Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Still Dilated

My pupils i mean. :)

We had a taste of the mydriatic (pupil dilating drug) this evening for fundoscopy session. The purpose to dilate our pupils is of course not to just make us look prettier with bigger eyes, but so that we can see our fundus clearly.

The mydriatic works like magic. All it need was a drop. And half an hour later, voila, we get naturally enlarge pupils. No need the eye enlarging contact lenses. hehe. But during the first few minutes, the eye drop actually sting. Like really really sting. Because the pupil is dilated and cannot constrict, we had to endure glare from the bright sun. We all had to walked around with one eye close or one hand covering the eye. If you had sunglasses, that's the best of course. Near vision also became blurry. So for the last 5 hours, anything far is clear and comforting to look at and anything near like reading is a no no cz of the blurring.

Finally, i can brush off the dust accumulating over my ophthalmoscope set and make use of the trusty ophthalmoscope. We paired up and one of us had our left pupil dilated and the other the right. We had some good half an hour to tried locating the fundus and the blood vessels, optic disc, optic cup and macula. It was definitely not easy appreciating the fundus. Initially all we saw was just a spot of orange light. Cannot see any blood vessels, no nothing. Thats when everyone started adjusting the glider, correcting the lenses to the clearest they can see. And phew! After multiple multiple attempts, finally i got to see the optic disc. Really not easy. It's easy to see the blood vessels but to follow the blood vessels to find the disc was not an easy feat. And the macula? Most of us didn't get to appreciate that tho.

I honestly think direct ophthalmoscopy is the most 'intimate' procedure. Cz the doctor have to get really really close to the patient to an extent of almost face touching face. Ya, so the next time you go for eye check up and the doc comes really close, dont fret out. Just make sure there's a chaperon around. :)

The brown 'ring' is my iris; the part of the eye that gives u the color of ur eye. And can see how dilated/enlarge my pupil is?

Compared to this. This is the undilated pupil. The normal one. hehe

Want to go sleep now. It has been a long day. Last night was crazy finishing up my presentation. And yes, there's just more long days to come. :)

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have a good sleep! rest ur eyes! :)

I've had the laser eye surgery. They did put drops in my eyes....but I don't think that they were the ones to dilate the eyes -- I think that they were to numb them to lessen the pain.

So what was the reason that you did this? Did they want you to experience what patients experience or something?

(Maybe next time you can try some of the drugs that patients take too -- to see how they feel!) HA. (Note: I do NOT condone drug use...hehe)


wendee : hehe i did. :)

mike : ya it's diff from the ones use in surgery. We had to do this cz we want to practice our skill with each other. :)

WOW! How to train your Dragon that advert so nice leh.

dolly : haha agree i think the movie shd be good too :) have u watch?

Hello? Is anybody out there? We miss you!


(If you are truly busy, please disregard...ha)

mike : hehe next post on the way really :)

Goodluck to your coming papers and rest good~~

dolly : thanks, my eyes are ok.. this is a practical session :)