Sunday, April 04, 2010

Good Friday Gathering

I think this is disgustingly yum yum.

This looks like any other normal toast aint? haha but NO. These were no normal toast. Like today, these toasts were die die abnormal. The bread itself were normal la cz no mold, fungi or what but what lies between them were definitely not anything normal or usual anyone will put between their toast.

Cause between those deceiving looking breads were chili sauce, oyster sauce, salted vegetable and corn sauce.

Total weird combo. Oyster sauce and chili sauce. Eeew. Salted vegetable plus corn sauce? Arghh. Just dont sound too appetizing no?

But, we, the four brave supergirls (blek) had to chomp it down our throat the fastest possible cz the fastest team wins!

Of course we dont just combine something so weird like dat out of the blue.

Actually, we had a gathering on Good Friday night and we played fear factor. So fear factor memang do a lot of disgusting and awful stuff, thus in comparison our version was very mild dy.

Chomp chomp chomp chomp. Faster faster faster.The toast was really really dry so it was very difficult to chomp it down fast cz can choke.

The funny thing is, i actually find this weird disgusting combo good. Like i thought it was gna be awful but i was surprised myself how it can instead turned out yum yum. Some of my friends think it was absolutely awful but my tastebud says otherwise. I like la. The salted vegetable seemed to went well with the plain dry toast and the corn, chili and oyster sauce blended in harmony too. It was more salty than sweet but i guessed savory toasts are not such terrible combo after all.

Actually that weird toasts combo was just like the tip of the iceberg to the other fear factor challenges we played that night. haha.

Every challenge just got more and more disgusting. I'm sure you all are wondering what are those ABCDEF and so on. Well, those were actually
A - corn sauce
B - asam jawa sauce
C - raw cucumbers
D - baked beans
E - raw bitter gourds
F - raw carrots
G - soya bean
H - oyster sauce
I - chili padi (those small tiny chili that is super powerful cz if u accidentally eat one, it can make ur mouth go on fire. It's extremely spicy one)

oops, forgot to label one. The one not label was the eggs.

And the challenge? One/two person from each team got to enjoyed some really refreshing and one of a kind special cocktail.

One so unique that you cannot find anywhere else in this world. hehe. Cz each team had to picked 5 random numbers and each number will represent one of the ingredients above. And because u dno what number represent what rite, so it really depends on your luck of whether you get the better of the disgusting lot or the worse.

Kesiannya group 2 cz one of the ingredient they chosen was the powerful chili padi. Small but absolutely power.

Add water and blend!

Unique cocktail in process.

Now are you tempted to try it out too? hehehe. Looks like coffee only what. :p
And because all teams were so lucky no one picked the bitter gourd, the very kind game masters decided to blend the bitter gourd and turned them into bitter gourd juice so that the team that loses had to drink them as 'punishment'.

I teach you all one trick to drink bitter gourd juice. Cz my mum also blend bitter gourd juice for me one. She says pure and raw bitter gourd juice are the best doctor for pimples and the skin kononnya. (*beauty tips. Vain girls (and boys) pls pay attention. ahem* ) But because bitter gourds are soooo bitter, hence naturally even tho it's like the best doctor for pimples or can transformed ur skin into baby like, me still cringed everytime i had to drink it. Hence, i found out the best way to down it aside from adding lotsa honey is to hold ur breath, close ur eyes and gulped it down it one shot if possible.

Cause it's very true that the visual, olfactory and taste sensation work like bff to make a food taste good or bad. So if 2 of the senses are not functioning properly, then u basically cant taste very much of whatever that is trickling down ur esophagus. It honestly will taste 10 times better than if u don shut 2 of ur senses off.
Vic with his chili padi cocktail.
DD drinking like it was his most fav drink on earth.

Next challenge was less disgusting actually in my opinion. haha. Drinking a concoction of raw stuff was more disgusting.

One of those cup was normal and the other 'abnormal' cz it's either too sweet or too salty. So 2 person drinks them and they can act and everyone will guess if they are acting and decides who was drinking the abnormal one and who had the normal one.

Next up was getting more interesting. What did you see in the plate?

I see sweets. (the blue wrapper one) hahaha. I'm sure the first thing everyone noticed was the big fat creepy worms. They were real live one. Still actively moving about. Not quite sure if they were juicy tho cz they were stinks quite a bit.

These worms were edible worms (bread worms) so if anyone accidentally ate one of them, the worms can be digested one. Wont hook up in ur intestines supposedly.

And the challenge was to used the mouth to picked up the sweets. Like dat (in the pic). Eeew. Bravo bravo to all the guys who fearlessly put their mouth onto that plate of worms while attempting to pick up the sweets.

The last challenge was to dip our hands into that container and grabbed a frog and put them into another container. These are all the real supergirls lo. I cannot bring myself to do it. The thot of them wriggling on my palm or worse still hop onto me leaves me shuddering in geli-ness. And i will scream like a crazy girl so it'll be damn embarrassing. Thus to prevent risking breaking everyone's ear drum, i better just give them moral support.

