Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leopard Print Gaga

Leopard print are everywhere these days; in all colors, forms and size. It is definitely still one of the most dominating and prominent trend here in Malaysia with the growing of other animal prints of course. Blogshops, boutiques, departmental stores, clothing stores chain, wherever - u'll definitely be able to find at least 5 items that has leopard print on them.

It's like leopard print is a must-have for any fashionable, chic, trendy and glamorous girl today. Like unless you possess at least one leopard print item in ur wardrobe, you are so grandmum's time. Ah well, even grandmums today keep themselves fairly up to date over the latest fashion fad.

Undeniably, i was no exception. U noe being fashionable and stuff. *ahem*. haha. What was once something that are only found and remain put in mum's wardrobe was rapidly making me going gaga over them. In no time, i was turned to the dark, no i mean the wild side too. :p No, im not in any way alike Miss Boomz and Shingz tho. lol.

There's just an explicitly unexplainable affinity i have towards these leopard prints. It's like when i c them, my mind go all flip flop and butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. I can just feel them calling my name. Like telling me they want to belong to me, that their home is in me. Leopard print is just so glamorous, bold, cool and fun. Of course, not everyone likes going head over heels in leopard all the time. Me prefer to usually have max 3 leopard print stuff on me for any one time.

#1- The pioneer of the leopard print gaga - my first leopard print from Zara. My make up was leopard inspired too. :p

And of course, it didn't stop just there then. Leopard print started dominating like a virus and the more i c, the higher my affinity grew. Until well, i practically own quite a number of leopard's stuff in my wardrobe now.

#2- I didn't purposely wna buy a leopard print scarf. Really one. Me and J randomly wanted to watch a movie that time but i forgotten my other scarfs and jackets so i had to buy a scarf to provide me warmth. And among all the scarfs i saw in that short 15 mins we had b4 movie time, this was the nicest dy. It's just meant to be one. Anyway, this scarf veli cheap only.

#3- I just cannot resist this piece. It has a sheer back and a sequined leopard front. How to resist. Such a steal.

See, under flash/sunlight, the sequins will bling and reflects the light giving off pretty glow. (on my arms, can see?)

Bought this from MNG and only wore once for like 3 hours. The thing is it doesnt fit me that well as u can see from the pic above (Cz MNG a lot of ppl and i lazy wna wait to try so i thought XS sure can fit me dy one). So, if any of u lovely girls out there is interested in this lovely piece, leave me a comment k? Since it cannot fit me, might as well give it up to someone else who deserves it.

Really love this top one. But i tink my shoulder too small so the strap part is kinda loose and keeps falling off my shoulder. :(

#4- Grey leopard print dress from Cotton On. This one terbalik from just now one. Bought XS but too small pula. So also selliing off. Condition still extremely good. Wore once only for 2 hours also. :)

I also love this dress alot lo. If someone buy from me dy, then i can go buy back the same one but this time my right size. :)

#5- Tube dress from Topshop. Another major love. This one not selling cz fits me perfectly. ahaha.

#6 - Leopard jacket from DD. He knew how much i was into this whole leopard fad and bought me this as a souvenir from South Korea. Very comfortable one. Made of good quality cotton that keeps me snugly warm.

#7 - Bodycon skirt from Cotton On. They are just too irresistible lying there waiting for me to put them on.

#8 - Front view of the jacket and skirt. 2 combination is not too complex yet i think.

#9 - Leggings from Mezzaninetime (blogshop)

#10 - Mini handbag. For coins or small items. I think they are just sooo cute. Plus there's chocolates inside them so u finish the chocolates and keep the bag. Double happiness. That makes me a very happy Alli. haha

#11 - Earrings from Nenenebubu (blogshop). A very pretty pair definitely worth the buy with good quality.

I just need a pair of leopard sunglass, shoe, belt, headband, bracelet and bag and voila, i will have a complete leopard print collection. haha.

The thing is, im resisting myself from buying anode leopard print stuff from now on. Cz i think it's one too many leopard item that i have for now. Now when they are calling out to me, i have to wave them goodbye. No choice. Unless they are an absolute unique mind boggling piece or bag or shoe that will make all girls go 'Whoa'. ;p

Anyway, im really letting go of the top in pic #3 and dress in pic #4 even though with a heavy heart. So interested fashion queens out there, do leave your name and email in the comment b4 i change my mind. hehe.

And i honestly think there are girls out there who are more gaga over leopard print than me. Fans of leopard print, do share it with me. I wna noe how many leopard print u all have. hehehe :)

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really a lot of leopard print stuff haha..

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hahaha! i know right...i was also crazy over it one time...XD even my blog layout is leopard print!

krazy : hehe yup :)

ave : i noe! ur blog layout so cute haha

U have so many collections~
I love it too***

sui theng : hehehe.. i just cannot resist.. just love them :)

I'm going to have to agree...leopard prints are awesome.

It must be that they bring out some kind of animal instincts and attraction or something.

I must say, I like all of the leopard print cloths.

You forgot one thing though -- the leopard print undies....ha


mike : oops yeah.. the lingerie.. hahaha

your cotton on still available?

anony : yeah.. u interested? :)

anony : hi, can u email me ur best price? or leave me ur email? :)

Im fina here :)
how much u sell tht cotton
on dress ? i need it fer my b`day
tyvm <3 pls mail me at
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