Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adv : I Just Love Good Smelling People

Who doesnt seriously.

Put you beside someone who smells good and nice and someone who exudes stinkiness or odour, chances are you'll be running towards the one smelling good immediately.

Usually, when i go out, i will spray on some perfume to make myself smell all flowery or fruity and sweet. At home, i love how i smell after shower. The clean and fresh smell of a good warm bath emitting from within myself. Aaahh.. :)

But what happens when you go for sports? Like you can spray on 10000 layers of perfume but once u SWEAT, sayonara. Cz 10000 layers of perfume if it hasn't cause u a hypersensitivity reaction already, we all know that our mighty sweat has the ability to drench out the sweet smelling smell of our eau de toilet.

I dno if any of you had tried this b4, but i had tried spraying on perfume and going exercising and i tell u, the smell of fruits/flowers concocting with that salty smell of sweat is not exactly a definition of smelling good. In fact, it will make you smell kinda weird, like walking past a rubbish dump in front of KFC. The smell of fried chickens concocting with the smell of garbage. (yea, my friends who walk past everyday to the hosp will understand, if you had not try b4, maybe u can try someday).

But being an active me and wanting to lead an active healthy lifestyle, how can i stay away from exercise?

Argghhh.. stink alert! Oh no.

Whats worse is getting into a car with a loadful of ppl who had all just finished exercising and showering in sweat. The smell can be so unbearable that i rather had the window wind down than the air con.

Of course, the solution to keeping urself smelling good even after all this massive exercising is non other than deodorant. Deodorant is like the perfume for sports. The perfume for massive outdoor that leads u to the probability of showering in sweat.

Adidas Action 3 Deodorants will help you to shoo away the dreaded salty stinky smell of after exercising and ensures you smell just as good.

Yay, say goodbye to stinky smell. With Adidas Action 3, i can exercise and not worry about sweating cz i will still smell good. That's something really awesome isnt that. :)

And just for you all to know, Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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haha.. funny la ur 2nd pic haha

Yeah, funny pictures....but....this post....ahhh....stinks. ;-)


P.S. For some reason I feel like exercising and smelling my arm-pits :-0.

I just heard that KT is having mild earthquake? Affected your place?

mike : hahaha.. go ahead.. make sure u apply deodorant.

dolly : nope.. happened last week. Only Tasik Kenyir there.