1st time, i cannot stop laughing. Damn funny can. Even after hearing it so many times, i still think it's funny. I din know the utube vid was already out until i saw it from Ave. So, laugh urself silly with their parody of Jason Derulo, Whatcha Say. :D

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the way the patient's face was censored.. it's like he's a convict.. =P

anyway, the digi pics are cool.. haha.. =D

kenwooi : haha nola.. thats to protect the patient's privacy.. and tytyty.. view more view more haha :D

click, click, click, click.....hehehe..

Eyes treament must be patient and take time .Do you know if you go to eye specilist for completement checking, it usually takes 2 to 3 hours for the whole process with applying eyes' drop and you can't go back yourself by driving a car, atleast someone must accompany you there.

Yes,its NOT suppose to expose anything from hospital to the net especially patients..

:( let your eyes rest please!


hsien yit : hehehe thx thx thx thx and thx :)

dolly : oh depends on the type of eye treatment. but cryo is not for the eye, it's for the skin, just that for my case it's around the eyes :)

anonymous : yes, patient's privacy is a must to be protected all the time.

I had a liquid N2 treatment for a wart on my arm once. :-0

It worked great. One treatment killed that bugger.

Although, I think that I would be a little hesitant getting liquid N2 anywhere near my EYE! (I did have laser eye surgery maybe I'm inconsistent).

I'm glad that you didn't go blind.


mike : hahaha it's a therapy for the skin! It didnt even touch the eye one bit so no worries about my eyes getting any involvement at all ;)

why wanna stop blogging? gonna miss you then =p anyway just update when you have the mood to write ya

Maybe you should just "pretend" that you quit blogging...but really don't :-0.