Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blogger Me

2 days ago, i wondered if i should quit blogging.

And it's not an April fool prank. Nor has it got to do with anyone. (or well.. maybe)

I started out on my humble blog about 4 years ago. At that time, the purpose of my blog was more of like an online diary, my personal weblog, a space i come to scribble after a day of activities just to keep my friends and family an update on myself, my happenings as i was away from home and many of my closest friends are scattered all over the world. So, the best way to keep in touch and to noe the latest update of each other was through our blog. Yeah, there was fb and friendster (back then, friendster was way more popular) but through our blog we can express more and there's pictures and we learn about each other new friends, new places, new uni etc etc. It was fun. At that time, i never expect to gain any more readers other than people i really know in real life. There was no advertisement, no polls, no followers list; basically just a very simple blog. I dont even have a camera then and i only got my trusty 2.0 megapixels camera on my Nokia 6280 to provide all those pretty pictures you see in my older posts. Heck, i don't even know that there are actually some unwritten rules in the blogging world. Such as if you copied an image from someone else's blog, you are actually suppose to credit the blogger or the photographer. I mean i never intent to pass on someone else great photography skill as my own definitely but i purely didnt know that there's such a rule.

Of course, as time pass, i learn along the way many things about the blogosphere. I realized that this humble turf of mine actually has readers! Like real strangers in this world that come across my blog and actually like the way i write. So from just purely writing short updates, i decided to also write about things that i like such as food and travel mainly with occasional injections of thoughtful writings or lengthy dissatisfied laments. Partly i get to share my experience with the world and it still serves as my personal weblog so that 10 years from now, i can reread my post and say, 'Ha, on this day this is what i did or On this day my lecturer said this this and this.' I believe my internal memory can only store a certain limit of info, only certain memories that are engraved deep and rooted but i like to keep and recall more of them and reading back what i had written certainly helps.

But life gets so busy sometimes that i dont have time to update constantly, that im lost for words on what to write or at some point when i spent days just writing a post (cz they are just so long like dat.. if u r a regular reader, im sure u had tasted how awesomely informative and lengthy my post can get) that when i get no response from writing such long posts, i get discouraged. Maybe this humble turf of mine dont really have people who come by and read after all. Just random ppl who randomly stumble across my blog and leaves without returning cz it's not worth coming back. Like is there actually anyone out there (other than my few cute frenz who faithfully and religiously come back and see what i had got to crap) who really reads the stuff i write? Who really thinks what i write is actually useful and of help?Like hi? I need some response. Or maybe some recognition as a blogger.

But recently certain things had happened which lead me to wonder what kinda carbon footprint am i leaving in this wireless world? I mean all these while, i had been very proud of the things that i had done. In the sense that i think im constantly learning and improving on myself and it all can be seen from the way im writing (at least more or less. You still cannot judge a person totally just by how they write you noe). I write bout my ups and downs and thats all part of growing up and being human isnt that. Im no role model definitely, my life is not perfect or what. But at least i can proudly say i dont have anything to hide. But, but what if what i write is not only not appreciated but might put me into trouble instead? Is it worth it having a public weblog then? Sharing my modest experience with the world?

But yet, im so touched and thankful to all my lovely fellow bloggers, friends, readers and mum (yup my mum reads me too).

For from time to time when i felt discouraged, even like 2 days ago when i really tot that it's not worth my time after all spending time and effort into this little space, wonderful, kind and lovely people come along in my life and they gave me the encouragement, gave me supportive words and gentle compliments to continue writing and blogging here. So, because of all these kind souls who encourages me, im not going to give up blogging just yet. And i remembered i have advertorials to do (yay happy happy.. love doing ads), hence i also cant give up blogging now too.

I will continue to write, blog and post pics until well, maybe a time when it's time for me to move on to the next phase of my life without a public blog. Until then, i really hope all of you who comes across this humble little turf of mine truly enjoys the stuff/crap/useful infos that i write. Of course, any feedback to help me improve whether as a person or on the things i write about is most welcome at anytime. :)

I just wna thank all of you for your love and support all these while. Really appreciate all your lovely comments, encouragement and support.

Just wna let u all noe, i love all of u too.:D

Bought myself a lomo camera. I had this thing for lomo of late.

APRIL FOOL!! hahahahaha

Both pics are lomo-fied alrite, but faux lomo. A new camera is not exactly the first 10 things on my list right now. Even if i dig lomo and lomo cameras r diff from digital cams. But well, all thanks to all those wonderful tutorials online, me can have lomo pics too. Even if it's faux. :p

Both pics by 2 different tutorials. 1st one very basic and simple. 2nd one more complicated. Which one looks more lomo-fied? hehe

Lastly Happy April Fool once again. 45 mins b4 it ends. Still not too late to fool or get fooled. :)

PS : Exam's in bout 2mths. So frequency of blogging gna decrease. But dont go away yet ok. hehe :) :)

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HAHA. Everyone's going haywire because of April's Fool.

vin tsen gan : fool or get fooled. haha

Lol. Will continue to read and support your blog if got update. Cheers. well, sometimes I do feel that my current blog is too public that some emo/personal stuffs I dont dare to write out. Hehe

vkvun : thanks cheers :) i noe what u mean.. so can do separate blog.. private one for really personal/emo stuff :)

Yup, started the private blog not long ago, yet din write much also. Haha.

vkvun : oh hahaha nemind write only when u don wna the public to noe :) its a good destress way ;)

hehehee blogger allison! support u always. love the way u write. and love ur lomo-fied pics. haha. xoxoxo


Jasmine : thanks love. xoxo :)

never trust anything you read on april's fool day =P

I'm glad that you reconsidered and will keep blogging.

You are a cool gal and you do lots of interesting things to write about.

Now I will still have someone to pick on and joke with....hehe


kenwooi : hahaha not everything is a prank tho. :p

mike : hahaha.. thx. :)

i tink u r witty n pretty n the way u write is unique.. better than some bimboistic blog out there lol. so keep it up. :)

fool-ed i was. lol. btw i once thought of quitting my blog. but then like u, i am happy to share my journey.

blogging has become more fun for me recently cos i write whatever i want. and make online as my playground :)

Quachee : Haha I agree. Blogging is fun when you blog about anything you want and not what you think others want.:)