Since most of the guys kissed the worms so the girls were left to complete the frogs grabbing. Too bad it wasnt kissed the frogs and grabbed the worms instead. Cz maybe one of the frogs is actually a crown prince. haha. Watch too many Disney movies. We girls no like things that are slimy and can jump. At least i know i dont like. So at first all the girls were looking at each other and everyone just squeals and squeaked. But because they are so sporting like dat, once someone break the fear and dipped her hand into the container, all the other girls followed suit.

Then everyone started telling that the frogs were baby ones, so very very small and tiny only so it's not scary at all. So all the supergirls started fighting to grabbed the frogs and the naughty frogs all started jumping out of the container and hop for their dear life away.

The frogs. Actually they were really small.

So after all the excitement and fun, it was time for some less stressful activity. Some of my friends are just so talented. They make up their very own wayang kulit play which was really cute and good. Now i know what they can do if they want some side income other than being a doctor. hahaha. Jz kidding.

Any gatherings will never be complete without fooooood of course. And i realized that many of them had the genes of Ratatouille in them. Can cook so well. Amazing.

Fried rice with Chinese sausage. In other words, tak halal.

Fried rice with chicken. Halal one.
Underneath those sea of giant onions hide real good gems. Fried spicy noodles. A secret recipe from the chef himself.

Another sea of gargantuan onions hiding a whole lot of sambal beef.

How can we ever miss out on the greens? hehe. Fried mixed vegetables.

Green green vegetables to be put into steamboat. Yep, there were also steamboats, 2 pot of it samore, the tomyam and normal ones. Got yong tau foos and quail eggs and all those other steamboat stuff i din take pic of cz too hungry by the time they took those out from the freezer.

Cocktail sausages.

Fried nuggets.

Egg sandwiches.

This was the highlight of the nite. Curry chicken. It's really really good. MV can go sell curry chicken as her part time job dy. :p

But it's a lot of work to cook curry. Have to cry while cutting the onions, then sniff and sneeze from the rising aroma, then get to train ur biceps and triceps while whacking and chopping the chicken into pieces while their debris flies around dirtying the house, then have to wash the chickens and remove their skin and fats beforehand, then have to fried the potatoes bla bla bla. So for convenient sake, just eat curry outside altho outside curry can never beat home cook ones i think.

Because the curry was so good, i tapao-ed home. And keep them in the fridge. However, when i took them out the next day to heat up and recook them, i realized that they had turned into jelly-like texture trapping the chickens and potatoes as well. It was also stuck to the container. Curry jelly! From liquid they had turned into solid.
I dont rmb curry my mum cook that were kept overnite turning into anything like this. Actually, it just means that the curry we cook was really oily so all the oil solidifies and turn the curry jelly-like.
Even when overturned, it does not fall. Anti gravity one.

Suze said actually very normal one and just had to heat them up with some water and they will melt in no time. Now they looked like otak otak right?

Nah, after melting them, they transformed back into their old curry self.

Overnite curry with maggi. And this tasted disgustingly yum too :)

It was die die an awesome night altogether. We talked, we ate, we played and we had a good time. Had to thanks all the awesome ppl putting the whole thing together and J and R and CH and V for hosting us in their house. :)

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haha.. all the weird weird food at first.. sure very geli.. =P

but then the normal foods.. sausages and nuggets.. nice =)

kenwooi: hahaha.. geli la.. but the toast was good.. the normal food was awesome :)

'Die die' in mandarin is also 'happy happy'=)

anonymous : really? hahaha.. icic

Must be wonderful moment~
but the worm really disgusting~
u all are so brave***

Must be wonderful moment~
but the worm really disgusting~
u all are so brave***

sui theng : hehehe.. the worms really disgusting.. those who kissed the worms and grabbed the frogs and drink the weird cocktails are all the brave ones :)

Not really my idea of fun....eating disgusting things that is...

But at least you got to laugh at each other and eat some good food at the end.

Seems like there was a LOT of planning for this little "event". I bet the gals did most of the work...ha.


mike : yup, that was some good memories laughing at each ode & the food was good :) hahaha.. the guys played their parts too. :)

wow so much fun there!!! hihihi can i join you guys next time? hahahaha... i want cili padi cocktail :) and curry!!!

fufu : hahaha sure sure.. can add on more chili padi if u wan :p

Those yucky food is full of bad combinations XP

kelvin : hahaha thats the whole purpose anyway.. to concoct out the worse combination possible :p

kelvin : hahaha thats the whole purpose anyway.. to concoct out the worse combination possible :p

Just read from paper,the red-shirted supporters siiting in front of Central World Bkk...hahaha,wanna go again???erm...

Absolutely right, vegetables juices are the best^_^..

worms are high protein food, can eat~~

dolly : Bkk? hahaha sure sure will love to :)

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anonymous : bodycons in other words means those tight fighting one. :)

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