Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour KT

You'll surrender your heart,
But you know,
But you know that you cant fight the moonlight
No you cant fight it
No matter what you do,
The night is gonna get to you
(Cant Fight The Moonlight, Leann Rimes)

Okla.. im just trying to be creative. :p

Cz Earth Hour 2010 just ended! And i was deep in the dark for an hour. Felt like a vampire when i turned on my lights just now. haha.

How was Earth Hour at your place, wherever u r? Honestly, i think it's major major fail here in KayTee (Kuala Terengganu, cz alot ppl actually ask me where is KT so yeah KT is Kuala Terengganu). At 829pm the whole city was brightly lit. At 830pm, the whole city was still brightly lit. No difference at all. I guess many people just cannot live without lights and the inconvenience of doing things in the dark like during power failure. Or for some reasons u noe, lights just cannot be turned off.

It felt like i was the only one semangatly wanting to off my lights. Sien only when u seem to be the only one wanting to do something and the rest of the people are not doing it. It makes one feels that since no one else is doing, theres actually no point doing it cz u cannot make a huge change alone. But luckily still got a few people semangat like me, so with our little tiny steps, hopefully it can contribute to making a difference as well.

But for everyone else who was in pitch black just now, what were u all doing? Im really curious actually of how ppl spent their time in the dark. Hopefully the labor room wont be bursting with women going into labor 9 months from today. *cz ppl naughty naughty around hehe*. Anyhow, since i wasnt out anywhere and i obviously cannot be studying, i decided to camwhore myself in the dark and attempt to blog. Like at least when people google Earth Hour Kuala Terengganu next time, at least if my blog pops out, then people will noe that there are still human in KT taking part in Earth Hour. haha. (last year Earth Hour was spent like this tho, click!)

I was trying to camwhore and finished taking all the pics in 30 minutes and leave another 30 minutes for photo editing and blogging which under no light circumstances, was not that easy especially the editing pics part. Luckily my visual acuity is good so even with low light, visibility was still ok.

There's brightness on my face because it was the reflection from my lappie.

See, the Wisma Persekutuan building is so brightly lit. Scary not this pic? Like some horror movie poster le. Jeng Jeng. haha

And i cut my fringe again today. Can see not shorter dy compared to my previous pics? Waste another RM 5 but it was getting long and poking into my eyes. Very annoying already and i don wna risk my eyes to all the conjunctivitis, uveitis, all the -tis-tis because of the bacteria entering my eyes from my hair. But i realized the price for hair cut here in KT is the same as KL only. More expensive than JB samore padahal not as canggih as KL or JB. Super bluff ppl one. The first saloon i went actually told me need RM 10 to cut my fringe. Daylight robbery. KL also RM 5 only for the normal saloon. So i went back to the one i always go even tho she only know how to cut basic fringe pattern. I mean basic fringe i also can trim myself la. I waste money for people to trim because i want them to trim got pattern one. So anyway, i told the lady to just follow back my previous shape and trim it shorter only. I miss my hairdresser in JB la. So good at cutting, can give advise samore what style all, make sure customers feel happy and satisfy and so much more cheaper.

The view from outside my hse. As you all can see, there are lights everywhere. No Earth Hour semangat-ness.

I think ultimately the take home message is that, we should all try to switch off our lights whenever we are not in use. Not just today, not just in this one hour. Earth Hour is just a universal thing to raise awareness. So, yeah, in the end, to help save our earth and prevent global warming, it's not something that you just do in an hour. It's something you shd practice all the time la, DONT WASTE ELECTRICITY unnecessarily. And we shd all car pool more and stop using air con like really. Or turn all air con to 28 degree and above like in Japan. (the guys in my grp shd go stay in Jap so wont complain that the aircon is not turn at 16 degrees in class :p)

I was very impressed when i was in Tokyo and altho it was hot hot summer, altho everyone was sweating like crazy, their air con was only on at 28 degree cz it's part of their national effort to conserve energy. Like at higher temperature, less carbon dioxide is emitted, so less global warming, smt like dat.

Anyway this is totally unrelated to Earth Hour, but look, my lovely right toe is hematoma again. Gahh. Just after recovering from it's previous injury (read here) few months ago, it's hematoma again. Wonder when it is gna peel off. So sad i cannot have pretty nails to paint. So black compared to the rest of my toes. So Earth Hour! (its related after all) hahaha.

Due to this - Captain Ball. Which reminds me, wheres our medals? :p

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i think KL is the only place ppl syok syok earth hour =P

kenwooi : hahaha.. i tink so too. sedihnya.. the rest of us can just exterminate mosquitoes.. lol lol

at least u can rest ur eyes for 1 hour. :)

victor : hehe but trying edit pics so not complete rest also. ;p

Is there any way to heal your that black toes? No way? sick!

A lot of scary stuff in that post -- the dark, your TOE!, etc., haha


What for want your toes to be nice la? face nice can liao.

dolly : it usually will resolve by itself with time.. may or may not peel off :)

mike :hahaha.. that pic is scary right? haha.. my toes not scary la.

anonymous : cz when wear peep toe shoe or sandals can c toes! :p