Friday, March 05, 2010

KT Most Popular Marching Band

Was in the Chap Goh Meh procession last Sunday.

The last day of CNY is also known as Chap Goh Meh aka Chinese Valentine's Day. But unlike Penang, there's no oranges thrown into river scaring away all the poor fishes wondering why are there sudden influx of orange bombs polluting their habitat. ^^

Apparently in KT, they prefer to have a procession instead, ending the festive season with more loud dongs and changs.

One of my neighbors told me about the procession and she very enthusiastically invited me and DD to go watch. She said this year, KT's most famous marching band from xxx (sowee forgot name of sch) sch will be performing too.

My interest was not so much on the band, but rather on photo taking and also to experience the difference btw a Chap Goh Meh procession in KT and the Chingay in JB. As part of my own cultural experience here. And it was a good chance for us to practice our photography skills on spontaneous events. hehe.

So off we went, joining the rest of the KT Chinese folks to end the last day of the festive season with more (annoying) loud bangs.

The procession started off from Waterfront and there was this 24 drums thingy. (24 Jie Ling Gu) but we were taking pics somewhere more up front, thus we missed it.

Kuala Terengganu skyline from Tian Hou Gong. (Tian Hou temple)

In black and white

Some of the residents nearby waiting in front of the temple. Btw Kampung Cina means Chinatown.

Our spot - waiting for the procession to start.

Procession started - Lead by the police

The guys in front in batik were probably some ministers or reps from the gov - the VIPs.

This dragon very lazy. It only 'danced' once throughout the whole procession.

Followed by the slightly more hardworking lions cz at least the lions shook their butts a few times.

Next up was the beca. They are all very colourful. Becas still is one of the mode of transport commonly use here.

This carrying lantern part is actually quite interesting. It's symbolic of the lantern puzzle (Cai Deng Mi 猜灯谜) that is part of the traditional way of celebrating Chap Goh Meh, orange throwing aside. The girls will give out a puzzle and the guys will try to solve it. So, the guy who managed to solve the puzzle 1st is the smart one and will win the maiden's heart. haha.

Finally, the famous marching band itself.

Honestly, i find their uniformity most impressive. I bet they must had really practiced a lot to achieve that.

So much huffing and puffing in that thick uniform. No wonder each and every one of them was sweating like crazy.

The last of the convoy was the motorbike team. Maybe the Mat Rempits are so famous here it's symbolic of KT to have a motorbike team in their procession.

Honking their way into Chinatown.

The whole procession was fairly short. It ended with the convoy entering Chinatown and making a round to Kg Tiong.

The difference? KT procession is nowhere near the more elaborated Chingay. There's no floats, there's no stilt men, there's no flag bearers carrying that super size flag balancing them, there's no sweets, there's no joss sticks carriers and there's no first aiders. In conclusion, it was really a super short one lasting only about 15 minutes.

But it did managed to bring together many KT folks, from young to old, from all ethics to come together and make the last event of CNY very lively and festive.

Random pic of Chinatown. One of the restaurants we frequent for dinner.

I'm sure KT always welcome their tourists. Seeing this, you know Chinatown is ahead. :) (The yellow car is just a distraction).

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kenwooi : hahaha.. thanks for the suggestion.i think so.. it sounded something like dat and chws memang famous for their marching band in KT. ;)

Me thot that yellow car is mr.bean's property^_^

anonymous : hehe..nola.. thats not mr bean famous yellow mini cooper :)

I din expect KT is having 'chaanggay' too. But atleast chinese enjoys last day of cny there,hurray!

dolly : hehe ya.. its not reali as elaborated as Chingay. A mini mini version :)

So even though it's the year of the Tiger, they had no Tigers in the precession? Or do the Lions count as Tigers? (Maybe I'm being too critical ;-).

Already you attended ANOTHER event! are becoming my Idol....:-).


mike : nope.. its conventional to have lions but not the tigers..Cz the usual ones are the lions and dragons regardless of what animal yr is it :)