Sunday, March 07, 2010

Yes Yes, Sushi Sushi

At last. They heard our cry.

Kuala Terengganu finally has a Japanese restaurant. One that stood on it's own, one that has sushi and bentos and california rolls that answers straight to our heart Japanese cravings. *big wet teary eye*

Now now. That's being over dramatic. :p. There's no big wet teary eyes alright but all the same, it's smt i look forward to trying the moment i heard of it's opening. It's about time Turtleland folks evolve from their tiny coconut shells and taste the goodness of food from the land of the rising sun.

Previously, anyone in the whole of Terengganu can only go to one place if they ever had an urge to go Japanese because the one and only place that sells anything Japanese is(was) the restaurant in Ming Star hotel.

The sushi and Jap food there certainly wasn't great but it was the one and only. Anyway, it was just decent and able to at least feed our little cravings.

Remember i said there were a few new restaurant opening in KT in my last post?

Well, this is one of the other newly open restaurant here.

So, last Wednesday, me and DD excitedly went and tried out the food there. The waitress came and took our orders with her pda. Impressive.

Fugu the pufferfish is their logo. But nay, they do not serve pufferfish. However, their menu is reasonably extensive and they also have non-Jap food for those who walk into a Jap restaurant wanting to eat non Jap food.

Soft warm yellow light lighted up the restaurant. And anywhere with soft warm yellow light gives off a warm, fuzzy cosy feeling. They have a tiny section separated off from the rest where you can dine in tatami style which we choose. However, i think the table is way too high so when we sat down, our mouth were actually below table level if that makes sense making it kinda uncomfortable to eat.

Woots.. wasabi :)

Green tea. Can you see the amplification of my face through the glass? haha (note :no make up. i think my face need to breath naturally as much as possible :) )

Tako - raw octopus. RM 10.90. When DD saw tako in the menu, he pointed to me and said, 'Your fav. We order k.' And i nodded. Then when the waitress came with a plate of this funny looking semicircular rounded end white pink slimy thingy that looks like chopped off tentacles, we both looked at each other and then burst out laughing. Cause, we both blurly thought that tako is the same as takoyaki. You know those round brownish color looking balls with octopus, prawns, cheese or hams inside. Those are my fav not this. Me not a fan of funny things like octopus. Especially raw ones. But, i still tried one slice with lots of wasabi cz i dont think i had the courage to eat it raw raw just in case the raw smell was too strong and make me nauseated instead. Wrong choice.

Chomping down that slice of taco was definitely a moment to remember. The wasabi certainly lives up to it's name, taking full charge of my brain, numbing them while flourishing my nose mucus and activating my cough reflex several times.

DD said the taco was fresh and good. You can take his words cz he ate the rest of it with ease and satisfaction.

Inari Tuna Sushi RM 5.50 - i love inari. The beancurd skin is sweet and nice.

But that cant be said the same for the tuna. Hmm how do i put it. It tasted like tuna i mix myself at home for my tuna sandwich. Like the Ayam brand tuna mix with thousand island or mayo like dat. When i took the 1st bite, the resemblance was uncanny. It's like tasting my very own tuna version. Scary also.

Soft shell crab bento set RM 28.80 - The thing i like best is of course the soft shell crab. I felt still boleh tahan. A bit too soggy only.

The bento comes with this miso soup which is good.

And pineapple cubes desert cz apparently the chawan mushi machine has not arrive or smt. So, meantime the chawan mushi is substituted by this desert.

I forgot where i heard this from but it must be from one of my friends, it seems the chef of this restaurant was previously the chef of Ming Star. Well, if that is so, i felt the quality of food is much better here. He have definitely improved on his own.

But i had also included the price cuz pricewise, i think it's more expensive now. Cuz inari tuna is like usually RM 3 or RM 4 per plate? Then again, the inari tuna here is like huge. They stuff in like plentiful of rice it makes u full finishing up one plate. The bentos are also all price the same which is a bit unfair cz u r paying the same for unagi or soft shell crab or 3 sticks of toriyaki karaage.

I din really tried their sushi but im pretty sure there will be plentiful of chance for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on visits. haha

Yes Corner,
Lot 3616, Tingkat Bawah Rumah Kedai,
Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin,
20000 Kuala Terengganu

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