Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Exam Syndrome

Dearest all,

Yours truly is unable to update blog as much for the next 4 weeks because aside from being overloaded with a research project (okla actually i guess the whole research thing is not that bad now but it's still taking up time to do as well) , she is currently having symptoms of palpitations, nervousness, irritability, decreasing concentration span, lack of sleep, lack of appetite (increase in some) and at increase risk of developing deep vein thrombosis and angina attack.

Which sums it up to be a syndrome known as The Exam Syndrome.

Internal med, paeds, surgery, OG and Ortho are just some of the main topics she must and have to at least pushed them down her esophagus and have her gastric acid working on them. Comm med, radiology, ENT, A & E, dermato, ophthal and psy are the topics she will try to assimilate if possible. The total actual amount that one is suppose to squeeze into that tiny cerebral space of theirs is impossible to comprehend and enough to sent any med student into a state of coma if anyone is to attempt to attain that level of prowess. Minus of the ones that is of least importance, the number of alphabets, words, sentences and paragraphs to read is still able to make one go nearly bonkers.

So yours truly will like to thank all of you for your patience while she battles the Exam syndrome. She is happy that u guys/gers still drop by to show her love in the period of her absence. In the meantime, you can always read back all her long lengthy post (see, got purpose one why my posts usually are so long ;p) that u are too lazy to read or look back at her archives.

And she definitely appreciate all the well wishers cz she really needs those extra luck and any prayers for her to pass this horrendous Professional 2. :)

So long, i'll be back :)

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NO WORRY! haha sure will back everyday! lucks in ur exam yea! :D

All the best and good luck for your exam (:

Nanged yours btw :D


caroline : thanks love.appreciate that :)

hilda, dewi and flying pixels: thanks so much loves. needed all the luck :)

Good luck!!!

Nanged!!! Ads. Clicked!!!

hey senior!
good luck for exams!!!! was nice to have you brain here in your blog when we had the chance...

Now go share you brain with your books and exams...

Just make sure that you get enough sleep. Skip eating if you want....but sleep is the most important for the brain to keep working sharply...IMHO.

Take care,

jong : lotsa thanks :)

xincine : hi junior! haha. thanks :)

mike : okies. Thanks. :)

Hi, you got a very interesting blog post.
Thanks for sharing. :)

vigor : thanks and u r most welcome :)

At least is "was" interesting....

--M :-P

Eat also important beside sleep,future doctor,alright! ALL THE BEST for your coming exams,all the way.............

dolly : yea ok.. thanks love :)

2weeks? no problem... do update after that ya...all the best =p