Thursday, March 11, 2010


The best posting so far. Ok, maybe 2nd best. Cz personally, i'm biased towards A & E perhaps due to my early exposure to first aid since high sch and all those dramas and movies that makes it like a very exciting and adrenalin boosting department. No doubt, the real thing and the dramas are kinda different actually. In the real setting, things are just less dramatic.

But ENT? Seriously i never thought i will be sitting down here right now typing about loving this 2 weeks posting so much at the end of it. I always felt neutral when it comes to ENT. The ear, nose and throat is just never one of my fav thing altho without them, i wont be able to talk, to eat and to hear. I dont felt apprehensive going into ENT (oh yeah, like i do about going into the posting starting with the big C) yet i dont have that kinda super excited feeling too.

But it is very true when people say that to like a subject, like the lecturer 1st. That subject can be the most exciting and fun subject on this earth but if you had a boring or plain-dno-how-to-teach lecturer teaching you that subject, it can turn out to be the worse posting ever.

All the specialists in the ENT department are very very very nice people. They are so so so nice we all love them. They are all so young (all look less than 40 only already specialists with experiences), so not grumpy, so cheerful and so willing to teach.

Sometimes i find clinic sessions a waste of time because you dont benefit from them. Like in some department, the clinic sessions goes like this one :

Students : Knock knock
Specialist : Come in
Students enter room --> Greet specialist --> Then usually will stand beside or behind the specialist while the specialist continue doing their work (which is seeing patients la).
Patients after patients come in. Specialist continues seeing them one after another. Students just gets more and more blur.

You can say maybe its because the students didn't study enough or beforehand thats why students are blur but for eg even if you read ur whole anatomy book, when the patient open their mouth, you still need time to put what u learn from book into real life. Structures like the oral cavity is not too say very huge that you can visualize it from very far. So, if the specialist is already positioning him/herself in front of the patient, how we the students can see the mouth in detail right. If not we will go into a head banging war with the specialist. I mean all you can see are the big structures in the mouth like the tongue and teeth and uvula. After the specialist moves away from patient, patient also close the mouth. So, we students dont get to see the polyp or whatever findings there are suppose to be. Sometimes we can ask the specialist and patient's permission to open their mouth again, but some of them will go like 'nampak tak dekat sana' and b4 u can properly appreciate anything, the specialist will ask the patient to close back their mouth.

But in ENT, with the patient's mouth wide open, the specialist will point to the structures in the mouth, then they will ask us what are those structures and you can take ur time to appreciate the oral cavity etc. Really can learn one. I don mind going to clinic everyday and stand until my stomach grumbles and rumbles if all the specialists are so nice like dat. Actually come to think of it, a lot of other specialists are also very willing to teach just that i think we feel alot more welcome in ENT cz the specialists explain each and every patient's case to us without having us to go into blur mode b4 opening our mouth then only they start teaching.

Of course, other than because the specialists are all nice, it is also because the whole posting was hospital based. Which means we dont have to travel some 20 minutes to campus and 20 mins back daily. And the lectures were all not long until sunset also cannot go home.

But the best best best part? It's because there's no case write ups. hahahaha. Woots. :)

Gosh, im gna miss Eating N Tiduring, oops i mean Ear Nose And Throat so much.

With Dr. Nik, the only female ENT surgeon. This is also the only real clear pic i have. The rest are all kinda blur. Ish. I dno y. Maybe they are not familiar with my camera or maybe their hands tend to shake.

With Dr. Nik and Dr. Khairudin who is also very funny one.

With Dr. Noraffendie and Dr. Khairul who are also very nice. Next week, i will be going to the clinic opposite this. (Opthalmo)

And i found this pic inside one of my hidden folders. Took last sem during surgery posting.

With Miss Hartinie who is another very nice surgeon. All these nice specialists...We shd have more of them. I love them all. :)

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