Sunday, April 18, 2010

BB Cream

Of late, there is a wave of gaga-ness over blemish balm or better known as BB cream.

It's like BB cream = all girls scream.

Whenever there's a new product invading the beauty circle, we girls will start to get curious and definitely will like to try out the products.

Like we really like to know how magical that product is, how good or even how bad it is. Like why is all girls going crazy over that product. We also wna noe. And anything that boast to be able to help us look better while minimizing damage to our delicate skin definitely get us all hype up and excited. :)

In recent years, i started experimenting with make up cz i found out the magic transformation 'colors' can do to one's face especially on days where i wake up looking like a zombie and needed to go out. So, just by painting some colors, i can turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. hahaha. (metaphorically speaking).

But, all these make up don just made u look pretty. Because our face skin is especially delicate, it is very prone to develop acne outbreak, blackheads and pigmentation if we don remove our make up properly. And even if we do remove them properly, some of these cosmetics itself (especially the foundations) contain ingredients that can clog up our pores, dry our skin, cause aging faster, carcinogenic blah blah blah. At the same time, im one that uses foundation each time i make up because foundation can help the rest of the make up stay on longer and it makes my make up looks more flawless. But, imagine all my pores getting more and more clogged up each time. Poor pores. They must be like suffocating and choking due to air hunger.

So when the BB cream wave hits the shore of Malaysia from Korea, i was definitely excited. An antidote to my suffocating pores. With BB cream i'll be able to release them from their suffocation. Let them be free and breathe easier. I'm not a BB cream expert but there have been so much talk about them. And all the talk about them had been good and positive.

From what i google, they said BB cream is moisturizer+ foundation + concealer all in one. It is said to be highly moisturizing so even without moisturizer, ur face can get all the water it needs. And they have anti-acne, whitening and anti aging properties which helps girls to stay more youthful and achieve baby smooth radiant skin. Besides they come with SPF so it also protects us from the harmful and damaging effect of the sun. Sounds too good to be true dy.

On top of that, if BB cream is also a foundation and concealer, than i don have to waste money buying foundation and concealer separately and when i travel, i dont have to pack 3 separate items but just grabbed one on the go. And BB cream is the foundation that do not clog pores. Fuyoh. All the benefits of this magic Korean product. More too good to be true.

Currently, i know they can be found in Etude House and Sasa in Malaysia. Not too sure if it is sold elsewhere. But when DD visited the land of BB cream origin last winter, i asked him to helped me buy back some BB creams to experiment with cz there's no Etude House or Sasa in turtle land (KT) here.

In this pic, i only applied BB cream with no concealer or foundation. See how fair my face is in comparison to my neck and how radiant and flawless they appear to be.

And he did. In fact, he bought me back two diff ones - one from Etude House, the other from Odbo. Im currently experimenting the goodness from the Etude BB cream and is only using perhaps 1/4 of the tube. Just had to gently squeeze a pea size drop onto my palm then slap it over my face like applying liquid foundation. My verdict so far is, it definitely makes me look fairer and more flawless. As for the concealing property, it doesnt work that well cz it cannot conceal my panda circles (haha) and i still can grow pimple. :p But then again, i cannot really comment on the anti acne, anti blemish or anti aging properties cz i had not been religiously slapping them on every single day. hehe.

But well, from today onwards, i'll be using them, my BB, beloved baby, more regularly to truly test it out. Then i can tell u all a more accurate verdict. hehe. Say in a months time especially now with all the stress and stuff, i certainly dont mind it work its anti acne (even anti aging) magic. :)

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Goodluck to yr exams. till eyes became small,aren't you?

dolly : this yr don tink can.. its now rite their selection.. during exam period :(.. as for my eyes smaller, i din notice.. still look the same size to me. haha. its photo angle. :p

I'm a huge believer in make-up. I think that ALL gals look better with make-up on.

New make-up must be like other new products are exciting to try out.

I have found, there are definitely skills in putting on make-up to enhance different parts of your face and eyes...

I hope you continue to improve your skills and master them....for all of us guys out there.....ha


m : yes make up require skills too.. thats why they have specialize ppl specializing in make up known as make up artist.

I think that bb cream is really a magical product which make make up look so natural. I personally have dry skin and currently using skin79 Oriental Gold Bb Cream. It suited me well.