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Lake Kenyir

Finale. I have time to blogged about Lake Kenyir. Been busy with uni so thank you for your patience everyone. :)

Me went to Lake Kenyir (henceforth Kenyir) bout a fortnight ago when we had a long weekend because the Thurs was the installation of Sultan Terengganu day or smt. Of course at that time we did not anticipate any further event or activities and decided that a short weekend getaway to Lake Kenyir will be our last rejuvenating activity b4 we start to study for our exams. We all know how stressful exam period can be right. Yup, so it's like a pre exam de stress holiday. Gah, excuses! Anyhow things are really unpredictable one la.

Kenyir is just about an hour drive away from Kuala Terengganu town and we used the Kuala Berang way. The road after the Tasik Kenyir signboard is in a pretty bad condition currently with no signs of any reconstructing going on in the near time. Luckily we had Rambo (It's DD's car actually. It is one tough cookie that has brought us thru many rough kilometres enduring potholes, rugged weather and some other nearly impossible feat most of its counterparts probably never attempted, hence it truly deserves the name) to go through those potholes and bumpy ride with us.

But after being jolt up and down, down and up in our seats for about 20-30 minutes, we finally reached Lake Kenyir/ Tasik Kenyir. Lake Kenyir, reputed to be one of the largest man made lake in not only Malaysia but the world. It is also Malaysia largest hydroelectric dam. A super duper heavy rain aeon years ago submerged the whole forest leaving those hills that peak out from the water the 'islands' they are now on the lake. And the whole lake is so super biggy it actually has some 340 islands on it. Whoa. Impressive kan.

Since it was a super last minute decision to go to Kenyir, the best way to assimilate the tranquility and serenity of the place is through a night in one of the many resorts available there. We cant do camping or boathouse cz there were limited number of people.

We stayed at Lake Kenyir Resort and Spa and it definitely has a very picturesque and magnificent view of the lake. So charming and pleasant to the eyes that i think the lake view is the only reason why staying in a resort instead of sleeping under the stars is more worth it here.

The strikingly charming Lake Kenyir. The pictures totally do not do enough justice to the real captivating beauty of the place. Just standing in the lobby digesting this magnificent sight is rejuvenating enough to any tired, stress out, unhappy soul.

Seeing the endless stretch of calming water reflecting the trees and sky above it just blew all my worries away. It gives a sense of calmness and peacefulness within oneself and for a while, it makes sense that even if technology never existed, we can all still live.

Lush greenery good for those overwork eyes and fresh air so luxury to the lungs.

See how still and appeasing the lake is. Looking at the formidable work of Mother's Nature, really felt like time has stop.

After checking in, our tummy was rumbling and naturally, our next instinct was lunch. Lunch and dinner was not provided and there was only one restaurant in the resort. In fact, there's no other eating place available within walking distance other than this one and only restaurant.

And it was the WORSE lunch ever i had. Worse in terms of food choice, in terms of price and in terms of satisfaction. Yes, i think what makes a good meal is that it can leaves customers satisfied and craving for more after eating them.

Lunch was buffet style and there were ridiculously minute amount of selections and it was like RM 35++ per person. Gahhh!!

Next time, bring ur own cup noodles or better still, continue reading my next post cz i will let u all in on an uber awesome place for food, nice and reasonable nearby Kenyir. Shhh.. exclusive for you readers only. :)

This was all that was available. White rice, curry chicken, fried chicken, Malay style fried omelet & some vegetables. Oh, there was beef too. To be honest, the chickens and beef was not bad la. At least it make up to a teeny weeny bit of the dissatisfaction.

The curry puff also quite disappointing. Crust too thick and no filling.

Cakes, needless to say as expected was an overdose of sugar. Eat dy all the ants sure come find u one.

But because the lake itself is so tranquil, pacifying and soothing, we were still happy despite the disappointing lunch. I mean i dont think anyone can get angry looking at sights like that.

Before we moved on to our activities, we needed some time to get our food down our gastric, so we camwhore around 1st. It was the dry spell then, thus the sun basically shows no mercy.

So, it's better to camwhore indoor, under the shade away from the melanin enhancing sun. hehe

This is call 'Boom Boom Pow' pose. Guys who like to mess around with girls, think girls are easy bully, think again. You are just about to get Boom Boom Pow from us girls. :p

This is call ' I Dont Know What My Bf is Up to' pose. Like really. He just creeps behind me and spreads his arm and i dont even know what is he trying to imitate. hahaha.. But funny lo.

