Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Miss You

I remember the first time i saw you walking on your four legs turning in circle by the empty quiet street,

I remember falling in love with you the minute i saw you,

I remember how cute you were when u stare at me with those 2 round eyes of yours with the marks above ur eyes,

I remember that time when we woke up and almost got a heart attack because the 2 mth old you had bitten the newspapers into bits and pieces and threw them all around the hse,

I remember the time when u decided to experiment on rubber and started chewing all our slippers making daddy very mad and gave u some very good spanking,

I remember that pitiful look on your face every time u got spanked because u did something mischievous,

I remember how you used to love running out of the hse every time we open the gate and make us worry sick because you were still so young and do not know the danger of cars,

I remember how ur fav past time used to be chasing after cars, competing with them as if u r the Ferrari dog,

I remember the heartaches you caused me just because you dont want to listen to me and ended up being grounded for months and cannot get out of the hse,

I remember how we used to play catching and you will knocked into me and cause me to almost fall over because you had grown to be heavier than me,

I remember the time when u gave us another heart attack by secretly tailing behind us and followed us into the shopping mall,

I remember your first car ride where you sat there frightened and cannot wait to get out of the car the min we opened the door,

I remember how u used to jump on us whenever we came back from holidays and happily wagged ur cute tail and welcome us with ur cute bark,

I remember those times when u look at me with your understanding eyes and put ur furry paw on me as a sign of comfort,

I remember those times when u were our warrior fighting off snakes, rats, birds and cats,

I remember those days when showering was ur least fav activity,

I remember we always had a hard time bringing you to ur shower and you will twist and turn while showering and shake ur body so hard we will be wet too as a sign of revenge,

I remember all the days when we used to go for walks and jogs and you protected me from any harassment or danger,

I remember how you will wait patiently for ur annual bday treat cz u noe its ur bday,

I remember how you smartly noes how to turn up at the kitchen whenever mummy cooks cz u noe she will feed u extra snack,

I remember always seeing you first thing in the morning whenever i open the door cz u'll be sleeping there guarding us all while we were safely in lalaland,

I remember the sounds u make when u chewed and grinded and how defensive u can get when it comes to your food,

I remember even in times when u were unwell, u still stood tall and strong and continue protecting us and loving us,

I remember calling your name each time i came back fr sch and had u running to my feet licking my stinky shoes,

Tonight i miss u especially much. I thought especially more bout you and i need you more than ever. I miss your comforting gaze, your ever knowing look and your warm hug.

Just as i finished writing this and looked back at the post i dedicated to you last year, i realized it's been one whole year. I think its more than mere coincidence of why u came so strong to my mind tonite. Of why i can feel my tears trickling at the thought of you. I believe you are with me here tonite. Just as much as i need you. I miss u. So so so badly.

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MISS HER too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry for you loss.

But hey, you have DD now....so maybe now he can, "...running to my feet licking my stinky shoes..."



This post is very very touching. It definitely makes me appreciate and cherish my dogs even more after reading this. :D

omg so sad! =( sigh the dog i have now is my first dog and he's still young, but i'm already dreading the day he leaves us! seriously if it's possible, i wish they would live until the day we die! ='(

how sweet. :) thnx for dropping at my blog. ohmy u r so gorgeous! followed ur blog so that i can keep in track wit ur updates! :)

lindy : yea u shd.. they r the cutest thing in this world. :)

ave : yup its so sad that like human, they hv to leave us one day too n their life span is shorter than us human. But while they r still around, treasure the moments 2gede :)

caroline : thanks for the compliment n thanks for following my blog. hugs :)

This missing doggie blog is very touching la, i tried not to drop my tears buts still dropping in the end:(

anony : i noe baby.:)

dolly : hugs.. give u tissue :)