Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Got Talent, You Got Recommendation!

A lot of people my age are going through graduation and job hunting now. Many of my friends either just graduated, currently busy sending their resumes on Jobstreet or the more lucky ones are enjoying life at home.

I'm just wondering, these days, does anyone bothers about real talents, hard work and skills anymore? It seems to me that a lot of things can be easily achieve as long as u have the right connections with the right people. *I can hear some bubbles bursting.. those of u who believe all this while hard work and talent is all u need cz since u was a shorty, that's what ur parents been grilling into ur head*
You may be someone really really good at doing what u r doing or a very hard working and dedicated person who can hand in 50 pages of good and excellent resume, but if your competitor happens to be someone ur potential employer personally knows, someone that noes the potential employer through certain connections somehow with only half ur talent and dedication, their chances of getting hired is surely higher than you.

Besides that, if you so happen to know the human resource manager of a certain conglomerate and you are interested to join the company, surely it makes things easier. In short, you get the upper hand. The connections is not limited to just in terms of job searching. In a lot a lot alot of other ways which im sure each and everyone of us has somehow experience, you see a lot of things getting done because of connections. A lot of people are famous in the entertainment side because of connections in the 1st place too.

Another way is to be recommended. Words of mouth is indeed one of the most powerful and effective advertising medium. (so pls help me spread how awesome my blog is thankuverymuch *ahem* *cough* hahaha) Let me make it clearer by giving a scenario. X is a 3 year old Pan Asian. Y is also a 3 year old Pan Asian. Both of them are equally cute and charming. The only difference is you know X but do not know Y. Now, you have a friend who is looking for 3 yr old to be model in an ad and ask u to recommend anyone u noe. Of course, you recommended X to ur friend cz you dont even know who Y is right. Y on the other hand is just nobody with no connections with anyone at all. Y naively grew up thinking someday his good looks and charm might be discovered. But sad to say, Y can only dream on. Sure Y can go for talent scouting, interviews bla bla bla. But imagine all the hassle. And he mite encounter numerous failures along the way b4 he achieve his dreams. As for X, he got in the easy-peasy way. This is the ugly truth. You know someone, you are in easily. You dont know anyone, no one knows u too.

But sometimes im at lost of whether to recommend anot. Especially when after you recommend someone, your own situation is jeopardize. I know u have to be confident of urself and stuff, but usually you only recommend people because they are good right. So what if the person u recommend turn out to be better, more famous, popular or well like than u r? Then clients decided to hire the other person instead of you. Then you have to eat grass while the person you recommended gets to eat abalone. But the worst and most annoying thing is, sometimes people are just so ungrateful and l*c. They might not know that u r the one who recommended them in the first place and assume that due to their own popularity, thats how they get an advertisement or endorsement. Din even say a 'thank you'. Or they don even seem to care bout u. Sure kek tou one. I dont mind recommending even friends im not so close to as long as i think they fit the criteria and stuff, but sometimes i ask myself, is it worth doing it for them, giving them money making opportunities when perhaps you mean so little in their heart. Will they even think about u when it's their turn to have good things to share. Sometimes there will be this grey area where u wna be selfish cz of the fear u have that ur own rice bowl, ur own situation is jeopardize, or the hurt u get cz of the ungratefulness they show. However, i believe that good begets good, so no matter how ungrateful some of this ppl appear to be, there are the grateful ones still. *holding on to the believe that there's still hope among mankind. wtc. sounds like 2012 is coming*

Of course, if you know no one at all, no connections at all, dont feel depressed now. It's not the end of the world yet. It's not like you cannot achieve anything without connections. Just through the harder, longer route perhaps. *rejoice*. I myself dont have all these powerful and great connections and im also doing it the tougher way. Through hard work, persistence, courage and dedication waiting for the right chances and right moments - some connections will appear along the way. Grasp and treasure it. Dont take ur connections as merely ur stepping stones. Be a real friend to each other. And of course I don't mean every single thing in this world is only achievable through connections. I do still believe in 'you reap what you sow'. It's just connections seems to make things much easier at times.

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yeah it's true.. i've a coursemate who didnt graduate coz he flunk his exams and final year projecy.. but now he's working for the VERY SAME uni which he didnt get to graduate..

why? coz he knows people.. he used to be the president of the student council (that was before he became all lazy and neglected his studies) and that's why he has lots of connection with the head of departments..

what can i say.. lucky dude..! =)

ken : hohoho..indeed. lucky fella with right connections. :)

You made some astute points there in your post.

A couple of observations:
(1) I believe as you do -- that if you keep doing good for others -- without expecting anything in return -- things should eventually "work out" for you (kind-of like karma).
(2) Also, guess what? The same thing will happen once you get a job. You may need to help coworkers with their jobs, without any recognition or thanks. My theory has always been, if you share your knowledge with people -- you STILL have the knowledge -- you didn't lose it by sharing it -- so I always try to openly share my knowledge, even if others may get the credit.

Although, human nature is human nature -- and it still does bother me sometimes if the person does not give me any credit.

You are young, but wise. :-)


Didn't you see it in a way that by interacting with people, you are actually exposing and portraying your own image to the people you meet? It is not just about knowing more people, and getting connections to get the job - it is about letting more people to know you personally and see for themselves who you really are, and not what a few pieces of paper that sum up who you are. Of course, you can say, then the people that knew you will be biased and recommend you regardless of your performance but then there's always two sides of a coin: While socialising may be about getting the right connections, with the wrong approach/attitude towards it - it can actually get one blacklisted too. In the end it still boils down to one's personality and direct interaction would be the most obvious way to see one's character!

In a nutshell, I hope you don't just think that socialising is a kind of social corruption (this post certainly sounds like it), but more of a new-age way to advertise yourself through a DIY style.

mike : sometimes it's not even about wanting credit. You just wish they treat u better as a friend.

N : babe, this post is not about socializing. Dont mean that ppl only socialize to get to know ppl and connections. :) In this post, what im trying to bring out is it's more of how connections makes things easier for some in their career, work etc. :)