'The Ayam & Musang' pose. I think majority of us had played that childhood game b4 right. Im the innocent little chick and he is the fox of course trying to capture me while my mummy is away. muahaha

The resort was a little far from the jetty but they have those golf buggy to ferry us to and fro from the resort to the car park and then we can drive out to the jetty. Actually, the buggy service was available throughout the resort so if anyone is really lazy to walk, you dont have to.

The boatman who took us charged us RM 100 a boat to Saok waterfall. Lasir, the most famous waterfall in Kenyir was further so it will be more expensive. Thus, we settled for Saok cz after all, all waterfalls are somewhat similar. And less popular ones also mean less people visit which in turn means less polluted by some unthoughtful human doings.

If you dont already know, now u noe where you are. :p

Enjoying the cool breeze. So ameliorating. I like to close my eyes and just let those oncoming wind sweep against my face and messing up my hair.

The rest of the boat ride was filled with rich greens and vivid clear water reflecting the vast sky above, those fluffy clouds and of course the green green trees. But no, we dont get to see fish swimming around.

The following pictures are all captured with diff shutter speeds for the diff effects.

They sparkles like crystals. I like.

Felt like we were actually approaching Jurassic Park.

Haha.. but in our version of Jurassic Park, there were 2 men trying their luck at their fishing rods.

Time for a little stretching. :)

The pathway leading to the waterfall. Can see the waterfall below dy. Excitement.

So pretty right these butterflies. A beautiful contrast to the boring background.

The waterfall itself. Not a very huge one but still exquisite on its own.

But well, it satisfies our senses and cool down the otherwise hot and humid surrounding.

The best sleeping spot ever. Love love love sleeping like dis. Find a nice shady spot with the sound of gushing rapids, chirping birds and a whole other harmonious chorus of the other inhabitants of the jungle as lullaby.

The water is so irresistibly inviting. The ice cold water from the deep of the jungle definitely sends a sort of chill excitement up the spine.

I had to say this cause i find such acts very disturbing. It just totally ruin the whole beauty of the place, whatever wonderful mood such tranquil place gave rise to. We all know that waterfalls had a few cascades usually right. And at every level, anyone can go there to just soak in the ice cold water or picnic or play with water. But what is really really important here is that, the person at the higher cascade should NEVER pee or spit into the waterfall. Dont they just think b4 doing such an irresponsible and inconsiderate act? For goodness sake, as long as you have a brain, you do know that your pee or phlegm is going to follow the flow of water and flow down down down and down, thus infecting and contaminating all the other holiday makers. I think everyone does noe this, but they are just too selfish anyway to care about others. Why cant everyone work 2gede to preserve the cleanliness and beauty of the place? Any beautiful nature will be ruin if all these selfish dumbos continue doing stupid acts like dat.

One such incident happened when we were at Saok and there were really just so few of us there that day.This guy who apparently after his swim, at one cascade above us, just spitted into the water right in front of our eyes. So d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g ok. We immediately pulled up our leg but thats not the point. Point is, he was definitely not the only one. Maybe some of you reading this knows someone who is guilty of doing such an act. So stop them b4 it's too late! Because if you go to recreational places like dat and see shit floating right in front of you someday, you will never want to have any part of your body to do with the water ever again. Besides, urine and phlegm contains a lot of bacteria that will contaminate and infect others. Now u noe why anyone can get UTI after a waterfall visit. We are just gna lose tourist if ppl continue to be like dat. Damn potong stim la. Imagine you were happily absorbing the whole nature crap and thinking how beautiful the whole place is and how u r gna recommend it to ur family and frends and 'BAMM', this dumbos just had to spoil it. They shd so be boom boom pow i tell u. Ban from going to recreational places like dis cz they will spoil and ruin everything.

After that dumbo spoil our perfect lazy day out at the waterfall, we left. On our way back, the boat man dropped us at this other resort (it shd be Kenyir Sanctuary Resort) that has kayaking service. We had to pay RM 20 for an hour of kayak tho for two.

We had to picked our own kayak, our own oars and push ourselves into the lake cz the other humans around seemed to had disappeared.

Of course, we picked the white one. hehe. Yea baby, all ready for some kayaking action.

This resort also has an open lake pool (means u can swim in the lake). They used to have those water sports like jet ski but now no more dy. In case u saw jet skiing on their website, dont get too excited. Cz got accidents happened b4 so now they had to take out the jet skiing service.

And after a chat with the life guide who is also a native there later on , he told us that the story about spotting a 'fish the size of a baby elephant' as claim in the newspaper some time ago was unfortunately so false. Just a myth. And i wish i could spot one.

