Friday, April 30, 2010

Break from the Break

Really appreciate all the good luck wishes in my previous post. :) Thank you so much :) Im in very much need of lotsa luck. For a good case, for good patients and most of all, good examiners. Really, some examiners are just killers. You can present the same case to the nice examiner and get 80% and the 'killer' will just give you 60% if you are lucky enough.

And of course luck in the case that the things i study will come out and the things i dont study better not come out at all. ah, wishful thinking. As if that will happen. But since i was absent for almost the whole week, you all must be thinking i had been busy studying day and night rite?

Sadly, i wish that was the case. But i still had the whole crap workload of our research to do and being the Project Editor is no fun at all. How can i ever forget doing the editing is the worse part of all? But of course, so far my grp members have been such great help in making my editing job much easier and i truly definitely appreciate that.

I just finished translating my part for the abstract from English to Malay and i realized my Malay had definitely gone rusty. Words that were once at the snap of my fingers *cheh wah ahem* now requires googling.

Anyway, gtg. Need to cont doing the acknowledgment part and yes, i do feel that im slacking tooooo much. The internet is evil too. Way too evil. Gahhhh! Cont wishing me luck and pray for me k. Hugs. :)

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haha! okay wishing u lucks! and Lady LUCK will always stay beside u. :)

caroline : u r always so fast! i like :) thanks again :)

translating from english to malay is never easy, for me la.. very susah to find the malay vocabulary.. =/

kenwooi : hehe.. rusty dy so susah wna recall the canggih vocab :)

I believe in predestination -- so -- I hope that exactly what is supposed to happen to you, happens :-).

Take care,

good luck dear! =) u can do this! and yes, the internet IS evil. LOL!

mike : thanks thanks :)

ave : thanks dearie.. :)