Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wrong Sense of Directions

I think it's a very common thing for us to sometimes think our left is right and right is left.

Especially when we are driving. Like when everyone is not familiar with the road and at the T-junction, everyone just panic and started asking so where now? Where? WHERE?

In confusion and panic, i can say LEFT when i actually meant RIGHT or vice versa. The scenario will be like,
Me : Left left left
*Driver turning left*
Me: Eh WHY YOU TURNING LEFT... NO NO NO I MEAN RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT (desperately hoping it's still not too late)
*Driver gives killer stares* or sometimes the poor driver will be so frighten that he/she either panic 2gede-gede with me and the car will made a sharp turn with honking sounds from other surrounding vehicles ensues or the driver will go ahead with the wrong turn and make a u turn up front.

I think we all had this very natural reflex to shout out to the driver that he/she had made a wrong turning when they are in the MIDDLE of doing it. Before the driver made the turn, no one seems to realized he/she is going to made a wrong turn. But just as the driver is making the turn, someone look up, saw that it's the wrong turning and then shout, 'EH WRONG WRONG NOT HERE'.

Poor driver panic, heard the shout, thought what went wrong and attempted emergency brake. Cz most of the time the driver cannot actually make out the words. Their mind aint registering the words but rather the shout. The shout alert them 1st and thinking you are shouting cz they knock into something or something knock into them, they might brake abruptly throwing the car into a jerk against momentum.

So, this is actually a very dangerous act. Really, the next time, u r in the passenger's seat and you see that the driver is already making a wrong turn,try to JUST KEEP QUIET. Close ur voice box. Swallow back ur words. Wait till the driver has turn safely, yes SAFELY, then only inform the driver.

But actually, this is not the point of my post. lol. My point is, mistaking our sense of directions is common and it happens. However, in some situations, making sure we got the correct LEFT and RIGHT is very very important and crucial. Cz a mistake like dat can cost a live.

Like in the medical field, if a patient had a left sided intradural hemorrhage but because of the doctor fail sense of direction, the doctor say the patient got right sided when deep down the doctor actually meant left. If in exam this mistake is made, sure confirm plus cop fail one.

But, still it happens. Today in the day care OT, a patient came in with right sided keloid on the ear. I saw the keloid. But it was on the right. Ask the patient, patient say right. But wheni look at the case file, the diagnosis was left keloid. I puas look all over the left ear also cannot find any keloid. Perfectly normal. So the case file diagnosis was probably a mistake. Dont trust the case file too much really.

Then doc came in. She wrote on the board left keloid too cz she copied the diagnosis and patient's detail bla bla bla from the case file straight. Probably the doc did not realized that she was going to operate on the right side. I mean she might had saw it on the right, knew that it was on the right, just that when she was copying the patient's data, it registered in her mind left keloid so she just wrote fresh from memory. Luckily, she operated on the correct side, the right side. I wondered if it crossed her mind that she was actually operating on the right or does she think she was actually operating on the left instead.

I don mean anything against the doc by posting this, i just think we can all learn from this. Doctors are human too so it's common for them to make mistakes too. I suppose to prevent from getting confuse with our directions especially when we are panic, Dr. Elinah method of feeling for ur bcg is very effective actually.

Well, unless you had ur bcg on ur butt. :)

The circles are spinning, yes? No? Look at it for another 10 seconds.

Look longer and you will get a taste of medicine of how vertigo feels like. hehe (im doing the presentation now so i just thought i share a pic of it. :) )

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It's even better when someone asks you if the the correct direction is "left".....and you say "right"....meaning, "correct". You meant to say, "right".....but not the direction. So then when they turn right instead of left....and you tell them that they turned the wrong way....they really look at you like your NUTS! :-)


mike : hahahahaha.. so right :) it happens a lot. haha