It's my lucky wet day cz i got to do all things associated with water.. hehe.. After kayaking, it's back to the resort for swimming. Felt really really chun to swim, working those latissimus muscles. I know im not swimming in the pic, im just trying to see how long i can hold my breath underwater.

I think one of the most effective destress therapy is to stand under running water like dat and let those drops of water fall all over ur head, face, body like even in the shower u noe. Standing under the running warm water. Me like this kinda sensation la.

Last hues of the merciless sun. So happy the sun finally calls it a day.

Dinner was at this uber awesome place (in comparison to where we had lunch, this place was sooooooooo much better) in next post.

Another good thing of staying in a resort like dis is that, they provides games and facilities for you so you know, you kinda wont get bored, day or night.

After dinner, it's foosball time. Woots. My foosball skill improve dy. Yay yay. So happy i won DD two out of the 3 matches we played and we draw the 3rd game. Hehehe. Partially 'am gong' one la i think. Hahaha

We spent the rest of nite playing monopoly. Hehe. Monopoly is damn classic. Never grew out of it. I used to be able to sit at home whole day doing nothing but just playing Monopoly. Super fun one last time.

And i lost to DD all because of this Fleet Street. Where is it in UK? I need to go there and 'manipulate' DD's houses. :p

You can opt to cycle around the resort too but i think it's RM 10 per hour.

Breakfast was provided. To made up to the not so nice food, they have this superb lakeview to compensate. So even tho the tongue tells u the food is not good, ur brain wired otherwise cz it has such a positive and enchanting image in it already.

At least, they had more choices and varieties for breakfast.

And they had a lot and a lot of buns and bread. The good thing was we had bread to eat when some ppl don even have food. The bad thing was they were almost as hard as rocks. So these were just about the bread and buns we took. Dont dare to tried the rest of the selections.

Fried tempura prawn thing with sambal. This was the best among everything else at breakfast. hehe

Scramble egg

The balcony of our chalet overlooking the deer farm

Our chalet hidden so nicely among the trees and plants.

And more chalets down the road. So quaint.

National flower of Malaysia. Malaysians sure noe la. Im putting this up for the sake of my overseas readers or tourist interested on learning more about Msia that stumbles across my blog.

These are the Indonesian deers in the deer farm i mentioned earlier.

Me taking him taking them.

They so cute. Know how to look at the camera too.

Since they also like to take pic especially the middle one, take another pic with them. hehe

Actually our hotel is a really nice one albeit the fox's poops. This pool itself is a major plus point.

And it's a two storey pool. If you dont like your downstairs neighbors, just swim upstairs and vice versa. lol.

This double slide is my fav. Slides are not just for kids. *shy*. It started off slow at first, then somewhere in the middle, gravity took full charge and your momentum totally increases and you just sped ur whole way down until you plunge into water. Remember to hold your breath as you hit water if not u r gna choke out mouthfuls of water.

We only get to relished our silly child in us cz there was no one else looking or rather bothering about us. Super cool.

Real or artificial orchids?

When i looked at his face and pose, i just feel like ROTFL. So cute la he sometimes.

Hahahahaha.. am i bad or am i what.. hahahaha

Last pic b4 we head back to KT. It was definitely a very good getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life and a very tranquil and serene place to rejuvenate and revitalize.

Very long post also. Took me one whole day. I know i talked so much but u just gotta read about them or just go visit for some appeasing and soothing scenery, a twist from the usual more popular beach and islands. At least my effort not wasted. hehe. And well done guys for reading until this point. :)

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wa.. u sedang study ke atau holidaying?

Thats quite expensive for the lunch buffet for you all students. At times you can have alot of variety of food to eat at certain hotels

Hey, great post and nice pictures.

That definitely looks like a good get-a-way place for vacation. It does look relaxing, with lots of stuff to do too.

It's too bad that the food wasn't better though.

Those are some interesting looking deer. I used to hunt and eat deer here in Wisconsin -- but some of those there have some really big antlers.

I think that you have no excuses should be well-rested for your exams! hehe


kwong fei : haha.. study of course.. tak ada holiday la now :)

hsien yit : totally agree.. the selection is so little and so expensive samore.. but no choice cz v hungry!

mike : Thanks.. :) Oh they said these deers are from Indonesia tho.. Gahh.. no more excuses. haha

You look tall and slim in all these picture and all picture are nice!

dolly : Thank You! hehehe.. *shy* :)

WAH!! very beautiful scenery as well as the girl wor:))

anonymous : hahahaha.. thank you :)

Great picture,great fun there^_^

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nweomma : hehe yup yup :)

anonymous : hehe i got the meaning of it dy. :)

What is the meaning? Can i?


u did not mention where you had dinner. what other food outlets are there?